2012-01-26 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:50:46 <astro> P/sb c
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04:33:38 <paolo> I am new to irc and hope to use it in the correct way
04:34:14 <paolo> please I would like to know how can i manage the new year in gnucash
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09:30:10 <c3l> Regarding the budget tool: is it possible to create specific posts for each item in a certain account? The natural way is to create several sub-accounts, but this is unwieldy. For example, if you have a gift account and want to budget for several gifts (and not only the total sum of all the gifts), one would end up with very many sub-accounts that most likely will only be used once.
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11:29:04 <sfalanga> Can GnuCASH be FORCED to write data RIGHT NOW to MySQL DB?
11:30:23 <sfalanga> GnuCASH 2.4.7 w/MySQL 5.1.54 - Ubuntu 11.04
11:34:05 <warlord> sfalanga: I dont understand the question...
11:34:25 <warlord> When you enter a transaction it does commit that to SQL immediately.
11:35:13 <sfalanga> Apparently not. I've created, posted and printed an invoice. Shut down and then started up to find the invoice incomplete & unposted.
11:35:58 <sfalanga> I actually had to RECREATE the invoice from the printed copy. Weird.
11:36:24 <warlord> sfalanga: well, first, 2.4.9 is current, not 2.4.7
11:36:40 <warlord> second, well, there *are* data storage bugs in the SQL backend still, so you probably hit one.
11:36:58 <warlord> (SQL backend is still experimental, which is why it is not the default)
11:38:08 <sfalanga> After upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 I found a problem with the packaged version (I think it was 2.4.5) and had to upgrade to a packaged version 2.4.7 that an independent had created
11:38:33 <sfalanga> Because the Invoice Logo and Banner weren't showing up.
11:39:01 <sfalanga> So ... I have an unofficial version of 2.4.7 running in Ubuntu which was installed via DEB package
11:39:04 <warlord> Again, 2.4.9 is current.
11:39:20 <warlord> it's possible your bugs have been fixed in the intervening months.
11:39:26 <warlord> (since 2.4.7 was released)
11:40:22 <sfalanga> I will see what version is packaged with Ubuntu 11.10. Do you think I should compile from source?
11:40:38 <sfalanga> Are there .deb packages for Ubuntu available of the 2.4.9 variety?
11:42:37 <warlord> I have no idea; I don't use debian or ubuntu. but yes, you could compile from source. If you do, just use --prefix=/opt/gnucash to keep it separate from anything installed in /usr (and be sure to uninstall the packaged version)
11:43:52 <sfalanga> warlord:do I need any special switch to activate DB mode or anything?
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11:47:15 <warlord> sfalanga: --enable-dbi during configure
11:48:08 <sfalanga> warlord: thanks. I'll make sure my present install didn't end up in /opt too. As I said - it was an "unofficial" package.
11:48:23 <warlord> i doubt it did.
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12:13:52 <sfalanga> warlord: I downloaded 2.4.9 from SVN but when I run ./autogen.sh I get this: http://pastebin.com/HcAVtCrT
12:15:40 <warlord> sfalanga: did you install the gnucash build dependencies?
12:15:55 <warlord> (also, it might be easier if you pull down the 2.4.9 tarball)
12:17:37 <sfalanga> warlord: will the 2.4.9 tarball contain the gnucash build dependencies?
12:18:06 <warlord> no, you will still need to install those. but it will have the configure script already generated for you.
12:18:17 <warlord> you still need to apt-get build-dep gnucash
12:19:07 <sfalanga> warlord: Well I'll be .... I just learned a new apt-get command!
12:19:19 <sfalanga> Linux is so educational! :)
12:19:53 <sfalanga> Er ... GNU/Linux that is!
12:24:47 <sfalanga> warlord: that worked. So now I need to ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash --enable-dbi ... any other switches you can think of?
12:25:28 <warlord> run ./configure --help to see the full list; but you have the important ones
12:26:59 <sfalanga> warlord: looks like I have to specifically enable the aqbanking stuff (which I use), huh?
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12:27:29 <warlord> possibly -- that might auto-detect.
12:27:31 <warlord> I dont recall
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12:27:38 <warlord> doesn't hurt to enable it
12:27:48 <sfalanga> warlord: I'll do that.
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13:53:34 <sfalanga> warlord: I did not see a --enable-dbi but there is a --disable-dbi so I assume I do not have to specifically enable dbi support any longer?
13:54:17 <warlord> --enable and --disable are the same. If you see a --disable that means there is a --enable. I dont recall if DBI defaults to on. It might. Again, doesn't hurt to use it.
13:56:26 <sfalanga> Ahhh ....
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14:19:57 <sfalanga> warlord: you are my new hero. Went off without a hitch. Making notes for future rebuilds. Thanks for everything!
14:31:09 <warlord> you're welcome, sfalanga
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14:44:52 <sfalanga> I've installed the new version of GnuCASH into /opt/gnucash and it launched fine until I uninstalled the packaged version. Now it is asking for a method to store configuration data 1. update search path -or- 2. Install into home directory. I have made copies of .gnucash/ .gconfd/ and .gconf - any suggestions of which method to use?
14:53:01 <warlord> Oh, right.. That. Um, either way works.
15:00:52 <sfalanga> So by that I should choose option #1 because it will update "keys" automatically in the future?
15:17:57 <warlord> It'll only be an issue if you decide to go back to the packaged version.
15:20:16 <sfalanga> I uninstalled the packaged version and it must've taken some dependencies with it because I got errors http://pastebin.com/76f5f2JT
15:20:55 <sfalanga> Then I reinstalled the packaged version and it's working again /opt/gnucash/bin/gnucash
15:22:49 <sfalanga> I'm guessing it's guile-1.6-slib that needs to be reinstalled? http://pastebin.com/y3B08ZTZ
15:26:06 <warlord> Probably, yes. When you remove gnucash do not let it remove any dependencies.
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16:04:35 <IRCMonkey> druckbare rechnung
16:06:38 <warlord> IRCMonkey: try again in English
16:07:15 <IRCMonkey> problem with invoice
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16:09:20 <warlord> ohhh kay..... I have to apologize, my crystal ball isn't working well today so I have no idea what your problem is....
16:09:28 <IRCMonkey> is sombody to speak german?
16:09:33 <warlord> not here.
16:09:47 <IRCMonkey> where?
16:09:50 <warlord> If you need help in german you will have to subscribe to and ask on the gnucash-de mailing list
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16:57:37 <Dragu> Guess it might have been asked before but is there any possibility to use bankroid on android with gnucash companion?
17:05:59 <Dragu> or rather .. is gnucash in some way avaible on some way on android phones?
17:08:29 <warlord> No, gnucahs is not available on any mobile.. As for using bankroid -- does it export QIF?
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17:10:09 <Dragu> as far i know at the moment it mainly have possibility to view the bank account balances on the fly
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17:15:11 <warlord> okay, i just dont see how that has anything to do with gnucash, but okay.
17:16:32 <Dragu> i were kinda hoping there were a gnucash android version mainly .. hehe
17:19:11 <warlord> nope. and probably wont ever be. Android is Java. And It's unlikely that Gtk will ever be ported over..
17:19:49 <Dragu> guess i'll have to head over to google with the pitchfork to see what i can do then :P
17:20:55 <warlord> Good luck with that.
17:21:12 <warlord> There *are* apps you can use on your phone that will let you enter in expenses and then export them to QIF.
17:21:46 <warlord> (which you can then import into gnucash)
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17:26:03 <Dragu> aye , guess though i'll be needing to research a bit more for another way.. as the handy with that addon is the possibility for the realtime updating of the account balance
17:26:37 <warlord> gnucash isn't a web service -- I dont see how you would expect to update anything in real time.
17:27:46 <Dragu> aye but when returning home it would've been nice to import a premade QIF instead of manually entering it
17:29:08 <Dragu> hopes and dreams .. :P
17:36:13 <warlord> Yep.
17:36:17 <warlord> And I think there ARE apps that will do that
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17:51:06 <notbatman> Greetings. Is there a report template that one could use to create a sales receipts report that was based on cash? This would be applicable to filing quarterly sales tax returns that depend upon actual receipts rather than accrual sales income. Thanks!
17:59:50 <warlord> notbatman: Beyond a standard Profit&Loss (Income Statement) report?
17:59:58 <warlord> Er, wait, that would give you accrual..
18:00:07 <warlord> Um, a cash flow report on your Bank?
18:00:33 <notbatman> Hmm, maybe.
18:02:35 <notbatman> I have to run a tape manually at the moment.
18:13:02 <notbatman> warlord: I do not yet use online banking for the business--luddite that I am. Just got around to installing the latest release. Is OB a requirement in order to run a cash flow report on the bank account or can that information be imported? Pardon the ignorance.
18:13:24 <warlord> Not at all.
18:13:35 <warlord> I dont use any online banking features.
18:17:09 <notbatman> Cool. Thanks. I will poke around.
18:17:23 <warlord> good luck
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19:37:00 <mib_6v10or> Hi
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19:38:09 <mib_6v10or> is anyone there?
19:38:27 <mib_6v10or> does anyone know how to use mySQL on a mac with GNUCASH?
19:41:43 <warlord> mib_6v10or: I dont think that the OSX DMG distributes a mysql dbd
19:41:49 <warlord> You will have to install it yourself.
19:42:35 <mib_6v10or> how would i do that?
19:46:48 <warlord> mib_6v10or: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/MacOSX/Quartz#Building_Libdbi_Drivers
19:48:49 <warlord> mib_6v10or: why do you want to use mysql?
19:52:00 <mib_6v10or> because I have mutiple computers I want to edit the finance files from
19:53:26 <warlord> You do realize that you can only edit from one client at a time.
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19:54:57 <mib_6v10or> yes
19:55:41 <mib_6v10or> i only need to edit from one client at a time but I have a Windows Computer in NY and a Mac Computer in Florida and I cant use mySQL on the mac computer
19:56:03 <warlord> Why not use ssh or dropbox to share the data file?
19:58:08 <mib_6v10or> i will try dropbox
19:58:29 <mib_6v10or> Can I add products on a list for like invoices or do we have to enter them manually everytime?
19:58:57 <warlord> My other concern is that the sql backend still has some data loss issues.
19:59:10 <warlord> manually
20:00:02 <mib_6v10or> will sql ever be inplemented on the mac end?
20:00:08 <warlord> It is.
20:00:18 <warlord> The gnucash code supports it just fine..
20:00:28 <warlord> and it ships with the sqlite driver .
20:00:39 <warlord> The issue is that it doesn't ship with other dbi dbd drivers.
20:01:36 <warlord> it's a package size and testing issue
20:02:12 <mib_6v10or> ohh
20:05:01 <mib_6v10or> well thanks for the support
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