2012-01-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:40:48 <rockfx01> hello, anyone around? I need help with a build problem
00:41:22 <rockfx01> I haven't built gnucash in a couple of months, just updated it from svn and did a autogen, configure, and build/install
00:41:40 <rockfx01> when I try to run it, I get the message:
00:41:43 <rockfx01> * 23:37:17 WARN <gnc.module> Failed to dlopen() '/opt/gnucash-devel/lib/gnucash/libgncmod-dialog-tax-table.so': /opt/gnucash-devel/lib/gnucash/libgncmod-dialog-tax-table.so: undefined symbol: gnc_glade_autoconnect_full_func
00:41:43 <rockfx01> /opt/gnucash-devel/bin/gnucash: symbol lookup error: /opt/gnucash-devel/lib/gnucash/libgncmod-business-core.so: undefined symbol: scm_init_sw_business_core_module
00:44:08 <rockfx01> it seems to happen (and crash gnucash) during or immediately after loading the standard-reports
01:19:25 <rockfx01> it looks like rev 21880 is to blame. I reverted to 21879 and it runs now
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12:13:23 <john> @rockfx01: Try a make maintainer-clean and a complete rebuild on r21880. Geert removed a bunch of stuff and you need to force a re-swig.
12:13:23 <gncbot> john: Error: "rockfx01:" is not a valid command.
12:18:43 <warlord> john: did you mean to say @tell rockfx01 ?
12:23:26 <blathijs> I think het just meant to highlight rockfx01, so he could have just left out the @
12:25:53 <warlord> ok
12:34:20 <john> Yeah, an experiment. I forgot that @ starts a command to gncbot.
12:34:29 <john> What does @tell do?
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12:39:42 <warlord> @tell john see for yourself. Wait a minute and then say something in channel..
12:39:42 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
12:44:16 <john> Ah, it makes the dock icon bounce on a Mac. I guess it does some other alert for everybody else.
12:44:16 <gncbot> john: Sent 4 minutes ago: <warlord> see for yourself. Wait a minute and then say something in channel..
12:46:05 <john> No, something else did that. I see what gncbot does now.
12:47:15 <john> Since I also missed that rockfx01 actually asked his question last night, perhaps I should repeat the message with @tell in front, then gncbot will send it to him when (if) he comes back?
12:49:13 <warlord> yes, comes back and says something
12:49:26 <warlord> the bouncing was my saying "john"
12:52:42 <john> OIC. But only if you say it without the quotes, apparently. I guess it's no surprise that it doesn't strip them off.
12:53:02 <warlord> john: right
12:53:24 <warlord> (did that do it?)
12:53:46 <john> No, because the irc window has focus and Macs are smart enough to know that.
12:53:52 <warlord> ah
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14:47:57 <JonathanEllis> Good evening. How do I bring up the chart of accounts if it's window has been closed?
14:53:37 <warlord> JonathanEllis: View -> New Accounts Page
14:54:56 <JonathanEllis> warlord: Oh. I don't have that menu item
14:55:18 <warlord> What version of gnucahs are you running?
14:55:29 <JonathanEllis> 2.2.6
14:55:53 <warlord> Try under File -> New ...
14:56:00 <warlord> (2.2.6?? Wow, that's OLD)
14:56:06 <JonathanEllis> Thanks.
14:57:22 <JonathanEllis> Yes I know! No updates come up for Gnucash in Ubuntu 8.10. There also seems to be some problem with my package manager so I'm stuck with it for now. Once I buy a new computer I will install the latest versions
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15:15:00 <warlord> apt-get build-dep gnucash; download tarball, build and install.
15:15:11 <warlord> You should AT LEAST be on 2.2.9! 2.2.6 is VERY buggy
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20:44:02 <rockfx01> @tell john thanks for the info. I am glad to see my comment generated a good 30 minutes of chatter about gncbot. I updated to the latest svn revision 21885 and ran make maintainer-clean and it works now.
20:44:02 <gncbot> rockfx01: The operation succeeded.
20:44:32 <rockfx01> Is this a command I should run whenever I run svn update?
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20:50:26 <john> rockfx01: Not necessarily. You need to run it if someone has made changes to the tree. The real problem is that then you need to run it (and make uninstall) *before* you run svn update, because once the changes are made, the clean and uninstall targets don't know about no-longer-needed files.
20:50:26 <gncbot> john: Sent 6 minutes ago: <rockfx01> thanks for the info. I am glad to see my comment generated a good 30 minutes of chatter about gncbot. I updated to the latest svn revision 21885 and ran make maintainer-clean and it works now.
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22:18:37 <warlord> rockfx01: it's not something that has to be run often.. note that if you build with e.g. --prefix=/opt/gnucash then it's VERY easy to clean out the install tree: rm -rf /opt/gnucash
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