2012-01-23 GnuCash IRC logs

00:10:40 <mykeylynx> no i didnt have accounts setup. Thank you!
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01:13:43 <fell_> argon: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings
01:16:00 <fell_> sorry, agron.
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01:17:25 <agron> Hey fell_ / fell Thanks I have tryed that many times
01:18:09 <agron> I am getting ERROR 15000 user / password mismatch
01:19:32 <agron> Even though I have activated my Quiken/MS Money access through the chase website.
01:20:12 <fell> Might there be different passwords or lenght restrictions for different access ways?
01:23:44 <agron> I thought that would be it, since on ofxhome.org says Chase Credit needs a different password from your online banking and I asked to make sure. They said, JP Morgan Chase is different from Chase Credit and it uses the same username and password for OFX and online banking
01:24:46 <agron> I also tried my ATM pin but that didn't work neither.
01:25:48 <agron> I have setup successully my AMEX accounts, so I think my gnucash installatiiiion is OK
01:28:33 <fell> Chase has also a few notes in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings.
01:31:02 <agron> I did them all
01:32:01 <fell> Did you also check http://ofxhome.com/
01:32:25 <fell> there is a separate entry for texas
01:32:55 <agron> Mine is NY
01:34:15 <agron> well JPMorgan Chase Bank
01:35:03 <fell> Ok, then I have no further ideas. You should probably ask on the gnucash-user mailing list. Where I live, they use HBCI instead of ofx.
01:35:38 <agron> you use HBCI with Chase?
01:38:35 <fell> no, with german banks. Don't know, if the Frankfurt branch supports it.
01:43:38 <agron> Thanks fell. I'll try the mailing list.
01:44:22 <fell> OK, CU.
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07:07:45 <natuk> Hello, I have a set of UK accounts currently on Sage Instant Accounts and wish to transfer to GnuCash, where can I get an accountant/technician/programmer to undertake such work? Otherwise, is there good documentation anywhere to allow me to do it myself?
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09:48:17 <warlord> natuk: are you trying to import your accounts + data? Or you just want an empty set of accounts in a similar layout?
10:03:22 <natuk> Data too I am afraid...
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10:04:04 <warlord> natuk: can you export your data as QIF?
10:07:16 <natuk> warlord: not sure, Sage does not seem to have any export function. The backup command just backs up on Sage's own format.
10:07:49 <warlord> natuk: can you make an HTML report that contains a table of all your transactions?
10:16:44 <warlord> If so then you can take that HTML, load it into a spreadsheet, fix it up there, and then generate QIF.
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10:25:36 <retnuegk> Ist das Problem mit HBCI bei der Postbank mittlerweile gelöst?
10:26:44 <retnuegk> Ich kann seit Ende November keine Kontostände aktualisieren.
10:32:28 <gour1> retnuegk: #gnucash-de ?
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10:34:39 <retnuegk> ja das war schon mal was, aber was?
10:36:19 * gour schrugs
10:37:09 <retnuegk> there are nobody in #gnucash-de
10:37:34 <warlord> retnuegk: if you need help specifically in german you will need to subscribe to and ask on the gnucash-de mailing list.
10:38:08 <retnuegk> ok. thank you
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10:42:35 <JonathanEllis1> Good afternoon. I want to search for transactions between account A and account B. I searched with the Find dialog for transactions appearing in both accounts and got no transactions. Is there a way to do this?
10:45:43 <warlord> JonathanEllis1: [All Accounts] [matches all accounts] ...
10:45:50 <warlord> And select the two accounts.
10:47:09 <warlord> (although if you have split transactions into third accounts you might miss those)
10:55:47 <natuk> warlord: Indeed, through a convoluted process I can produce HTML or csv files out of Sage. But this is the kind of process I wish somebody else could do for me... Thank you for your help.
10:56:52 <warlord> natuk: you may be able to find someone to help you on the gnucash-user mailing list..
10:57:14 <warlord> BUT... If you can produce HTML or CSV (CSV is better) then THAT could be converted to QIF and imported.
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11:00:18 <Joc> I have data for 2011 and some for 2012, is there a way to get a report (Account Report) for 2011 only?
11:00:38 <natuk> warlord: Indeed, I understand what you are saying, the workings of QIF are what I am not confident on. I would probably have to produce some test transactions and see how they import before finalising the necessary transformations to the CSV file. How easy is it to manipulate QIF directly?
11:01:47 <warlord> Joc: of course -- just set the report date in the report options.
11:02:30 <warlord> natuk: simple -- it's just a text format. If you look at the mailing list archives over the past couple weeks someone has done a CSV->QIF script which you might be able to leverage.
11:02:55 <Joc> where do you see the report options?
11:03:28 <natuk> warlord: OK, thanks I will have a look.
11:04:18 <warlord> Joc: Did you run the report? It's in the toolbar.
11:04:43 <Joc> when I select "Account Report" it just generate the report, there are no options.
11:05:36 <warlord> Joc: yes.....................
11:05:43 <warlord> and once the report is generated?
11:06:26 <Joc> ??? It shows the data for 2011 and 2012
11:06:51 <warlord> Joc, right... and then set the report options.
11:07:00 <Joc> but how?
11:07:13 <Joc> I see no options to be set
11:07:20 <warlord> Then you are blind.
11:07:32 <warlord> look in the toolbar of the report
11:07:57 <Joc> mmmh, let me check... :) no I can see my fingers... :)
11:08:31 <warlord> Try looking at the screen instead of your hands
11:09:24 <Joc> I have the "Reports" tab, but there are no "options" under it or anything that I can see at this time that resemble that.
11:11:01 <warlord> Wait a second... which "Account Report" did you run?
11:11:38 <warlord> Do you mean you had an account register opened, and then ran Reports -> Account Report (at the bottom of the menu)?
11:12:06 <warlord> (as for the record, see that icon in the toolbar that looks like a wrench? click that)
11:12:33 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: Thanks. My search dialog only has options for match any account or match no account
11:12:40 <Joc> I have the account opened (HST Tax), then I click on "Reports" and then "Account Report", and there I get a report with both years
11:12:59 <warlord> jonathan: That's because you selected "Account", not "All Accounts"
11:13:17 <Joc> reading...
11:13:26 <warlord> Joc: right -- that report is purely a printout of the register. You need to adjust the register view first (using the View menu) and then run the report.
11:13:48 <warlord> So View -> Select by ... [Date Range]
11:13:52 <warlord> And then re-run the report.
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11:14:24 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: Thanks very much. You are very helpful as always!
11:14:42 <warlord> :)
11:15:30 <JonathanEllis1> Incidentally, it's not possible to have two registers open side by side is it? For example on two screens
11:16:13 <warlord> You can.
11:16:21 <warlord> You can tell gnucash to open all registers in new windows.
11:16:37 <warlord> (I dont know if you can have it open a specific register in a new window)
11:17:32 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: Would the different windows be different instances of Gnucash - with separate instances of the file open?
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11:18:22 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: Would changes to the file in one windows be reflected in the other window?
11:18:41 <warlord> No, it would be once instance... Like having multiple firefox windows open.
11:18:51 <JonathanEllis1> great
11:19:24 <warlord> It would be one instance, one file.. It will only let you open up a register once. If you try to open it again it should raise the already-open window
11:21:15 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: My search dialog doesnt appear to let me refine a search only to define new ones.
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11:23:23 <warlord> Are you clicking C-F from an existing search window or did you revert back to the CoA?
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11:26:44 <Joc> Got it!!!! It's under "View" > "Filter By" (not select by), then I select "Select Range"... Feel better now, I was thinking I was really going blind... :)
11:27:23 <JonathanEllis1> I was clicking C-F. What is the CoA? Sorry to be dense :-(
11:27:47 <warlord> Chart of Accounts
11:27:48 <Joc> I'm running version 2.4.4. I was thinking to update to version 2.4.9, but I undersand that the clipboard does not work on that version
11:27:59 <warlord> On windows
11:28:08 <warlord> you should upgrade to at least 2.4.8
11:28:18 <Joc> I'm running Windows.
11:29:14 <Joc> any idea when the the clipboard will be fixed and released?
11:29:29 <Joc> probably in a few months, right?
11:29:59 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: I pressed C-F but it doesnt make any difference whether I do it from an account register, an existing search or the CoA
11:30:05 <warlord> When it gets debugged. Most development happens on Linux.
11:31:11 <warlord> JonathanEllis1: Really? It works for me. If I do a search and then from the search window click C-F again it lets me refine the search.
11:31:12 <Joc> I would guess that most users are under Windows. I would be curious to see the stats on that.
11:31:26 <warlord> Joc: VERY unlikely.
11:31:53 <warlord> GnuCash has been around for well over a decade.. Actually more than a decade-and-a-half. The WINDOWS port has only been around a couple years.
11:32:13 <JonathanEllis1> Joc: You could run an instance of linux within windows if you want the most up to date version. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer
11:33:11 <warlord> Or just get rid of Windows alltogether ;)
11:34:12 <Joc> yes, that's something I find very, very interesting and plan to try, but not right now
11:34:53 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: Yeah it doesnt work for me. I'm on Gnucash 2.2.6 on Ubuntu 8-10. It's an unsupported release of Ubuntu now but I cant upgrade Ubuntu as my graphics card wont work on any more up to date release unfortunately. I apply all the updates that come up but maybe the most recent version of Gnucash is not in the Ubuntu 8-10 repos.
11:37:21 <warlord> JonathanEllis1: Sorry, don't know what to say. I'm running 2.4.8 locally. You could rebuild 2.4.8 or 2.4.9.. I also have gnucash set up to open new windows, so that may be a difference, too.. The search results are in a new window and not a tab.
11:37:48 <warlord> But when I hit C-F in the search results window the new find dialog has the lower-left block un-greyed.
11:37:53 <JonathanEllis1> Joc: If you want to try it, the Ubuntu regular installer will automatically detect your windows installation and allow you to dual boot. You can also run windows within a virtual machine on Virtual Box if you make the switch and still have some killer apps within windows that you want. There is also Wine which is a windows emulator available under linux that will run some but not all windows apps. And if you want to try it with no o
11:37:58 <warlord> .. and 'refine search' is selected.
11:39:48 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: I have now set Gnucash to open new windows but C-F from the search results still has the lower-left block greyed out so refine is not available. The new window opens with Search Results in a single tab within that window though.
11:41:00 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: Anyway, I can work around refining searches. Important thing is now thanks to you I know how to search for transactions between two accounts and have registers open in separate windows. yay! :-)
11:41:05 <warlord> JonathanEllis1: right. well, it works for me. Maybe you need to upgrade?
11:41:38 <JonathanEllis1> warlord: Could be. I'll finish my tax return first :-). January 31 looms!
11:42:03 <JonathanEllis1> Once again thanks for all your help. Always appreciated
11:43:38 <warlord> you're welcome.
11:46:14 <Joc> JonathanEllis1, I have a decade old PC and Windows, I wonder how well it work under it.
11:47:21 <warlord> Is it at least an i686?
11:48:26 <Joc> yes, but the memory is not high (~800MB)
11:50:36 <Joc> I have another file with the 2010 data, can I load it into the current data, and would it be a good idea or is it better to keep each year separate?
11:51:38 <warlord> Joc: disk is cheap. how much RAM does it have?
11:52:24 <warlord> Joc: IMHO it's best to do what is right for you. No, GnuCash cannot easily merge two data files. Personally I just keep all my data in one file.
11:52:53 <Joc> ~800MB If I install Linux, can I run my current window under it or do I need to re-install it?
11:53:48 <Joc> ok. I like the idea to have everything in one file.
11:53:57 <warlord> Ahh, so 800MB RAM. How much disk?
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11:57:04 <Joc> 80GN and 300GB. One thing that has been holding me back is that I have over a decade of installed files and programs, just dread the idea to have to do that all over, and also right now I can use it basically blind folded...
11:57:12 <Joc> GN=GB
11:57:22 <warlord> *nods*
11:59:17 <Joc> thanks very much for all the help
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12:00:41 <gour> Joc: making (somehow) virtualbox image would help you
12:00:44 <Joc> doing a bit of promotion, started to write an article on GC for my PC users' group...
12:01:48 <JonathanEllis1> Joc: Linux runs better under low memory than windows does I think so that is not necessarily a problem. Try running it from the Live CD and see what happens. It doesnt change anything on the hard disk so you dont commit yourself. Also if you do install linux dual booting with windows, linux can read the files on your windows partition so you still have your ten years of files available. If you do dual boot you wont need a huge parti
12:02:45 <Joc> gour, so I could my current windows and all that's installed? I was under the impression I had to re-install Windows to create an image.
12:03:18 <Joc> could *run* my current
12:04:22 <gour> http://superuser.com/questions/281504/how-to-make-a-virtualbox-image-of-running-windows-system
12:04:53 <JonathanEllis1> Joc: If you want to run windows under virtual box you do have to reinstall windows inside virtualbox. A virtual machine is like a brand new PC with no operating system. As far as I know you cant port your current windows installation to virtualbox. But you can run ubuntu linux inside wubi which is a windows application. Or you could run virtual box under windows with ubuntu installed under virtual box. The choices are many!
12:04:58 <Joc> ooohh...
12:06:11 <JonathanEllis1> I dual boot windows and ubuntu but very rarely boot windows. Cant remember when I did in the last two years or more. I do have a windows installtion under virtual box running on ubuntu for the windows apps that wont work in wine. I also have a couple of windows apps running in wine on ubuntu
12:06:44 <gour> Joc: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=15177
12:08:00 <Joc> reading... all interesting stuff. I already muti-boot.
12:08:09 <gour> Joc: no need to reinstall ;)
12:08:21 <Joc> I like that idea!!!
12:09:34 <JonathanEllis1> Joc: Have fun with it. Is your machine capable of taking more RAM. Not very expensive. Neither is hard disk space
12:10:14 <JonathanEllis1> gour: Great. Thanks for sharing that!
12:10:34 <gour> ;)
12:10:59 <Joc> I've already max out the memory. hard disk should be ok.
12:14:37 <JonathanEllis1> Joc: See my private message. There are lots of helpful people in #ubuntu
12:14:42 <JonathanEllis1> And in here!
12:14:48 <Joc> as said in one comment "Holy Penguin! Thats so simple. I wonder how I missed that."!!!!
12:15:14 <JonathanEllis1> got to go now. Bye
12:15:44 * gour is using penguin since '99 (being die-hard os2 user before)
12:15:51 <Joc> bye
12:16:12 <gour> last spring we had short affair with freebsd, but quickly returned back to linux
12:16:19 <gour> bye JonathanEllis1
12:17:12 <Joc> aaah the OS/2 :-) used to use it at work (had to deal with my IT, said it was ok as long he's not involved...)
12:17:25 <gour> he he
12:17:36 <gour> it was/is nice OS with nice filesystem
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12:19:48 <Joc> had a good laugh with one of my co-worker long ago, I had a virtual floppy disk under OS/2 and he got all frustrated when I tried to retrieve the floppy disk from my PC and there was nothing...
12:21:06 <gour> lol
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