2012-01-22 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:15:44 <Smaug> hi all. If I install GnuCash on windows, how difficult is it to move it to a different machine at a later point in time?
00:18:43 <Smaug> second question: if I install GnuCash on windows, how difficult is it to install GnuCash on linux or BSD and then move all of the information from the windows to the linux or BSD version?
00:20:21 <Joc1> never tried, but probably all you need is to copy the saved files
00:22:04 <Joc1> assuming that you saved it as a gnucash file and not into a database
00:45:54 <Smaug> okay and second question?
00:46:11 <Smaug> as in, are they stored the same?
00:46:14 <Smaug> across OS
00:51:10 <Joc1> just did a bit of searching and they say that "Linux <--> Windows should be perfectly happy with the same datafile", but there might be problems if you are running different version of GnuCash.
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00:55:29 <Joc1> one comment I read: Make sure the data file is uncompressed.  Other than that the files 
00:55:29 <Joc1> are compatible. 
00:56:19 <Joc1> http://gnucash.1415818.n4.nabble.com/Transfer-of-Files-from-Linux-to-Windows-Version-of-Gnucash-td1421132.html
00:56:19 <fell> The file is an optionally gziped xml file, so the OS doesn't matter. But a 2.0.x program doesn't know about extensions introduced in 2.2.x.
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01:13:18 <Smaug> Joc: thanks, I appreciate it. what about transferring to BSD, can I assume it also works there?
01:13:54 <Smaug> oh didn't read fell's comments. Thanks fell!
01:14:28 <Smaug> wrt Joc's first comment, you imply that one can choose between saving data in a file or in a database. is that correct?
01:15:29 <Joc> correct, I believe that was added fairly recently.
01:16:35 <fell> Yes, over libdbi you can use SQLite, mySQL and PostgreSQL
01:17:20 <Joc> what means "over libdbi"?
01:17:55 <fell> A Library for Data Base Interface
01:20:39 <Joc> does that mean that now GnuCash is compiled with libdbi? Or that's a separate program, the same way that the database is a separate program?
01:20:44 <fell> while sqlite produces a single file for the others you need some knowledge about database management administration
01:23:32 <Joc> ok, I found the answer, it's a driver, http://libdbi.sourceforge.net/
01:27:07 <fell> The windows installer includes libdbi, under linux you has to install libdbi and the libdbi-dbd-* backends with your usually software management.
01:28:20 <Joc> ok, thanks.
01:28:24 <Smaug> so in order to make my data cross-OS compatible, I should choose to not use a database? Or is using a DB ok? (I would guess that it would be ok, but does Joc suggest otherwise?0
01:30:49 <Joc> I've no experience with DB, but I'm guessing that's probably more complicated to move data around systems
01:30:55 <fell> while the xml format is in use since about a decade, the sql backend is reative new. There might be more undetected bugs.
01:32:29 <fell> Do you have some knowledge in DB management?
01:34:47 <fell> Some people use the sql backend to import data to libreoffice, but the Gnucash db is not in the well formed 5. normal form .(
01:35:42 <Joc> me? Not really, but one of those days I plan to learn about it for my web site, trying to move from hand written html to CMS.
01:39:17 <fell> So in the first run I would use xml. you can later always "Save as: sql..."
01:39:37 <Joc> yes, exactly.
01:40:44 <Smaug> thanks for the helpfulness! I am familiar with databases, but it sounds like saving it as a file is the way to go for now.
01:42:00 <Joc> one thing I would to be able to do is to have two persons be able to access the gnucash data remotely.
01:42:40 <fell> But not t the same time! Still not supported.
01:43:09 <fell> at
01:46:04 <Joc> database should be able to handle that kind of conflicts. That feature would add a lot of usefulness to many business, IMHO.
01:47:46 <Joc> but I would not want to be the programmer, I can imagine tons of difficulty to implement that.
01:48:14 <fell> Yes, but sombody has to put all the "Transaction ...Commit" in the Code.
01:48:57 <Joc> yeah, that famous somebody... :)
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20:50:39 <mykeylynx> hello can someone help i installed gnucash 11.10, I imported from quicken, and now i want to setup internet download but it seems it downloaded old data and new?
20:52:33 <warlord> um, there is no "gnucash 11.10".
20:52:38 <warlord> What version of GnuCash?
20:53:44 <warlord> As for downloading "old data and new", it will download old data on the first download. Once you complete that first import it should not repeat older data again.
20:53:47 <mykeylynx> no sorry muy ubuntu version is 11.10 gnu is 2.4.7
20:55:30 <mykeylynx> but its an issue if you have data imported already from the qif
20:55:45 <warlord> mixing qif and ofx? yes.
20:56:07 <warlord> the qif import does not contain the ofx transaction IDs
20:56:43 <mykeylynx> i see thank you. so deleting transaction after download is the only way to go
20:57:01 <warlord> or telling the importer that it's a duplicate
20:57:28 <mykeylynx> what should i do first import qif or
20:57:29 <warlord> Or only importing current transactions instead of "all" transactions
20:57:40 <warlord> It depends what you're trying to do.
20:57:49 <warlord> Me, I never use any of the online banking facilities
20:58:04 <mykeylynx> get my house in order lol
20:58:11 <mykeylynx> ook thank you will try it
20:58:49 <warlord> if you are migrating from quicken then yes, you should do that first.
20:59:21 <mykeylynx> i am thank you
20:59:48 <warlord> then when you download ofx, you will need to tell the importer about the duplicates.
20:59:55 <warlord> .. or dont download older txns
21:00:13 <mykeylynx> or better yet its January I will just start fresh
21:00:17 <mykeylynx> thank you
21:00:22 <warlord> that works too
21:10:39 <warlord> mykeylynx: maybe import your old data for <= 2011, for historical use.. and then start a new file for >= 2012 and use OFX downloads.
21:32:24 <mykeylynx> i am in the process of setting up the banks web connect info. I get to a window asking me to match accounts but theres nothing in the list to match it with?
21:33:19 <mykeylynx> Thank You Warlord I have saved the xml for 2011
21:33:46 <mykeylynx> are there any other files i have to save witbackuph the xml file for
22:11:48 <warlord> Should just be your data file.. shouldn't need anything else.
22:11:59 <warlord> as for the list to match -- do you have an account tree set up?
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23:06:21 <agron> Hey guys, can someone help with connecting to Chase bank?