2012-01-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:37:56 <Silly> I keep getting a "One of your reports has a report-guid that is a duplicate." message very time I run gnucash, but as far as I know I have no saved reports or reports that are open...?
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09:40:34 <warlord> Silly: did you just update from 2.4.8 to 2.4.9?
09:40:46 <Silly> yea, a few days ago
09:40:59 <Silly> I think it was 2.4.4 actually
09:41:49 <warlord> On windows?
09:41:57 <Silly> Yes.
09:42:08 <warlord> And you just installed over the old version?
09:42:13 <warlord> uninstall, then re-install.
09:42:23 <Silly> Yea, I just installed over the old version
09:42:27 <warlord> (actually, you might need to install the old version, uninstall, then reinstall)
09:42:33 <Silly> Oh?
09:42:46 <warlord> Yeah, a file moved, and the installer didn't clean up.
09:43:07 <Silly> That sounds like pain :P
09:43:36 <Silly> +a
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09:44:02 <warlord> then send in a patch to the installer to fix it
09:44:07 <warlord> 8-D
09:44:13 <Silly> lol
09:45:26 * Silly wonders if he could just go in and delete something and be done...
09:45:53 <warlord> Yes.. Although I dont know which file, or where it is.
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09:48:57 <Silly> hehe
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09:51:45 <Silly> Truth of the matter is I have no idea what the old version was exactly I just remember it being somewhere in the 2.4.x range
09:52:01 <Silly> I think
09:56:51 <warlord> doesnt matter. the issue is in 2.4.9.
09:57:12 <warlord> it moved a report location. I just dont recall which report, or where it moved from/to
09:57:26 <Silly> Ah
09:58:44 <warlord> and during 'update' it doesn't take into account files that may have moved.
10:03:40 * Silly sees in this SVN repo artifacts that make him think the developers use git and cmake, but distribute using SVN and autohell^H^H^H^Htools
10:05:13 <warlord> well, some devs do use git. but cmake is only for a side-project (cutecash)
10:05:20 <warlord> the master repo is still vn
10:05:21 <warlord> svn
10:05:22 <Silly> Oh?
10:05:43 <Silly> yea, git to svn extensions are nice :)
10:07:05 * Silly thinks svn is miles ahead of most version control tools and thinks distributed version control tools like mercurial and git are miles ahead of svn
10:09:43 * gour1 considers hg nicer than git, although GC devs will probably follow the herd
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10:10:00 <warlord> git and svn solve somewhat different problems. It all depends on what problem you are trying to solve. For some things I think rcs is absolutely the right answer.
10:11:15 * gour finds hg very easy to use to be able to mimic even rcs
10:11:28 <gour> s/easy/easy & safe/
10:11:32 <Silly> I think you'd be hard pressed to find a problem where rcs was better than svn, but I agree that svn does do some things much better.
10:12:13 <warlord> Silly: I'm trying to version control my dhcpd.conf file.
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10:12:22 <gour> Silly: what would you miss in hg not having in svn?
10:12:25 <warlord> anything more than RCS is pure overkill
10:12:57 * gour keeps his config files under hg...quite lineear history :-)
10:13:00 <Silly> gour, hg doesn't play as nicely with large undiffable binary files (by default, there are extensions) as svn does.
10:14:08 <gour> Silly: there is now large files extension in hg, but binaries are anyway not suitable for rcs/(d)vcs
10:14:08 <Silly> So, say I want to put a bunch of texture files under revision control... it amounts to 2GB of undiffable binary files, do I really want that to be copied everywhere? and every time I change one it basically randomizes the whole file so a diff is compeltely useless?
10:14:29 <Silly> gour, yea, that's why I said 'by default' :)
10:15:13 <gour> Silly: i consider it's nice to push all extensions to everyone, but still having choise
10:15:31 <gour> *to not push
10:15:40 <Silly> warlord, I suppose if your just doing revision control on a single file is a good use case for rcs :)
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10:16:51 <warlord> Silly: exactly. like I said, right tool for the right job.
10:16:58 <Silly> yea
10:17:14 <Silly> I would still use mercurial for that though...
10:18:16 <Silly> Interesting, have they added a python interface or something recently?
10:18:16 * gour nods
10:18:25 <gour> hglib?
10:18:35 <Silly> to gnucash
10:19:42 <gour> ahh...there are bindings
10:20:17 <Silly> So, I could write a python script to read in transactions to add to my accounts file from some where else?
10:23:42 <warlord> yes, there are python bindings to gnucash
10:24:08 <warlord> Silly: yes, you could. but only if you build gnucash yourself. we do not build the python bindings on e.g. windows
10:25:17 * Silly has two widnows machines, and two ubuntu machines and both widnows machines have ubuntu running in a virtualbox vm and one of the ubuntu machines has windows xp running in a virtualbox vm...
10:26:02 <Silly> warlord, If I was going to do something like that I'd want to do it on one of my *nix machiens.
10:26:36 <warlord> Silly: fair enough. You can just build gnucash with --enable-python-bindings
10:26:59 <Silly> Ah, cool.
10:28:55 * Silly really likes gnucash, it lets me keep track of everything in as much excruciating detail as I want to!
10:29:34 <warlord> :)
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10:32:06 <Silly> Something I've thought would be interesting (but a lot of work and blah) would be if there was a way to use gnucash from my smartphone. (say enter transactions when I'm out, or get basic status reports) with some way to synchronize it back or even with my current method of backup and synchronization (I use file synchronization software like dropbox with truecrypt (as I consider uploading anything to the interwebs to be making it publ
10:32:06 <Silly> ic))
10:33:53 <warlord> Find a smartphone app that can export to QIF. Then you can enter txns on your phone and import them into gnucash
10:34:57 <Silly> Hmmmm, that's an idea. Though, that wouldn't do anything for being able to see reports... Ah well, maybe someone industrious will come up iwth a solution and I can be lazy and wait for them to do it :D
10:36:03 <warlord> a port of gnucash to phones isn't gonna happen. Gtk/GnomeLibs would need to be ported first.
10:37:05 <Silly> *nod*
10:37:28 <Silly> IMO, the interface would need to change significantly for the difference in user interaction
10:38:05 <warlord> Yeah. So I just dont think it's gonna happen.
10:38:08 <Silly> I was thinking more along the lines of someone might add the ability to run gnucash as a service daemon that you could write clients for to do stuff
10:38:23 <warlord> That is more likely.. but still unlikely
10:38:31 <Silly> hehe
10:39:11 <warlord> anywho -- I need to go run some errands. I'll be back in a while.
10:39:33 <Silly> later :)
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10:44:17 <Silly> Hmmm, re python bindings: do I have to run the script with gnucash or can I in a random script run on the command line by python do an import gnucash and away I go..? :)
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12:00:02 <warlord> Silly: the latter. import gnucash ... or something like that.
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13:46:52 <Ipsquiggle> Hey all, so I've got a transaction imported from my Chequing bank (say, transfer -$50 to Imbalance on Jan 15th) and its twin imported from my Visa account ( +$50 from Imbalance on Jan 18th)
13:47:53 <Ipsquiggle> I happen to know these are two sides of the same transaction... how do I tell gnucash this? If I set the target of one transaction to the other account, it creates a new entry in that other account. I want it to point to the existing entry in that other account.
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13:50:56 <warlord> Ipsquiggle: during the import you need to assign the transaction to the correct other account (Checking <-> Visa) so it can mark the second one as a duplicate.
13:51:08 <warlord> If you have transactions entering Imbalance then you are importing incorrectly.
13:52:05 <Ipsquiggle> So the catch is: the bank only downloads the transactions for both accounts as a single statement; it doesn't seem to match against transactions from the same import.
13:53:17 <warlord> Ipsquiggle: that may be important, but the fact remains: the fact that the transactions are to Imbalance means you are importing them incorrectly. You need to assign them during the import.
13:53:26 <warlord> Is this QIF or some other format?
13:53:33 <Ipsquiggle> qfx
13:54:46 <Ipsquiggle> I also didn't see a 'duplicate' option on importing, or is this something it does automatically?
13:58:09 <warlord> Hmm, for qfx... how does it send both sets of accounts in a single import?
13:58:18 <warlord> I didn't know you could do that.
13:58:21 <Ipsquiggle> So finally: it sound like you're suggesting that one of them is the 'authorative' transaction, and the other is marked as a duplicate and discarded?
13:58:29 <warlord> Yes
13:58:54 <Ipsquiggle> Me either. I actually checked the option to only download from one account, but it gave me everything anyways. (Don't'cha just love banking websites!?)
13:59:05 <Ipsquiggle> Alright, thanks for your help!
14:00:44 <warlord> wlecome
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14:51:29 <gour> Silly: i've few 'finace' apps for my droid phone...export to QiF and import to GC works, as warlord pointed out
14:53:02 <gour> *finance
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17:14:38 <Silly> hmmmm
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17:49:04 <evo> Silly: There are some example python scripts in the source tree
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17:50:54 <evo> src/optional/python-bindings/example_scripts/
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