2012-01-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:04:20 <dennis> Anyone know the server capabilites and server options for discover card ofx
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02:10:44 <mib_abv3sk> trying to figure out is gnu cache is the right tool for me
02:11:47 <mib_abv3sk> I'm a bit intimidated by hte double entry bookkeeping
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07:11:23 <davidavid> @warlorld: thanks for the hint!
07:11:23 <gncbot> davidavid: Error: "warlorld:" is not a valid command.
07:11:43 <davidavid> at warlord, thanks for your hint
07:13:08 <blathijs> davidavid: Common practice is to just leave out the @ (like I did here)
07:13:53 <blathijs> davidavid: Most IRC clients also provide tab completion to help you with that (Try typing war<TAB>)
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13:44:00 <mikee_> /nick evo
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13:51:04 <whidgle> I'm trying to figure out if gnucash is suitable for me
13:52:32 <whidgle> I've tried things like mint.com and tonido and they don't mesh too well with what I think I need
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14:01:56 <warlord> whidgle: well, what do you (think you) need? :)
14:02:15 <warlord> mikee: you need to remember that you never put a space before the slash in an IRC command ;)
14:02:19 <warlord> (or evo)
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14:09:48 <whidgle> not sure :-)
14:10:21 <warlord> Then how do you know when you've found something? (or how do you know when something wont work?)
14:11:23 <whidgle> part of the problem is that my wife left me a few months ago and I'm trying to make sense of the disaster she left behind
14:11:36 <warlord> I'm very sorry to hear that
14:11:41 <whidgle> I'm not the finance person in the relationship
14:12:52 <whidgle> everyone has the simple stuff of budgeting etc
14:13:40 <whidgle> I trying to figure out how to handle mu 1-person company and personal finances
14:14:53 <warlord> GnuCash can do it, but honestly I would recommend you first learn a little about accounting. For example, I would highly recommend you read the GnuCash Concepts & Tutorial
14:15:37 <whidgle> read through it and am still overwhelmed. probably not due to the tutorial :-)
14:16:15 <whidgle> I'm trying to reconstruct a yea'r worth of financial data for the taxes
14:16:36 <whidgle> both personal and corp
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14:23:49 <evo> I'm going to blame the cat.
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14:27:15 <warlord> whidgle: Yeah, I'm afraid that is going to be a lot of work regardless of what app you use. Keep in mind that GnuCash is not a tax app, it's a financial app
14:33:36 <whidgle> I know. a tax app is usually a human
14:34:06 <whidgle> but if I can do the bookeeping, I'm half way there
14:35:37 <warlord> True.
14:36:39 <whidgle> ok, read tutorial then :-)
14:38:07 <warlord> :)
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14:51:34 <fantazo> is gnucash scriptable? I mean it uses guile, so it should be. looking at the manual and not finding the interesting hooks is annoying.
14:54:31 <warlord> fantazo: it all depends on what exactly you are trying to script. Generally "yes", but it depends.
14:55:54 <fantazo> warlord, like adding a new data import, where would I put that? Is there a "registry" of putting plugins like you have it in gimp, or do I need for that mess around with the system ( /usr/ ... )?
14:56:36 <warlord> You can put it wherever you want and then load it via ~/.gnucash/config.user
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15:17:55 <warlord> fantazo: for example, the invoice importer is written in python and gets added in dynamically through config.user
15:19:19 <fantazo> config.user is just a guile scm file, right or does it add its own special language?
15:19:26 <fantazo> ( DSL )
15:21:25 <warlord> no, it's guile.
15:21:34 <warlord> but you can use it to load a python module ;)
15:21:37 <warlord> (for example)
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16:48:22 <Christian> Hi there
16:48:30 <warlord> hi
16:49:47 <Christian> Anyone competent present regarding the aqbanking-version on windows for the 2.4.9 release?
16:50:47 <warlord> depends on the question
16:51:02 <Christian> Ok *G*
16:51:29 <Christian> I'm a German user, since the Postbank changed their HBCI-version I'm cut off from onlinebanking with GNUCASH.
16:52:35 <Christian> With the change to 2.4.9 I was expecting a current aqbanking version which was said to remedy the problems as well. Unfortunately, either the install didn't work out or the aqbanking problem persists.
16:52:35 <warlord> Well, 2.4.9 upgraded to AbQ 5
16:52:50 <warlord> (at least it should have)
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16:54:23 <Christian> Where can I find out?
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16:56:22 <Christian> In the online-banking-setup under modules aqhbci is said to have version 4.2.4
16:56:57 <warlord> I am checking the sources.
16:57:17 <Christian> Thanks
16:59:52 <warlord> Hmmm... Honestly, I don't know. I bet if you check the most recent 2.4 nightly/weekly builds you'll find AqB 5 in there. But I honestly don't know about the actual 2.4.9 release. It's POSSIBLE that this changed.
17:00:11 <warlord> Or, rather, that the full build built something different that the normal build.
17:01:05 <Christian> How stable are the weeklies usually?
17:01:19 <warlord> Yep, that's a bug. The 2.4.9 build uses AqB 4.2.4
17:01:28 <Christian> Oki
17:01:42 <Christian> can you send that to the dev-list?
17:01:43 <warlord> The 2.4.9 daily build should be just fine.. It's using the exact same code. I would NOT use the 2.4.99 builds
17:01:49 <warlord> Why don't you? :)
17:02:25 <Christian> Don't really know your usual ways so I looked for the casual way *G*
17:02:42 <warlord> send mail to gnucash-devel, or file a bug report in bugzilla..
17:02:49 <Christian> Can do of course
17:02:53 <warlord> thx
17:03:00 <Christian> thx to you :)
17:06:09 <john> Looks like I missed a line -- or rather, missed checking in the change -- that turns on AQB5. I'll commit a change now, and tomorrow's nightly will have it turned on.
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17:11:38 <Christian> BTW: The topic still contains the 2.4.8 as latest stable
17:13:39 <john> Sorry, "the topic"?
17:13:42 <warlord> john: it's turned on in the nightly. That's not the problem. It's the TAG build
17:13:56 <warlord> john: I think he means channel topic. I'll fix
17:13:58 <Christian> the # topic
17:14:04 *** warlord changes topic to "Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! || publically-logged channel || latest stable: 2.4.9 || www.gnucash.org"
17:14:43 <warlord> john: we need to change the 2.4 defaults.sh default. And then I can completely remove the 2.4 custom.sh setting on the builder.
17:14:44 <john> No, it's turned on in trunk. I just turned it on for 2.4. I don't know that trunk is stable enough for users right now.
17:15:13 <warlord> john: it was turned on in the 2.4 daily builds.
17:15:18 <warlord> daily/weekly
17:15:35 <john> Oh, right! Geert set that up in custom.sh. I'd forgotten.
17:16:01 <warlord> right. so the dailys got 5, but the tag build didnt
17:16:54 <Christian> Seems I'm blind: Where can I get the nightly?
17:22:56 <warlord> it's not on a 'published' location. I'll PM you the URL
17:23:39 <Christian> Thanks
17:24:24 <Christian> When will the published version reflect the change?
17:26:50 <warlord> Ummm... when 2.4.10 gets released.
17:27:19 <Christian> So in about 1-2 years? *G*
17:30:15 <john> No, that would be 2.8.
17:30:45 <john> I think we need to get the clipboard paste issue sorted, then we can do 2.4.10.
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17:33:23 <warlord> agreed
17:33:33 <Christian> Have a look at the gnucash-de list, nov. I think the German users under Windows need a version with the implemented change in aqbanking quite soon. I haven't been able to do my finances in GNUcash since 2 months. This is not really a good status...
17:33:46 <Christian> https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-de/2011-November/008130.html
17:36:36 <warlord> Christian: We understand this is important. But we're not going to rev the release *just* for this, especially when we know there are other issues that popped up in 2.4.9 (due to the Gtk upgrade)
17:37:27 <john> Sorry. I spent most of Christmas week and the week following on getting GC to work with Gtk-2.24 just to allow AQB5, and I'm pretty annoyed with myself for not noticing that AQB5 wasn't turned on in SVN.
17:39:22 <warlord> john: LOL. It's okay. It was turned on in the daily's!
17:40:11 <Christian> Hm. Since you mention the change in AQB version explicitly in the release notes, maybe either communicating the delay or giving a 2.4.9b would be nice
17:42:38 <warlord> easier said than done
17:43:25 <Christian> Why that? Isn't the AQB change fully tested, only the switch for the delivery version wasn't thrown?
17:46:02 <warlord> building a new release is easier said than done. We can't just take the daily and "release it"
17:46:09 <warlord> there is a process..
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17:46:52 <warlord> And frankly there are other issues which are also important to get fixed that happened with the 2.4.9 release. As far as AqB is concerned there is no change from 2.4.8->2.4.9. Cut-and-paste, however, is a regression. IMHO that takes higher precedence
17:48:07 <Christian> Was present when that issue was brought up here.
17:49:22 <Christian> IMHO mentioning this problem in the release notes would be important to those hoping to have their problem fixed in 2.4.9
17:50:05 <warlord> so noted
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17:51:01 <Christian> Thanks. Online actions work for me again with the r21854
17:52:46 <Christian> Thanks again for the help and a nice day (night for me)
17:52:57 <warlord> see ya!
17:53:10 <Christian> CU CJ
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