2012-01-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:06:26 <David2> Hi I see that release 2.4.9 is out, but the message on the website is somewhat scrambled. Someone who can fix it should take a quick look.
01:11:00 <David2> the news item for 2.4.9 is not the top item nor does it have the correct date. There may be other details to fix as well
01:50:51 <warlord> The date issue is the cause of the order issue.
01:52:21 <warlord> I've fixed that..
01:52:46 <warlord> anything else, David2 ?
02:02:09 <David2> I will be trying the new release. That's all for tonight. Thanks
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02:20:37 <David2> Hi, I'm back. I am starting release 2.4.9 for the first time on my Windows XP computer. I got the error message One of your reports has a report-guid that is a duplicate. It goes on to say check my saved reports for a certain guid that appears to be a cryptographic key. Where should I look for this guid?
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03:49:57 <David2> I found a file in c:\documents and settings\username\.gnucash\ called saved-reports-2.4 but it does not contain a reference to the report-guid mentioned in the error message. I also closed the program and re-opened it, getting the same error again.
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03:58:39 <David2> Also, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are not working for cut and paste in the register or in memorized transaction editor.
04:00:30 <David2> I may need to re-boot, if so I will lose this conversation
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06:56:19 <cpohle> Hi, I'm wondering whether it is possible to have the drop-down list for selecting an account can be filtered (according to the filter settings, i.e., I would like to only have offered non-hidden accounts).
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10:31:09 <alex001> Hello. When gnucash generates an invoice, does it keep track of the taxes so I can declare them later on ?
10:35:34 <Joc> I donto track the taxes I use "split", for
10:36:19 <Joc> I don't know about invoice, but to track the taxes I use "split"
10:37:35 <warlord> alex001: if you use the Tax Tables then yes, it will split the taxes off into whatever tax accounts your specify
10:38:54 <alex001> okay
10:39:12 <alex001> are the gnu invoices that it generates good enough for a small business ?
10:39:33 <warlord> look&feel? that's up to your personal preference.
10:40:06 <alex001> good idea allright thanks guys
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13:03:36 <bpietro_> Q: Joc == Jocito ?
13:03:57 <Joc> yes
13:04:33 <bpietro_> wait a moment, I did it, just next day
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13:04:56 <Joc> ?
13:06:53 <bpietro> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Using_GnuCash#Import_transactions_from_another_program
13:14:45 <Joc> k
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13:58:28 <David2> Hi. I cannot use ctrl-x, ctrl-c, or ctrl-v in the register window of 2.4.9 in windows XP
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14:00:41 <David2> nothing happens, the selected text is not copied to the Windows clipboard
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14:03:41 <David2> this problem was limited to only happen that the clipboard was erased when closing the scheduled transaction editor in release 2.4.8
14:04:50 <David2> I entered a bugzilla report about that several weeks ago
14:06:27 <David2> I jus un-installed release 2.4.9 and installed 2.4.8. The windows clipboard works ok in the register pane
14:08:41 <Joc> could you use the right-click mouse? what about ctrl-insert and shift-insert?
14:08:52 <David2> I have forgotten the old keystrokes that we used to use in DOS days
14:09:58 <David2> Ok. It will take a few minutes to re-install 2.4.9
14:10:23 <Joc> not sure if it's worth it.
14:11:48 <David2> what is worth it?
14:12:23 <Joc> to re-install 2.4.9.
14:13:30 <David2> it cannot be fixed unless we know if it is broken
14:13:47 <Joc> right
14:14:19 <David2> the progress bar is still moving
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14:17:49 <David2> didn't alt-f and alt-g work back in prehistoric days? Was that in CPM?
14:18:49 <Joc> I don't remember ever seeing those keystrokes
14:19:44 <David2> OK, right mouse-click brings up a menu that does not include the simple edit functions
14:20:22 <David2> ctrl-insert and shift insert do not seem to do anything
14:21:08 <Joc> what about the "edit" in the menu?
14:24:05 <Joc> not as convenient as using keystrokes though. in the version I'm running the edit>cut, copy and paste works.
14:24:58 <David2> using the 'edit' menu at the top menubar, the 'cut' will remove text but copy does not produce paste-able text
14:26:39 <David2> notepad receives nothing from the clipboard
14:27:00 <Joc> I tried all 3 and it works for me, I can paste into another program also. I'm using 2.4.4 (pretty old...)
14:29:03 <David2> I would suggest staying with that in your case. Release 2.4.8 mostly works for me except for the glitch when closing the scheduled transaction editor
14:30:29 <Joc> I was thinking of upgrading when I saw your message yesterday, but I think I will wait now, doing end-of-year stuff, it's not the time to have a glitch.
14:30:47 <David2> I work around that by pasting into a temporary document before closing the editor.
14:41:27 <Joc> did you enter a bug report for 2.4.9?
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15:16:31 <David2> I thought that if this is a problem with the build that makes it broken for everyone, then it may not need a bug report
15:16:49 <David2> that is why I am asking about it here
15:19:05 <Joc> I'm not a developer, but it seems that it is a real problem that I think is worth reporting. Unfortunately, I can
15:19:12 <Joc> oops
15:19:42 <Joc> I'm not a developer, but it seems that it is a real problem that I think is worth reporting. Unfortunately, I can't verify it at the moment.
15:22:09 <David2> perhaps the developers are sleepng.....zzzz
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15:22:32 <David2> shhhhh Don't wake them
15:23:00 <Joc> it's in the middle of the afternoon here, probably many are at work.
15:23:19 <David2> true
15:25:25 <David2> Actually, I know that they are scattered all over the world. However, they are volunteers and they have other lives too
15:27:16 <Joc> right. despite being free, GC is very good IMHO. And judging by the bug trackers and the updates, it's improving nicely.
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17:20:34 <David2> I was away for a while
17:20:59 <Christian> Hi there! I installed the new 2.4.9 version today, unfortunately it seems the aqbanking version didn't change leaving the German Postbank users (and many others I'm sure) stranded.
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17:21:31 <Christian> Do you have any idea when this might be taken care of?
17:23:43 <David2> joc what i do when entering a transaction from scratch is to start with the date, then enter the payee's name.
17:24:55 <David2> then, if i have used that payee before, some stuff appears
17:27:21 <David2> then either I edit the stuff that appears, or I might use the down arrow to go to the line below the line that has the 'home' accountshowing
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17:28:43 <David2> there I can add a new description, transfer account (Category), and amount
17:30:33 <David2> usually there is some amount left over somewhere that neds to be deleted.
17:32:06 <David2> If I used the enter key, the left over amount will be given to the account called imbalance.
17:33:13 <David2> If I was in Canada, it would be in canadian currency
17:35:41 <David2> Then the trick is to edit the transaction until all the desired lines are correct, then go to the line called imbalance and delete the text from the description, account and value boxes
17:35:59 <David2> then hit the enter key
17:37:32 <David2> If you only use tab and arrow keys while entering information, you will see virtual boxes in the amount areas
17:38:37 <David2> when the transaction is balanced, the boxes disappear and then hitting the enter key does not create an imbalance
17:39:16 <David2> it is actually easier to do that to describe
17:39:58 <David2> don't hit the enter key until the virtual boxes all disappear
17:41:02 <David2> use the tab key as your primary navigator. Shif tab moves backward
17:42:12 <David2> excuse the poor typing. I will blame it on my cat because she is sitting between the keyboard and the monitor
17:45:36 <David2> the arrow keys and home and end also work, delete, etc., and when in a version other than 2.4.9, ctrl-x, ctrl-c and ctrl-v also work
17:49:08 <David2> I remember getting incredibly frustrated before I caught on to the trick
17:49:42 <David2> now it it easy, if not completely natural
17:53:45 <David2> Christian, can you use the ctrl-x, ctrl-c and ctrl-v keys to edit ransactions?
17:54:06 <David2> transactions
17:54:14 <Christian> Not tried yet since I can't get data in on the first hand.
17:55:01 <David2> I cannot edit existing transactions
17:55:23 <David2> sounds like the builed is broken
17:55:55 <David2> build
17:56:07 <David2> darn cat!
17:56:38 <David2> I don't think there are any developers here right now
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18:18:23 <David2> I have submitted bug 667900 for the windows clipboard editing problem
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18:30:20 <Christian> Hope someone can take a look at my question regarding the aqbanking version. Nighty!
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18:49:18 <Joc> David2, thanks for the explanation, it helped, my problem was that I was not using the tab key
18:51:47 <Joc> despite your cat, I was able to understand what you wrote... :-) If only I was not so alergic to them, it would be nice to have one.
18:53:28 <Anxi80> How does one go about modeling my RRSP account?
18:54:15 <Anxi80> I put money into it and the bank invests it and its value fluctuates daily
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18:55:58 <Joc> this could help: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2005-January/012513.html
18:56:58 <Joc> the manual has a whole section on investment
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18:58:14 <Joc> The manual is pretty well done, IMHO.
18:58:58 <Anxi80> Joc: Thank you. That example is for someone who manually manages the investments in his RRSP account. I am much simpler as I rely on my bank to invest. I only care about tracking the deviations and total
18:59:25 <Anxi80> I am currently looking through the manual
19:00:39 <Anxi80> According to the manual, the RRSP account falls under Mutual Fund
19:01:54 <Joc> you can have many things into an RRSP, including mutual funds
19:08:09 <Anxi80> ok I see
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19:12:03 <Anxi80> would my mutual fund account be its own top level account or would it fall under assets?
19:12:53 <Joc> take a look at this, it has an example: http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/4bd7mf5PADth2LRQwLB8
19:16:10 <Anxi80> Joc: thanks again. That gives me a better idea of what I should be doing.
19:16:16 <Anxi80> Reading up on Commodity now.
19:23:54 <Anxi80> the manual and guide are giving me examples of accounts that do much more than I want to do
19:24:48 <Anxi80> I just want an account with an opening value that I punch in daily fluctuations that come from thin air. I don't want the fluctuations to be deducted from anywhere.
19:26:03 <Joc> "from thin air"?, do you mean that you enter manually?
19:26:09 <Anxi80> yes
19:28:20 <Joc> given that GC is a double entry, everything that comes in has to come out somewhere (except for the equity), so I'm not sure how one would do that.
19:29:40 <Anxi80> the only account that behaves like this is Opening Balances but I don't want to poison with my RRSP account
19:31:13 <Joc> I guess you could have one account with the principal another with the "interest", and when you update, you would move money between each other.
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19:32:05 <EllieMurasaki> Hi, I'm a Linux utter newbie, can somebody tell me how to install GnuCash on Linux Mint?
19:32:16 <Joc> I'm probably not the right person for answering that kind of question, I'm fairly new to GC
19:32:30 * EllieMurasaki is asking the channel in general, not any person in specific
19:32:38 <Anxi80> Joc: but then where does the "interest" account get its money from?
19:32:54 <EllieMurasaki> ...and my timing sucks, I just got hollered to come do something, be right back
19:33:06 <Joc> EllieMurasaki: sorry, that last comment was for Ansi80
19:33:14 <EllieMurasaki> Ah
19:34:22 <Joc> I have to think about that...
19:34:32 <Anxi80> OK :0
19:34:36 <Anxi80> :)
19:34:57 <Anxi80> I think I am going to make a new account in equity for the RRSP fluctuations
19:35:16 <Anxi80> and an account in assets for the RRSP account
19:36:36 <Joc> what you are basically talking about is very much like a simple saving account with an interest, so... checking the manual...
19:37:41 <Anxi80> I just created a new Income:Interest account for my RRSP
19:38:09 <Anxi80> I pull all my fluctuations from it and put them in my actually Assets:RRSP account
19:38:09 <Anxi80> works perfect :)
19:38:23 <Joc> great!
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19:38:30 <Anxi80> Thanks for your help Joc!
19:38:40 <Anxi80> I am a GC newbie as well
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19:38:50 <Joc> welcome! was instructive for me too.
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22:44:26 <David2> hello
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