2012-01-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:17:42 <nickzxcv> hi, i've just started being the treasurer of a club and we've had a spreadsheet with income, expenses and a report sheet and i'm thinking of using gnucash
02:18:42 <Joc> did the same thing last year
02:18:58 <nickzxcv> we also have some special purpose funds that just need to have their own subtotal, is it easy to set that up in gnucash?
02:20:10 <nickzxcv> are there recommended books on gnucash or should I just read through the online manual?
02:20:31 <Joc> GC uses double entry accounting, that takes some getting used to if you have not done that before
02:20:59 <nickzxcv> i have not
02:21:02 <Joc> I found the online is pretty good, I had not accounting background and learn it all from it.
02:21:09 <nickzxcv> cool
02:22:29 <Joc> with double entry every transaction must move money from one account to another account, that's the thing that took me the most time to setup properly.
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02:38:13 <warlord> nickzxcv: it is relatively easy. There is a GnuCash book you can buy, but I do not know if it will tell you everything you need to know. (check out the link at gnucash.org)
02:39:03 *** warlord changes topic to "Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! || publically-logged channel || latest stable: 2.4.8 || www.gnucash.org"
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05:49:37 <potuz> Hello, I'm new to gnucash, want to start poking with Finance:Quote to automatically download mutual fund quotes from my (in Brazil, not appearing in Yahoo). Is this possible, where in the code should I start taking a look?
05:58:12 <potuz> besides http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/Quote__example_8pl_source.html I mean
06:18:54 <potuz> Gotta go, will be back from my office, but I guess I'd have to add a module to Finance::Quote and only then look through gnucash code
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08:43:51 <davidavid> hi, is there somebody who can tell me whether I can add another description field to gnucashs bookings where I can enter a desription of the document for a transaction? So a kind of extension to the regular description field. I hope you understand what I mean (I don't speak English but German nativly). Thanks in advance.
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10:01:23 <davidavid1> hi, is there somebody who can tell me whether I can add another description field to gnucashs bookings where I can enter a desription of the document for a transaction? So a kind of extension to the regular description field. I hope you understand what I mean (I don't speak English but German nativly). Thanks in advance.
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10:21:35 <warlord> davidavid1: Is it something you could put into the Transaction Notes field (View -> Double Line mode) or perhaps into one of the Split Memo fields (Split button)?
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11:49:05 <Apteryx> hello :)
11:49:32 <Apteryx> I might be thick today, but can't figure out how to account for split transaction.
11:49:57 <Apteryx> I paid for drinks with VISA, 30$, and friend gave me 15$ cash in return.
11:51:08 <Apteryx> So I tried doing something like Expenses:drinks 15$ + Income:other 15$ and balance it with 30$ in Passive:VISA
11:51:45 <Apteryx> but it gets registered as 15$ spent in the Income account...
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13:45:25 <jmd> How do I increase the width of the balance column, so that the whole amount can be displayed?
13:49:56 <warlord> Well, you could double-click in the column header..
13:49:57 <Joc> click and drag on the vertical bar between the items at the top of the column, at least in Windows that works.
13:50:19 <warlord> or you can (carefully) grab on the right-hand of the column and then drag it further to the right (out of the window)
13:50:55 <jmd> Then I'd be off the edge of the display.
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13:54:37 <Joc> when you change the width of a column, the other columns auto-adjust to compensate.
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14:03:42 <Quanta> i try to run Tax report and i get: Edit->Tax Report Options
14:03:59 <Quanta> where do i find this "Edit"? i use german interface.....
14:07:30 <Stefan> Warlord, i sent you the trace file yesterday. Did you already have had a look at it?
14:07:30 <gncbot> Stefan: Sent 20 hours and 11 minutes ago: <warlord> here's the error: * 17:23:55 CRIT <gnc.io> {dom_tree_handlers_all_gotten_p()} Not defined and it should be: trn:date-posted --- This is probably related to the Windows Opening Balance issue I mentioned before. You will need to hand-modify your data file and add some date posted data.
14:18:23 <warlord> jmd: yes, but once you're off the edge like that, and have a scrollbar, then you can reduce the size of the desc column. Please see the FAQ.,
14:18:46 <warlord> Quanta: Edit is in the menu
14:19:51 <warlord> Stefan: Yes, I saw it. I think that your issue is the lack of a "date-posted" field in some of your transactions. Alas, you'll have to open the data file in a text editor (you might need to gunzip it first!) to add those fields.
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14:48:21 <Stefan> Thank you! I'll try to have a look at it...
14:55:00 <warlord> good luck.
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22:09:21 <Joc> what is the easiest way to enter data into a split transactions? Somehow I always end-up entering the data a couple of time and getting orphan-cad or an unbalance.
22:10:33 <Joc> Let's say I want to withdraw 100 from chequing and deposit 50 into acount A and B
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