2012-01-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:46:38 <Sicelo> /win 23
06:47:40 <Sicelo> sorry for sapm
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09:41:21 <hmodiano> Does anyone know how to set up online banking for Capital One Bank?
09:41:54 <hmodiano> I have tried multiple times, but without success
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12:34:03 <mr-rich> Hello. I am attempting to switch from Quicken to GnuCash. One nice feature of Quicken is that you can import a "Web Connect" file to reconcile your account. GnuCash doesn't seem to have an import feature for Web Connect. So I downloaded a qif file. If I import this QIF file, will it try to match up the transactions like it does in Quicken?
12:41:51 <mr-rich> This is a really nice feature of Quicken and really helps spot discrepences fast ...
13:01:00 <bpietro_> didn't experienced myself, but as I remember, there _IS_ this feature
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13:01:56 <mr-rich> bpietro_: But how to use it? just import?
13:02:49 <bpietro> sorry, don't know, maybe some googling or docs digging can help you
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13:20:10 <warlord> mr-rich: GnuCash does not support Web Connect, only (OFX) DirectConnect..
13:20:22 <warlord> As for QIF, no, it will not clear your transactions like OFX will.
13:21:22 <warlord> hmodiano: Have you looked at the wiki page? Or ofxhome.com?
13:22:15 <mr-rich> warlord: Gotcha ... Let's see if my bank will let me download an OFX file ...
13:28:44 * warlord doens't use any import features.
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13:29:24 <mr-rich> I'm just wondering if there's a fee to access OFX from my bank ...
13:31:11 <mr-rich> They don't do OFX as a download. Quicken keeps asking me if I want to connect to the bank directly, but I think there's a fee for that ...
13:31:30 <mr-rich> I hate fees
13:31:58 <warlord> I have no idea.
13:32:20 <warlord> Why do you want to download instead of entering your transactions as you make them and then reconciling when you get your monthly statement?
13:39:43 <mr-rich> warlord: I reconcile every week when I get paid ... To make sure I don't run out of money ... :)
13:40:01 <mr-rich> My budget is tight ...
13:40:38 <warlord> True Reconciliation should only happen when you get your statement. You can still go through and perform cleaning in the register to see what's cleared your account, and you can do that whenever you want.
13:40:51 <warlord> But you should *only* run the reconcile process when you have a paper statement with an ending balance!
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13:45:41 <gour> warlord: what about exporting data from GC in e.g. QiF in order to import into my droid app?
13:46:47 * gour is hoping about poor man's 2-way sync GC <---> phone
13:58:13 <warlord> gour: GnuCash2QIF?
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14:19:00 <gour> warlord: yep
14:19:11 <gour> that one is a bit old
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14:23:37 <warlord-slow> it's all there is, gour
14:23:49 <gour> ok
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16:32:03 <john> Derek, can you get to the build server? I went to d/l the windows release and it didn't build. Nor has anything since the 3rd.
16:33:49 <john> Which was when you kicked it after sed had crashed.
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16:50:06 <petaspeedbeaver> What is the "Heading" style structually? In navigator it it not above the other headers. "Header 1" is the highest header level, so what is "Header" then??
16:51:05 <petaspeedbeaver> *oops, meant "heading" everywhere where I wrote "header" ...
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16:58:37 <john> Are you talking about report formatting?
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17:25:31 <petaspeedbeaver> no, just about the regular format styles. I'm puzzled about what function the "heading" style has. It's in the same level as "body text" structually. Isn't a heading supposed to be a heading? :)
17:26:41 <petaspeedbeaver> oh, this is the wrong channel, that was embarrassing. I'm very sorry about this. Have just changed chat client and messed around the channels i realize. over and out
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18:03:07 <Anxi80> Yesterday I uninstalled and installed gnucash a couple times and the last time I also deleted .gnucash from my home folder
18:03:26 <Anxi80> today gnucash runs fine but does not show up in Ubuntu's side bar
18:03:35 <Anxi80> the Unity launch bar or wtv
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18:45:08 <Anxi80> For the record; I solved my problem by restarting my machine.
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20:13:18 <warlord> john: I'll try to take a look, but probably wont get to it until later tonight.
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20:14:11 <john> Derek, OK
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23:07:21 <kevlar69> Does anyone know how to get the 'Import OFX/QFX' Generic import transaction matcher to forget past imports, so it stops mis-matching?
23:17:07 <kevlar69> Removing the $HOME/.gnucash directory did not affect this.