2012-01-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:52:02 <hder> hi, using 2.4.7 and trying to save a custom report. i read online if i rename a report then it should be available via the custom reports option. i want to make a piechart report with expenses and liabilities. for example, i want my mortgage payments to show up on the same piechart
11:52:14 <hder> any suggestions on how to approach this?
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15:56:27 <Anxi80> can gnucash pull live information from my bank accounts and cards like mint.com?\
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18:19:02 <john> Anxi80: Yes, with some setup effort.
18:40:24 <Anxi80> thanks john, but it seems that North American banks have dropped supporting direct connection and only offer an export file? is this true?
18:44:09 <john> Not mine, at least not yet.
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20:36:21 <Anxi80> mint.com just needed my bank name and password. gnucash is asking me for much more and I don't know where to get it all
20:41:58 <Anxi80> gnucash is asking me for the type of backend my banking institution uses and I can't find it anywhere on their website
20:46:25 <warlord> Anxi80: where are you?
20:46:39 <Anxi80> Canada
20:46:45 <warlord> Hmm.. PROBABLY OFX
20:47:12 <Anxi80> warlord: thank you for your help
20:47:46 <Anxi80> but then there are other required information like Server which are also nowhere to be found
20:47:47 <warlord> you're welcome
20:48:03 <warlord> What version of GnuCash and AqBanking are you using?
20:48:18 <warlord> Modern AqB will use online sources to fill out most of the information
20:48:54 <Anxi80> I pulled the latest one from Ubuntu Software Center so 2.4.7
20:49:43 <Anxi80> thats the version of gnucash but i'm not sure where to get the version of AqB
20:49:45 <warlord> what version of AqB?
20:51:07 <Anxi80> I am not sure how to find out
20:51:25 <Anxi80> it came wrapped inside gnucash for me
20:52:27 <Anxi80> at least that's how I understand it
20:53:55 <warlord> there's certainly an aqbanking package installed.
20:55:26 <warlord> Alas, you may need to manually input the information from ofxhome
20:57:03 <Anxi80> In the OFX Direct Connect Wizard I am asked the following info:
20:57:24 <Anxi80> Bank Name, Broker Id, FID, ORG, Server URL
20:57:59 <warlord> have you read the gnucash wiki page on setting up OFX?
20:59:04 <Anxi80> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings ?
20:59:22 <warlord> yes
20:59:34 <Anxi80> no i will read it now
21:05:56 <Anxi80> So the only thing I have not tried is the script at the bottom
21:06:05 <Anxi80> ofxhome and quicken both list nothing for my institution
21:06:26 <warlord> you dont need to run a script. you just need to find the appropriate inputs for your bank.
21:06:54 <warlord> you can try using ofxhome to find it, too.
21:08:49 <Anxi80> warlord: you are referring to ofxget?
21:08:56 <warlord> no
21:09:17 <warlord> http://www.ofxhome.com/
21:09:53 <Anxi80> yes as I said earlier my institution is not in their directory
21:10:17 <warlord> sorry, missed that. then you may be out of luck
21:10:23 <warlord> unless you can find that info
21:10:41 <warlord> the URL is the most important.
21:10:43 <Anxi80> no worries, i am going to attempt their ofxget applet
21:10:51 <warlord> k
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21:39:25 <Anxi80> ya i can't find any info on my banking institution :(
21:39:39 <warlord> sorry.
21:39:44 <Anxi80> yet mint.com is doing it so i has to have one no?
21:40:01 <warlord> Well, you can always see if you can get mint.com to share the info.
21:41:32 <Anxi80> mint.com only asks for institution name and online account password so maybe they are not connecting directly. They might just be redownloading an OFX file and parsing it everytime
21:42:19 <Anxi80> that would explain the slow refresh
21:42:52 <warlord> I have no idea what mint.com does
21:44:15 <Anxi80> I apologize if I appear to be spamming them in here but it's all I can compare to from my limited experience
21:44:38 <warlord> and I'm sorry I cannot provide any better info
21:46:20 <Anxi80> warlord: no need to apologize you have been more than helpful. Thank you very much
21:46:31 <warlord> thanks. and you're welcome.
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