2012-01-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:50:28 <gour> morning
03:54:02 <gour> i've 'discovered' financisto -- open-source finance app for android which has the ability to import/export qif files and the developer is planning to add "Supporting partial import is my next todo item." which has made me think to, somehow, do 2-way sync with gnucash, but now i see there is no qif export in GC? what's up-to-date method to do is since i'm not sure gnucashtoqif is a
03:54:04 <gour> recent one?
03:54:35 <gour> (last release fron 2006)
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09:44:04 <StyXman> is there a way to mass-assign the balancing account based on matches from the descriotion? I just imported almost 3 years of history of my bank account and selecting one by one will take me ages
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09:54:37 <warlord> StyXman: I presume you're using OFX for import?
09:54:57 <StyXman> warlord: unluckily, no. .csv :|
09:55:17 <warlord> OH. In that case I have no idea.
09:55:30 <warlord> I'm not sure if the csv importer uses the generic txn matcher or not.
09:55:49 <warlord> if it does, then you could turn on bayesian matching and then import a small subset of the txns to prime the system, and then load the rest.
09:56:01 <warlord> But you will still need to go one-by-one to check/set the destination account.
09:56:01 <StyXman> warlord: it never asked
09:57:18 <StyXman> would it be scriptable?
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09:57:41 <StyXman> maybe I can hack something in python
09:58:02 <warlord> I know very little about the csv importer, honestly.
09:58:15 <warlord> it was a half-finished GSoC project that eventually got integrated anyways.
09:58:17 <StyXman> ]well, but after that?
09:58:39 <warlord> GnuCash has no way to modify multiple transactions at once. You could, however, script it.
09:58:51 <StyXman> that was my question :)
09:59:23 <StyXman> ok, I'll check that later
09:59:49 <StyXman> is tehre a public script repository or similar?
10:01:12 <warlord> Nope
10:01:22 <StyXman> k
10:01:26 <warlord> I've not seen anyone post anything anywhere.
10:01:29 <StyXman> thanks, I gotta go now
10:02:37 <warlord> good luck
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13:55:30 <balin> How to deal with a situation where I want to track account hierarchies in 3 currencies in one file?
13:56:44 <balin> I was thinking of heaving "USD Realm" top level account(s) with "Assets"/"Equity"... under each, but there is no "general" account type that will allow me the freedom to choose asset/equity/... acounts on a non-top level ...
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15:40:29 <hder> hi. trying to use gnucash for the first time. i imported OFX files from my ccards and banks and am trying to resolve the imbalances. i see that it is about categorizing my spending, but i see no obvious way to globally change and default based off of memos
15:40:36 <hder> what am i missing?
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16:21:15 <Quanta> hi, i would like to print a transaction from my girokonto
16:21:34 <Quanta> unfortently it doesnt pass in a one line (i get "...")
16:21:59 <Quanta> how could i print it complitly and nice?
16:24:49 <warlord> Quanta: what is a girokonto?
16:24:57 <warlord> and where do you see the "..."?
16:27:26 <Quanta> girgirokonto = "Transactional account"
16:27:49 <Quanta> or "deposit account"
16:28:14 <Quanta> and i would like to print from there one of my transaction
16:34:02 <warlord> Okay, and if you click on the transaction and run Report -> Account Transaction Report ??
16:36:07 <warlord> Or is this a Split Transaction?
16:46:40 <Quanta> perfect
16:46:45 <Quanta> thanks
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17:11:47 <Quanta> i would need to work on the report to look like i wish, but it is already a good start
17:26:40 <warlord> Good.
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