2012-01-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:39:34 <MadEgg> hello
05:40:28 <MadEgg> i have a question about gnucash: if i import my back statements from online banking, is there any way to assign a transaction from that bank account as a payment for some invoice easily?
05:41:34 <MadEgg> back statements = bank statements, sorry
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08:28:47 <warlord> MadEgg-afk: unfortunately i do not believe there is an easy way to do that in 2.4, but I believe there is a way to do that queued up for the next release.
08:28:59 <warlord> (meaning 2.5/2.6)
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08:31:29 <MadEgg-afk> so, that means that when processing the bank statements, I have to replace each payment entry by one added through the process payment function?
08:31:43 <MadEgg-afk> ok, thanks for the reply.
08:32:50 <MadEgg-afk> What does 'queued up' mean by the way? Is someone working on it, has it been implemented already for the next release or is it planned?
08:33:16 <MadEgg-afk> i might look around a bit in the latest source code, see if i can make anything of it :)
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09:08:30 <warlord> by 'queued up' I mean that it's in trunk but not 2.4, so it will be in the 2.5/2.6 releases.
09:11:26 <warlord> But yes, in 2.4 you must delete the import from the bank statement and then run Process Payment, or you must run PP first and then during import mark the import txn as a duplicate
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10:24:28 <MadEgg-afk> ah, marking as dupliate might help.
10:24:40 <MadEgg-afk> but i'll try the trunk version first then :)
10:24:43 <MadEgg-afk> thanks for the help
10:33:30 <warlord> you're welcome.
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16:27:32 <bpietro> nothing to do, File->Export->Export accounts, only XML format disponible
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16:41:12 <warlord> fellen, mikee: could one of you op gncbot, please?
16:43:09 <warlord> * grumbles at Comcast * Apparently some low-level contractor disconnected me at the street this morning.
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16:47:15 <john> Derek, I don't think Frank or Mike are actually *at* their computers.
16:52:20 <warlord> john: well, we'll just have to wait until they are. ;)
17:04:13 <bpietro> oh poor me, I did it by try-error method at first shot, only for discover it's useless
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17:11:30 <bpietro> there isn'y possibility import from csv the imported line key info: contro account for transaction, all imported lines are registered against Unbalance-currency account and need to be modified by hand.
17:12:58 <warlord> bpietro: I dont know enough about the csv importer, but assuming it uses the generic transaction matcher (which it might not), then there should be a way to map them
17:14:16 <bpietro> yes, but I need import some hundreds of records, each one account fixed (that I'm imported into) and another variable
17:14:51 <bpietro> and there isn't possibility to import this info form csv
17:14:58 <warlord> Right, the 'near' and 'far' accounts. The near is the account into which all the txns are in. the far is the per-txn 'other' account.
17:15:00 <bpietro> *from
17:15:32 <bpietro> right, but how to import info about far account?
17:16:59 <bpietro> there is import configurator with possibility to choose this field is date, this one description and so on but no this field is 'far account'
17:17:49 <warlord> bpietro: maybe, maybe not. I dont know. however you will need to manually set it. Your other option is to convert the CSV to QIF and use the importer there.
17:18:49 <bpietro> it's drop down menu there, w/o 'far account' item
17:19:08 <warlord> bpietro: that's correct, there is no *column* for far account.
17:19:21 <mikee> @op gncbot
17:19:21 <gncbot> mikee: Error: I need to be opped to op someone.
17:19:26 <warlord> You would have to manually assign it
17:19:30 <warlord> mikee: /mode +o gncbot
17:19:37 <mikee> /mode +o gncbot
17:19:40 <bpietro> and question is: why not? ;)
17:20:14 <mikee> @op gncbot
17:20:22 <warlord> mikee: try that without the leading space
17:20:35 <mikee> @op gncbot
17:20:35 <gncbot> mikee: Error: I need to be opped to op someone.
17:20:47 <warlord> mikee: the /mode command -- without the space
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17:21:24 <warlord> bpietro: because your bank or other source of transactions is very unlikely to know your account names
17:22:02 <mikee> warlord: been drinking, just got home. :)
17:22:45 <warlord> mikee: that's fine. just run: /mode +o gncbot without any leading spaces before the /mode
17:22:46 <bpietro> yes, but if csv is from my bank, I can choose not to use 'far account' column. In my case csv file is produced by another program, written by me, so I know my account structure
17:23:08 <warlord> bpietro: then instead of producing CSV, produce QIF.
17:23:50 <warlord> the QIF importer is better, anyways.
17:23:56 <bpietro> yes, only for produce csv I need pratically nothing to know (I'm lazy :) )
17:24:42 <warlord> QIF format is simple
17:24:57 <warlord> And lazy is fine, if it works.
17:25:01 <bpietro> ok, I must learn QIF structure
17:25:20 <warlord> Yeah, it's really simple.. A quick google search will give you some pointers.
17:25:26 <bpietro> ok, thanks for help
17:25:30 <warlord> mikee: any good drinks? ;)
17:25:33 <warlord> bpietro: you're welcome
17:25:36 <bpietro> :)
17:26:17 <mikee> Oh drinks good. Real ale.
17:26:23 <warlord> Yum!
17:26:43 * warlord has two ales on tap right now at home
17:27:00 <warlord> mikee: anyways, please type: /mode +o gncbot
17:27:06 <warlord> (without any leading spaces)
17:27:27 <mikee> doing it. Needs a channel.
17:27:49 <warlord> ?? should be able to just to it in this channel.
17:28:10 *** mikee sets mode: +o gncbot
17:28:20 <mikee> \o/ Yay
17:28:25 <warlord> YAY!
17:28:26 <warlord> @op
17:28:26 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
17:28:28 <warlord> thank you!
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17:29:12 <mikee> Beer = good = beer = not so efficient
17:29:26 <warlord> lol. yep.
17:29:30 <warlord> quite understood.
17:29:42 <mikee> pizza next.
17:29:48 <mikee> Mmmmm.
17:29:56 <warlord> isn't it late for supper?
17:30:03 <warlord> (isn't it nearly midnight there?)
17:30:30 <mikee> Nah , only 10:30.
17:30:39 <mikee> The night is young.
17:30:44 <warlord> Oh, you're only 5 hours ahead, not 6.
17:31:09 <mikee> Makes all the difference.
17:31:12 <warlord> yep.
17:31:17 <bpietro> :) ROTFL second result of googling 'qif format' ...Generally speaking, the QIF format should be avoided wherever possible...
17:31:27 <warlord> LOL.
17:31:33 <warlord> QIF is still better than CSV.
17:31:38 <warlord> It does have its issue
17:31:45 <mikee> Any way I smell pizza cooking. Gotta go.
17:31:52 <warlord> enjoy. thanks mikee
17:31:59 <warlord> @op john
17:32:00 *** gncbot sets mode: +o john
17:32:02 <mikee> Cheers.
17:40:49 <warlord> Enjoy your pizza and beer, mikee
17:47:10 <bpietro> yes, test QIF file written by hand imported, huraah !
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17:48:44 <warlord> bpietro: see? MUCH easier.
17:49:09 <Jocito> maybe what you are finding out should be added to the manual. Is it difficult to have stuff added to the manual?
17:49:34 <bpietro> question for some QIF import guru: it's possible kill this import wizard?
17:50:35 <bpietro> QIF files will be produced by me, so this about 20 click to Continue, Continue, continue ...
17:51:51 <warlord> Jocito: just send in a patch to the docs.
17:52:17 <warlord> bpietro: alas, no.. it's generic; no short circuits.
17:52:40 <bpietro> yes warlord muche easier, 22 minutes to do it, w/o knowin' about QIF format before (I spent 2 hrs googling for gnucash csv, argh)
17:52:53 <warlord> lol
17:53:43 <bpietro> all is good if end is good (they are used to say here)
17:54:10 <Jocito> bpietro: if you can that wisdom to the manual, might save somebody else the same heartache
17:54:49 <bpietro> jocito: sure, but not right now, project deadline
17:55:29 <Jocito> thanks for adding that to your list of things to do... :)
17:56:07 <bpietro> no, I owe it to community, no thanks needed :)
17:57:42 <bpietro> find another good behavior in qif import. if far account not exist, importer creates it. good!
17:58:56 <warlord> bpietro: yep.
17:59:32 <warlord> the QIF importer is the oldest and most tested importer. It's long in the tooth in some ways.
18:02:09 <bpietro> ok guys, resolved this problem I thing it's bed time now. Typing program from 8am and it's 12pm here right now. Little bit tired. Thanks adn good nite
18:02:25 <bpietro> *and
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18:27:03 * evo aka mikee finished eating pizza. Now drinking wine. Forgets, this isn't twitter!...
18:27:19 * evo wants two ales on tap right now at home
18:28:14 <warlord> evo: if you ever come visit Atlanta let me know :)
18:28:38 <evo> Heh! Will do.
18:28:57 <evo> Thanks.
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18:30:43 * mikee-afk is away: Gone away for now
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18:35:24 <warlord> :)
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