2012-01-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:58:31 <mrchrees10> hi
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06:13:49 <VANESSA19> http://tinyurl.com/7oqf969
06:20:44 <VANESSA19> http://fd19a680.sexpalace.gs
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08:18:12 <warlord> Takyoji: so you got a check from a customer (so you did a Process Payment) but haven't billed them yet (posted an Invoice)?
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09:28:55 <daedeloth> Greetings
09:29:23 <daedeloth> I'm thinking about starting a new accounting software project, open source obviously, but web based
09:29:27 <daedeloth> and I was wondering if you guys had any tips
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10:28:00 <gour> daedeloth: what do you miss in GC & other web-based projects like sqledger and it's fork?
10:29:48 <daedeloth> well, as for gnucash, actually quite a lot. For starters, the invoices look like s***. Don't get me wrong, I love the program and I've been using it for two years, but these things are a bit of a deal breaker
10:30:06 <daedeloth> as for sqledger, I'd like something that is nice to look at for once :)
10:30:15 <gour> daedeloth: why don0t your work on just new reporting for GC?
10:30:36 <daedeloth> well I also would like to have it web based
10:30:49 <gour> both invoices and accounting?
10:30:59 <gour> for the former, myclientbase is OK
10:31:11 <daedeloth> actually only invoicing and accounting, I don't care about inventory for now
10:31:20 <daedeloth> ah, I don't know that one
10:32:03 <gour> i thought to use it, but GC is more complete package, so we'll tryto tweak GC invoices
10:34:36 <daedeloth> myclientbase looks quite interesting actually
10:35:11 * gour nods...
10:35:34 <gour> but GC is much more complete package...i also like desktop apps being 'old school'
10:36:29 <daedeloth> can MyClientBase handle VAT etc?
10:37:29 <daedeloth> well I really need that + double entry accounting :)
10:39:22 <daedeloth> I think myclientbase is indeed not complete enough for doing all my accounts, but I like the base of it
10:39:37 <gour> it can handle taxes
10:40:44 <daedeloth> yea but it doesn't handle everything after the invoice
10:40:51 <gour> heh
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10:43:32 <daedeloth> so, gnucash but webbased :)
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10:52:47 <gour> why web-based? uses ssh-tunnel if you need remote access and improve GC's reporting
10:57:20 <daedeloth> ssh tunnels are not the same as nice & smooth html5 :p
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11:01:40 <gour> html5 is, imho, limited for desktop apps
11:02:59 <gour> but, anyway, no use to discuss about preferences...
11:03:43 * gour thinks that GC with more user-friendly reporting would be (almost) perfect
11:03:45 <daedeloth> true, true, but html5 is good enough for accounting software :)
11:04:15 <gour> good luck with the project
11:04:20 <daedeloth> just not sure if I can handle the extra workload in developing a new accounting software
11:04:22 <daedeloth> hehe
11:04:25 <daedeloth> thanks
11:04:33 <daedeloth> but I was wondering about how to store the transactions
11:04:47 <daedeloth> mainly, does gnucash store the subtotal with every transaction unit?
11:05:02 <gour> you can use some of android apps...some are quite sophisticated ;)
11:06:00 <gour> it is kind of web-based :-D
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13:58:39 <JasonBox> hrm, is it possible to extract ofx direct connection information for my bank from Quicken? It has it in its list, but I can't find it anywhere on the Web otherwise
14:11:06 * JasonBox install wireshark
14:12:13 <warlord> It's probably protected by SSL.
14:12:36 <warlord> I believe that there *is* an OFX log in quicken, but I have no idea how to use it.
14:14:06 <JasonBox> Yeah, I noticed some kind of binary log
14:14:13 <JasonBox> I was going to try my hand at sslsniff
14:28:52 <JasonBox> Oh, nm
14:28:58 <JasonBox> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Finding_OFX_Info_With_Quicken
14:29:07 <JasonBox> It's plain/text, so maybe I can find some love
14:41:27 <JasonBox> As near as I can tell, I have the same problem; My bank is only WebConnect
14:41:30 <JasonBox> Oh well
14:43:50 <JasonBox> Yep http://fi.intuit.com/support/ewc/details/
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15:04:13 <Scorpi_> hi. I configured gnucash to the best of my knowledge, but when I select "Get transactions" or "Get balance", I get "not available for this account". What did I wrong?
15:06:32 <warlord> Scorpi_: did you set up your online banking correctly? And did you assign the correct GnuCash accounts?
15:07:19 <Scorpi_> I created accounts of type "bank", configured the online account in the wizzard and assigned the online accounts to the bank accounts
15:08:38 <Scorpi_> oh, wait, the other account does not show this error. it asks for the PIN but at the end I get another error: "Error on executing job. Status: error - Job contains errors"
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15:10:10 <Scorpi_> the log window shows errors in the HBCI dialog, but they are german. would it help to post it here?
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15:17:46 <warlord> Nope. You could try in the #aqbanking group (on freenode), or on the gnucash-de mailing list.
15:19:14 <Scorpi_> but the first account still shows "not available for this account". How do I solve this?
15:19:57 <warlord> are you sure you went through the process there, too?
15:20:06 <Scorpi_> yes
15:22:13 <warlord> gnucash doesn't think so.
15:22:24 <warlord> What backend are you using? (XML? SQL?)
15:24:30 <Scorpi_> how do I check?
15:25:38 <warlord> run: file /path/to/your/data/file
15:26:47 <Scorpi_> hum, I deleted all online accounts and run "get accounts" again and assigned them to the gnucash accounts. now it works at least for one account
15:27:12 <Scorpi_> a web search suggests that the other account does not support HBCI
15:27:20 <warlord> ah, well, that would do it.
15:28:06 <Scorpi_> all accounts worked in iOutBank so I thought it would work in gnucash as well
15:29:26 * warlord shrugs
15:29:33 <warlord> online banking is black voodoo
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16:59:04 <pchapman> i know that postgresql support is still new, but is anyone aware of problems with SSL connections?
17:00:38 <pchapman> i have a server to host the database. a user which has access to this specific database only. gnucash fails to create new tables in an empty database.
17:01:35 <pchapman> i was able to create a database on a local db instance if i allow it to create the database and tables. i tried backing that up and restoring it on my server, but then i get db version errors, though it is obviously the correct version.
17:01:42 <warlord> Does the user have permission to create the tables?
17:02:35 <pchapman> yes. it created the lock table, but no others
17:04:46 <pchapman> also, not sure why i get errors reading from a restored db on the server. it is a remote server which requires SSL db onnections
17:05:03 <pchapman> maybe a timeout issue?
17:06:25 <pchapman> i tried running with --debug, but it doesn't really give me much info
17:15:30 <warlord> I honestly dont know. I dont use the DB functionality, and if I did I'd use SQLite
17:15:42 <warlord> There's no reason to use anything else right now; it's not like there's multi-user functionality.
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17:56:51 <pchapman> i'm using it so that it's centralize for backup. that's all. oh well.
17:57:03 <pchapman> (i do a lot of traveling and don't want it on my machine)
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17:59:41 <Takyoji> warlord, I have invoiced them and received a payment.
18:00:22 <warlord> Takyoji: did the payment == invoice amount? The numbers imply you have more payments than invoices.
18:00:38 <warlord> pchapman: IMHO that's a horrible reason to choose to use PG
18:01:05 <pchapman> fair enough. your opinion noted
18:06:49 <Takyoji> https://techsanity.us/invoice.png
18:07:04 <Takyoji> Crap, forgot to blur, oh well. xP
18:08:13 <warlord> Takyoji: I dont see the invoice posted there.
18:08:25 <warlord> Did you actually POST the invoice?
18:09:58 <Takyoji> Just clicked "Post Invoice", and now it's just zeroing out from having any positive impact
18:10:50 <Takyoji> In other words, AR is now $0, and my balance is as if I hadn't even gotten the payment
18:11:24 <Takyoji> since it's (add 170 to personal checking, take 170 from personal checking; from AR)
18:14:11 <Takyoji> https://techsanity.us/ar-new.png
18:15:18 <Takyoji> https://techsanity.us/balance-new.png
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18:15:44 <Takyoji> In comparison to before posting it, which was: https://techsanity.us/ar.png
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18:25:30 <warlord> Takyoji: that's what is supposed to happen -- AR tells you how much outstanding you have.
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18:33:30 <warlord> the question, Takyoji, is about the INCOME accounts on the invoice.. The process should be Income -> AR (invoicing), and then AR -> Bank (payment).
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18:38:18 <Takyoji> Ahh, alrighty, that's what I was doing wrong. I had the incorrect source.
18:38:41 <warlord> Takyoji: ar-new is as it should be. balance-new, I dont know.
18:39:58 <Takyoji> It is correct now; I had the income source from personal checking
18:40:03 <Takyoji> and going to personal checking
18:40:20 <Takyoji> Now I fixed it to where the source was income
18:40:58 <Takyoji> and now Total Assets resolves to $30.44, Woo I'm a millionare. xP
18:41:31 <Takyoji> (only because of burning off money at the end of the year, and car insurance)
18:43:02 <warlord> lol
18:43:09 <warlord> Glad you got it working.
18:43:42 <Takyoji> and thanks for the responsive assistance
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20:38:44 <Hardy_> Is there any one who can help me? Problem is that I cannot make bar- or pie- chart report. Even though I select related accounts in option menu, it says me that I need to select proper account. My computer system is window xp, and my gnucash is version of 2.4.8.
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21:01:56 <warlord> Hardy_: and what happens when you go into the report options and select the appropriate accounts?
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21:20:55 <warlord> Hardy: <warlord> Hardy_: and what happens when you go into the report options and select the appropriate accounts?
21:22:37 <Hardy> Thank you for your attention. I will look my Gnucah now.
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21:27:27 <Hardy> When I select "Report" on menu option, income and expense, expense barchart, it there is written that there's no selected account. Then I select some accounts in option. But there is no barchart .
21:31:09 <Hardy> AT the option menu, I select expense and its children. After then I put the apply key. then the selecton gone out(deselect automatically).
21:31:54 <Hardy> I need your help despirately.
21:34:14 <warlord> Unfortunately you are using Windows, so I honestly cannot help you.
21:35:26 <Hardy> How can I solve this problem. Can you suggest me something?
21:36:54 <Hardy> I've been using Gnucash for more than one year. There are lot of data in Gnucash. Otherwise I have to move to another accountant book.
21:37:23 <warlord> Or move to Linux ? ;-)
21:37:50 <warlord> Honestly, I think there might be a bug in that report on 2.4.8...
21:43:36 <Hardy> At Gnucash home page, there is demonstration as "featured hights". It is showing me that I can do that like that. Is that phantom? Is this soft program going well with Linux?
22:21:51 <warlord> Yep, it works great on Linux.
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22:29:44 <warlord> Hardy: the report works fine for me on linux.
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22:36:28 <warlord> sorry, i have to run
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