2012-01-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:22:22 <gour> morning
02:23:00 <gour> can you recommend some android app for tracking expenses which can work nicely with GC?
02:23:41 <gour> i've just tried Expense Register but wonder why it's not possible to enter comma or decimal point in the amount...
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03:05:06 <gnome> Hi all. Just doing some home tinkering with gnucash and MySQL. Probably a dumb question but am trying to understand the table structure well enough to walk from transaction table guids to their accompanying splits in the splits table but the guids dont seem to be the same… What am I missing?
03:09:01 <gnome> The goal is to pull all budget-related transactions from the start of a budget period into a connected xls that will in turn bounce them against a "complex" rollover budget… Would also like to know how to pull the current total for an account… :) Thanks!
03:15:58 <jmd> I'm trying to build gnucash 2.4.8 on debian. The configure script insists that I haven't installed SLIB (but I have).
03:16:41 <jmd> It also refers to a couple of bug reports. But they don't give any information, except that other people have had the same problem and never found a solution.
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05:04:43 <Takyoji> Isn't there a debian package available though?
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05:10:37 <jmd> Takyoji, Yes. There is. But even with that installed, the gnucash ./configure insists that it isn't.
05:13:07 <Takyoji> I mean for GNUCash itself.
05:17:28 <jmd> For version 2.2.9 yes.
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07:01:47 <quantenschaum> hi, is there anyone who could help me modifying a gnucache report?
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08:40:08 <warlord> gnome: split->parent->guid == txn->guid
08:40:52 <warlord> gnome: for current account total you will either have to sum up everything in the account, or use the gnucash API which gives you a handy-dandy API for it.
08:41:16 <warlord> jmd`: what guile packages do you have installed?
08:41:41 <warlord> quantenschaum: what kind of modification do you need?
08:47:39 <jmd`> warlord, I've just shutdown that machine. But from what I remember it was "guile-1.8-dev" and "slib"
08:52:22 <warlord> jmd`: it would also need the 'guile' package, in addition to the -dev
08:56:35 <jmd`> normally the -dev packages depend upon the corresponding dev-less ones so that would also have been installed.
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09:06:26 <jmd`> warlord, You want me to boot up that machine and check?
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09:07:09 <warlord> jmd`: yes, please.
09:09:53 <jmd`> ok. Hang on a minute.
09:14:53 <warlord> ok
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09:17:15 <jmd> warlord, Amoung other packages I have guile-1.6-liguile-1.8 guile-1.8-deguile-1.8-libs libguile-ltdl-1 and slib
09:17:50 <warlord> Ah, so you have 1.6 and 1.8 installed. That would be a problem.
09:18:25 <jmd> I'll remove 1.6 and see what happens
09:19:37 * jmd runs ./configure
09:19:55 <warlord> You might need to remove and re-install slib after you remove 1.6, maybe.
09:20:35 <jmd> Ok. I'll try that. If that's necessary, then it's a bug in debian's packaging
09:21:31 <warlord> Which is what I said yesterday ;)
09:21:48 <warlord> (it is not a gnucash issue)
09:22:22 <jmd> Anyway, it made no difference.
09:22:41 <jmd> I still get "Cannot find SLIB. Are you sure you have it installed?"
09:22:55 <warlord> Did you remove/re-install slib?
09:23:16 <jmd> yes. I did more that remove. I purged.
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09:24:33 <jmd> Now, I see in configure.ac it calls :
09:24:35 <jmd> guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'printf)"
09:24:47 <jmd> When I run that, I get
09:24:53 <jmd> ERROR: In procedure primitive-load-path:
09:24:53 <jmd> ERROR: Unable to find file "slib/guile.init" in load path
09:25:13 <warlord> .. which is guile telling you that slib isn't in its load path (read: not installed)
09:27:46 <warlord> Perhaps a missing symlink?
09:29:16 <jmd> I went down this path this morning ....
09:29:28 <jmd> I've now added the symlink.
09:29:40 <jmd> And when I run that command now I get
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09:29:47 <jmd> ERROR: Permission denied: "/usr/share/guile/1.8/slibcat"
09:30:01 <jmd> which is odd, because there is no such file with that name
09:30:29 <warlord> lol. as root run: guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'new-catalog)"
09:31:19 <jmd> done
09:31:28 <warlord> now run the previous command as you
09:31:48 <jmd> Returns without error!
09:31:54 <warlord> now run configure
09:32:03 <jmd> Re-running configure.
09:32:20 <warlord> and if this works, feel free to add notes to the bugzilla entry
09:32:41 <jmd> ok. thanks for your help.
09:33:10 <warlord> enjoy
09:37:24 * jmd starts diagnosing the next ./configure problem
09:38:44 <warlord> did you run apt-get build-dep gnucash?
09:39:54 <jmd> I don't have source packages configured for apt
09:40:39 <warlord> oh. well, you're going to need a LOT of dev packages.
09:42:45 <jmd> Somewhere, I read that gnu packages' configure scripts are supposed to continue after the first failure, and print all the failures at the end, instead of aborting on the first one.
09:43:47 <warlord> gnucash does not do that.
09:43:55 <jmd> I noticed.
09:44:45 <warlord> there's a "what packages you need" document
09:44:54 <warlord> You need a LOT of -dev packages.
09:45:26 <jmd> Well anyway, I'm configured now, so presumably I have them all.
09:46:34 <warlord> yeah, if configure passes then you should have everything you need.
09:47:37 <jmd> How long does it take to build ?
09:48:09 <warlord> depends on your system. a few minutes.
09:48:27 <jmd> This one's pretty old.
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10:08:46 <quantenschaum> warlord: hi, in the transactions report i would like to have totals for debit and credit separately, see http://db.tt/9m9ANjBn
10:11:16 <warlord> quantenschaum: Ah. I think you would need to make additional commodity-collectors in order to separate out debits from credits. Why do you need this?
10:13:58 <quantenschaum> warlord: i'd like to know the in/out flow to/from an account for a given period of time, not just the total which is the net flow. i need it because the german VAT forms require these values. for now i calculate the values by hand from the report
10:14:16 <warlord> Try a cash flow report
10:14:40 <warlord> Select just the account you want the in/out values for, and it will tell you how much and where to
10:14:42 <warlord> (or from)
10:16:36 <quantenschaum> warlord: i tried cashflow, but this yields strange values due to split transactions, another possiblity would be to devide the account into two subaccounts an use one for incoming and the other for outgoing transactions only
10:17:33 <warlord> If it's just one account your other option is an Account Report off the register -- limit your register view to the time period first.
10:18:43 <quantenschaum> what do you mean by "off the register"?
10:19:18 <warlord> Open the account register for the account, then run the report from that page.
10:20:26 <jmd> t
10:20:52 <warlord> jmd: it worked?
10:21:15 <jmd> Yes. But I seem to be missing the aqbanking interface.
10:22:39 * jmd reconfigures with --enable-aqbanking
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10:26:16 <quantenschaum> warlord: i didn't know that this kind of report exists, thanks, it works
10:26:31 <warlord> you're welcome
10:27:23 <ensonic> hi, the latest opensuse packages of gnucash are unfortunately terrribly broken (here is the report: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=724917)
10:27:42 <ensonic> unfortunately the distro people seem to be clueless what is broken
10:28:21 <ensonic> I have been experimenting, but could not fix everything and wonder if someone coudl help to point out whats wrong
10:29:17 <warlord> OpenSuSE seems to perpetually have problems with Gnucash... I don't understand why people use such a broken distro.
10:29:46 <ensonic> warlord, gnucash served me fine in opensuse for the last 5 years
10:29:58 <ensonic> it's the first time its broken for me
10:30:07 <warlord> anyways, what appears to be the issue?
10:30:24 <ensonic> one thing is probably just a misisng file: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=724917#c15
10:30:58 <ensonic> "(define gnc:*tax-label* (N_ "Tax"))" fails on the "(N_ )" function (for marking translatable strings)
10:31:45 <warlord> ensonic: is this with guile-1.8 or guile-2.0?
10:31:58 <ensonic> the 2nd issue are report when using a german locale (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=724917#c19)
10:32:05 <ensonic> guile is 2.0.2
10:32:17 <ensonic> and gnucash is 2.4.8
10:32:22 <warlord> Yeah, gnucash doesn't support guile-2
10:32:48 <ensonic> can guile-1.8 installed in parallel?
10:32:48 <warlord> modules dont load properly
10:32:53 <warlord> I dont know. Ask SuSE
10:33:24 <ensonic> is gnucash being ported to work with guile-2?
10:34:48 <warlord> Please read the mailing list archives where this has been discussed over the past week or two. The short answer is that no, 2.4.x will not support guile-2, and trunk (2.5/2.6) may, but only if people can figure out how to tell guile-2 how to load libraries from a non-standard location.
10:36:05 <jmd> warlord, Perhaps the guile-users mailing list can help?
10:45:01 <quantenschaum> there's another question: i use gnucash 2.2.9 on windows, if i switch to 2.4.8 it crashes on opening the database (xml file). this happens only with the file i'm using for some years now and only on this machine. i can open the file on other machines and i can use gc 2.4.8 with other files on this machines. on crash gc does not show any error message, it just disappears. any ides?
10:45:02 <ensonic> warlord with guile-1.8.8 I get "Throw to key misc-error with args ("primitive-load-path" "Unable to find file ~S in load path" ("ice-9/boot-9") #f)Aborting."
10:45:33 <warlord> quantenschaum: what's in gnucash.trace?
10:46:02 <warlord> ensonic: did you completely uninstall guile-2?
10:46:18 <warlord> ... if not, it's possible that guile-1.8 is seeing some guile-2 .scm files
10:47:19 <quantenschaum> there is not such file, do i have to turn on debugging output?
10:47:56 <warlord> quantenschaum: it'll be in /tmp by default.
10:48:44 <ensonic> warlord, as far as the packages are concerned, yes - anything to check in particullar?
10:49:24 <warlord> ensonic: I dont know. Does guile run? what do you get from guile -c "(version)"
10:51:53 <ensonic> guile -v says 1.8.8, guile -c "(version)" does not output anything :/
10:53:04 <warlord> Ah, right. Run guile. Then type (version) at hte guile prmpt
10:53:18 <quantenschaum> gnucash.trace:
10:53:18 <quantenschaum> * 16:52:21 WARN <qof.engine> [guid_init()] only got 414 bytes.
10:53:18 <quantenschaum> The identifiers might not be very random.
10:53:18 <quantenschaum> * 16:52:27 WARN <gnc.app-utils> Could not spawn perl: Failed to execute child process (No such file or directory)
10:53:18 <quantenschaum> <EOF>
10:54:01 <ensonic> warlord, also "1.8.8"
10:54:44 <warlord> ensonic: okay. and what about guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'printf)"
10:55:03 <warlord> quantenschaum: that's when you load the file and it crashes?
10:56:37 <quantenschaum> yes, i start gc, it loads the file (or tries to, remebering the last file opened), i see the splash screen... and it disappears
10:57:51 <warlord> and that's the gnucash.trace right after you do that?
10:57:57 <warlord> anything printed on the command-line?
10:58:43 <ensonic> warlord, Unable to find file "slib/guile.init" in load path
10:59:01 <ensonic> warlord, should that e part of guile or is that an external package?
10:59:16 <warlord> slib
10:59:29 <ensonic> warlord, /usr/share/guile/1.8/ice-9/ is there
10:59:44 * gour notices that archlinux is very much 'on the edge' distro but ships guile-1.8.8
11:00:14 <ensonic> warlord, GUILE_LOAD_PATH=/usr/share/guile/1.8 gnucash gets me further bt then I get another error :/
11:01:24 <ensonic> Throw to key syntax-error with args ("memoization" "In file ~S, line ~S: ~A ~S." ("/usr/share/guile/1.8/ice-9/boot-9.scm" 101 "Bad define placement" (define (toplevel-env? env) (or (not (pair? env)) (not (pair? (car env)))))) #f)Aborting.
11:01:25 <warlord> ensonic: first, you will definitely have to "make clean", reconfigure, and rebuild gnucash after changing from guile-2 to guile-1.8. Also you will definitely need to get SLIB working.
11:01:52 <ensonic> warlord, okay, I ave only used packages so far
11:01:54 <quantenschaum> yes, this is the trace (i deleted all traces and started again, this is the only trace file available),it does not print anything on the console on windows, gc detaches right after start from the console,
11:02:02 <ensonic> will try that, thanks for your help
11:03:36 <warlord> ensonic: suse is just broken -- I recommend you switch distros if you really need gnucash. They broke it badly, and frankly it's their problem, not ours. Sorry.
11:03:48 <quantenschaum> if i start gc and then do file->open i get: * 17:02:48 CRIT <GLib> g_utf8_to_utf16: assertion `str != NULL' failed
11:03:53 <warlord> quantenschaum: oh, WINDOWS?
11:04:23 <warlord> I thought you said you were having trouble on a Linux system.
11:04:25 <ensonic> warlord, yes, no doublt about that, I was just asking here to tell them whats the matter
11:04:27 <quantenschaum> sorry, windows, yes
11:07:17 <warlord> ensonic: fair enough. We already know suse broke everything. the first thing they need to do is downgrade to guile-1.8, and gnucash will need a rebuild.
11:07:53 <ensonic> thats exactly what I sugested in the bug
11:07:55 <warlord> quantenschaum: On windows, no clue.. Unless you're hitting the opening-balance bug on windows, where it saves some dates at 1969 or 1970
11:08:17 <warlord> ensonic: right, well, until they fix it you're at their mercy I'm afraid. we can't help you. guile-2 is just broken.
11:09:00 <gour> another reason to move away from guile?
11:13:27 <warlord> gour: perhaps, but then again the guile devs have been attempting to help us.. There's more guile-2 support in trunk, but it wont be back-ported to 2.4
11:19:53 <gour> warlord: 2.6 won't have guile-2 support?
11:20:05 <warlord> gour: hard to say. it may, it may not.
11:20:31 <warlord> the biggest question is whether we can figure out how to get guile-2 to load libraries.
11:20:34 <warlord> (they changed how it's done)
11:21:10 <gour> frankly, we're more interested for new (non-guile) reporting capabilities?
11:21:27 <warlord> "we"?
11:21:35 <gour> heh
11:21:36 <warlord> I dont think that's in the cards for 2.6, either.
11:22:01 <warlord> I have no issue with scheme being the report language. It's a very simple and powerful language.
11:22:09 <warlord> .. and it's been around forever.
11:23:04 <gour> well, if i'm goingto be able to tweak my reports/invocies, i'm fine :-)
11:37:03 <ensonic> are there alternatives available in gnucash for writing reports
11:37:47 <ensonic> my wife is using gnucash and was asking me about customiing reports, then I looked at the report, saw that it is using scheme and dropped the idea
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11:48:10 <jmd> Is there a log file to which errors get logged? The error window disappears too soon for me to read what's written there.
11:48:47 <quantenschaum> gnucash.trace.* in /tmp
11:53:47 <jmd> Some errors are going there. But not the ones in which I'm interested.
11:54:50 <warlord> ensonic: which report? and what kind of customization? Did you try in the report options?
11:55:13 <warlord> jmd: it would either be that or the terminal/console?
11:56:18 <jmd> It's certainly not going to either of those places. Syslog ?
12:01:43 <warlord> nope, gnucash doesn't use syslog. if there is an error it will either get printed to stdout or into the gnucash.trsce
12:01:44 <warlord> trace
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12:40:29 <gnome1> warlord: thank you! I'll look into the API. Might be too complicated for a wannabe but we'll see. :)
12:41:03 <warlord> There's a C, Scheme, and Python APIs, depending on what language you want to write you program
12:44:37 <gnome1> Thanks warlord. I'm looking at this page now: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports#The_GnuCash_API. …Another dumb question but does gnucash need to be running to make API calls? ..rookie eh? :)
12:45:23 <warlord> well, it depends how you write your program. If you write it as a report, then yes. If you write it as a standalone (e.g. python) program, then no
12:46:08 <gnome1> Could it be written to effectively be a php-launched 'page'?
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12:48:19 <warlord> Ummm.. unlikely. we don't have php wrappers, so there's no direct integration.
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12:57:55 * gour is now part of Croatian trans. team @transifex
12:59:12 <warlord> ok
12:59:34 <gnome1> thanks warlord. Is there a better page I should look at if I were interested in taking the python route?
12:59:55 <warlord> gnome1: Um.... I dunno. Check through the wiki?
13:05:32 <gnome1> k, thanks again. :)
13:06:44 <warlord> good luck
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13:19:56 <quantenschaum> warlord: if you are interested, i fixed that GC crash on win problem by: 1. export accounts, 2. open new file with these accounts and save, 3. copy&paste xml transactions into new file... now it works... theres must have been something corrupt in the data
13:20:49 <warlord> WEIRD! Do you have a copy of the broken file? Can you compare it to the new one?
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13:39:54 <quantenschaum1> yes i can compare them, but there are too many differences
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13:42:52 <warlord> Hmmm
13:42:58 <warlord> Maybe you missed something then?
13:44:35 <quantenschaum1> the original files containes customers and invoices which i never actually used, i just tried out this feature but you cannot delete customers and invoices through the gui
13:46:05 <quantenschaum1> and the account elements (in xml) contain slots with baysian matching data (huge amount, i don't want this), which is omitted in the copied file, that might be it
13:46:30 <quantenschaum1> but strange is that i can open the file (original) on a different machine without problems
13:52:01 <warlord> That is indeed strange
13:52:19 <warlord> do you have any 1969 or 1970 date entries in the old file?
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15:07:20 <ihf> say I enter transactions such as expenses:clothes from Assets:checking account or expenses:gas from liabilities:credit card...the amount shown next to each expense account is nbaically a total of all expenses in that account from the beginning of time (when you stared entering transctions in gnucash). what good is that? is there a way to have that show the expenes for the year?
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15:49:12 <EsdiDude> ihf: getting an overview of your balances / year is part of the reporting options
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16:19:39 <ihf> therefore I need to run a report as opposed to just seeing the FYTD totals on the account page?
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16:25:32 <warlord-slow> ihf: yes.
16:25:58 <warlord-slow> a FYTD column would be a nice enhancement. patches always welcome.
16:28:59 <ihf> that would be nice...I jsut didn't see the value of the running total in an expense category.
16:31:14 <warlord-slow> the issue here is that there is no special treating of income/expense v. other types of accounts. The CoA doesn't care about the type, except for sign-reversal.
16:35:23 <ihf> understood
16:37:59 <warlord-slow> If you want a small C programming task, that's relatively small :)
16:44:07 <ihf> haven't done any C in a long tyime
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16:47:23 <EsdiDude> 'night people
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16:51:21 <warlord-slow> No time like the present. :)
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17:21:07 <ihf> now that I think about it...which report would you use to get a FYTD account sumnmary?
17:24:34 <ihf> tranaction report let's me set start and end daes but gives all tranaction info...I just want summary totals (as are found on the account page)
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17:31:17 <ihf> found it...Income Statement
17:49:28 <ihf> Has anyone reported a problem with the Reconcile check mark not appearing properly under OSX?
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18:10:13 <ensonic> warlord-slow, btw. got gnucash working by compiling it against guile-1.8.8, thanks again
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23:19:45 <Takyoji> Any reason for AR to have a negative impact on total assets, even though it's income?
23:22:48 <Takyoji> https://techsanity.us/ar.png
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23:23:47 <Takyoji> The $170 is put into "Personal Checking Account". The complete total for "Total Assets" generally should be $30.44
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23:34:50 <Guest7290> anyone here?
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