2012-01-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:32:30 <EsdiDude> Happy new year people
08:34:09 <jmd> EsdiDude, Happy GNU year
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09:04:09 <mikee> @op
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09:17:56 <jmd> Has anyone ever had any luck getting Gnucash to read chipcards?
09:19:23 <EsdiDude> jmd: and what exactly is a chipcard and what do you expect gnucash to do with it?
09:23:59 <jmd> It's a card containing a microchip, commonly issued by banks as a means to securely access an account.
09:24:25 <jmd> I expect to be able to access my account and issue transactions.
09:24:46 <jmd> Like one used to be able to do with the PIN/TAN method.
09:26:37 <EsdiDude> jmd: ah, I see what you're getting at. No clue regarding that.
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12:32:20 <warlord> Happy New Year everyone. :)
12:35:22 * gour waves to warlord wishing all the best in New Year
12:38:32 <gour> this time i really want to learn & master GC and use it exclusively leaving php-invoicing apps behind...
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12:41:30 <gour> is there 'official' translation site for GC? it looks i can submit my membership to transifex.net having GC project registered there (https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/gnucash24/). what do you think?
12:45:34 <warlord> gour: sounds good!
12:45:38 <warlord> It depends on the language.
12:46:03 <warlord> Look in the language po file, and read the wiki page on translations
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12:49:58 <gour> i did read wiki page, 'status' page does not really show the status
12:52:00 * gour is browsing svn sources...
12:52:41 <gour> there is no croatian translation...so there is, at least, something we can do for GC...
12:56:24 <gour> i'd expect that lang code for Croatian would be hr_HR, but it seems that according to GC 'rules', it's 'hr' only?
13:15:12 <warlord> Are there different dialects of hr? I would just use hr unless there are clearly distinct dialects, such has swiss v. german German
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13:49:48 <gour> warlord: there are, but they are not officially supported, so i mostly see jsut hr_HR
13:52:56 <warlord> Then might as well just use hr
13:53:59 <THE_GFR> is it possible to do deposit tickets with GNUCASH so I can fill them out on my program and print them, then take them to the bank?
13:54:19 <gour> warlord: ok, thanks
13:54:36 <warlord> THE_GFR: nope, sorry.
13:54:44 <THE_GFR> warlord: no? :(
13:55:04 <THE_GFR> is there a program that gives me electronic versions of the paper slips I have currently?
13:55:10 <THE_GFR> as in a PDF or something?
13:58:44 <warlord> I have no idea.
13:59:00 <warlord> I think each bank generally wants its own form
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14:02:55 <warlord> jmd: you might have better luck asking about the chipcard on the gnucash-de mailing list. It's only something that can be used in Germany, AFAIK.
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19:03:09 <Takyoji> Any way to set a starting balance for 'Savings Account' under 'Assets'? For some reason under 'Edit Account' I can't find where to specify the starting balance anymore. This is a completely new file.
19:08:59 <warlord> Takyoji: Just create a transaction from Equity:Opening Balance, which is what gnucash does if you enter something on that page when you create a new account.
19:12:10 <Takyoji> ahh, alright
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19:13:47 <Takyoji> Know of any specific sources of learning material for the sake of the technicalities of bookkeeping and organizing transactions properly for the sake of taxes?
19:14:19 <warlord> Takyoji: that would be very locale-specific, so I would ask your local taxing authority for their instructions.
19:15:04 <Takyoji> IRS, or?
19:17:57 <warlord> if you are in the USA, then yes
19:28:43 <Takyoji> So what's the actual backend, SQLite, or?
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20:18:54 <warlord> Takyoji: it all depends on what you chose when you did your first save of the data file
20:20:04 <Takyoji> .gnucash
20:20:47 <Takyoji> And there wasn't really much of an option provided.
20:21:37 <Takyoji> Receiving a check from a client, in response to an invoice, would be filed under "Accounts Receivable", correct?
20:21:40 <warlord> Both XML and SQLite will use .gnucash
20:21:54 <Takyoji> Well, I'll open the file and see if it's plain XML then
20:22:06 <warlord> No, AR is when you invoice. Receiving the check would be a payment.
20:22:43 <warlord> GnuCash will open up either type of file.. You can File -> Save As to change it (assuming you built with dbi support and have the proper dbi DBD backends installed)
20:23:30 <Takyoji> Opened it in gedit, binary mess, therefore it's hopefully SQLite then.
20:23:46 <warlord> Nope, could be gzipped xml
20:24:42 <Takyoji> Also the (filename).gnucash.(timestamp).gnucash files are just backup saves, correct?
20:26:39 <Takyoji> I probably have it backwards then; because the check is for labor, and not for a expenditure on the customer's behalf (which I assume AR really is then)
20:28:56 <warlord> yes, it is just a backup file.. which means you're using XML. The SQL backend doesn't save those out, IIRC.
20:29:27 <warlord> No, AR is for Receivables.
20:29:39 <warlord> I.e, you've invoiced the customer (they owe you money).. and then then pay it.
20:29:49 <warlord> If you are paying out money that would NOT be AR
20:32:40 <Takyoji> So then if I'm specifying the invoice field as the amount that I invoiced the client, and received the check for the amount of; and specify a transfer to Business Checking Account ('bank' account under Assets), why does it have a negative impact?
20:33:34 <Takyoji> Negative impact on my Business Checking Account, that is.
20:39:41 <warlord> Takyoji: Are you using Process Payment?
20:43:43 <Takyoji> I was actually just manually creating a transaction in the "Accounts Receivable" account rather than actually going through the Invoice option in Business > Customer > New Invoice.
20:43:55 <Takyoji> and I'm unfamiliar with the term
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20:45:08 <Takyoji> and I think I found what you're referring to
20:46:24 <Takyoji> and now it's properly entered
20:46:58 <Takyoji> Just awkward that the total of AR is negative as a result.
20:49:17 <Takyoji> As an aside, is there a way to customize the output of invoices? Such as using some form of templating atop TeX, HTML, SVG, or something?
20:57:21 <warlord> Ah, don't do that. A/R is designed specifically for the Business Features. If you're not using the biz fcns then don't use AR
20:57:46 <warlord> You could use the e-guile Tax Invoice report
21:03:03 <Takyoji> ahh, looks like what I'm looking for.
21:04:28 <warlord> .. then you can modify the template as you need.
21:06:21 <Takyoji> Also, anyone have an idea why the hell there's such a massive occultism to QuickBooks? Last business class I was at, everyone peered at me like some unorthodox pariah that's an enemy of the state for not solely using QuickBooks. I asked them why, and I still see no point in QuickBooks at all, over common open source bookkeeping/financing software solutions
21:07:27 <Takyoji> I just get a feeling it's because people marvel at something they don't understand, or something.
21:08:03 <Takyoji> I'm an open source software consultancy company, therefore I strictly dogfood the concept.
21:08:44 <warlord> I dont know..
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