2011-12-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:08:55 <tolland> any suggestions on proper credit card recording?
05:09:09 <tolland> if I use the posted date, the transactions line up nicely for reconciliation
05:09:32 <tolland> if I use the transaction date, I can find transactions from invoices easily.
05:09:40 <tolland> any suggestions on which is proper?
05:11:16 <tolland> would it matter if I wanted to claim the vat back? i guess I could still claim the vat back based on my receipt even if the bank had not recorded the credit card payment...?
05:44:14 * Simon uses the transaction date, modified if the issuer decides it was a different date (not the posted date), and then my statement has them in a random order by day...
05:44:50 <Simon> mandatory FP in the UK is going to make most things easier... will no longer have transactions that span 3 days
05:48:21 <Simon> tolland: afaik the tax point would normally be the invoice date, subject to various rules about not moving it around too much
05:48:39 <Simon> tolland: it definitely doesn't vary based on when it shows up on the credit card statement
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07:40:10 <EsdiDude> The date that you bought something, is the date that you have a shortlived liability towards a vendor, which is then payed for by the creditcard. The fact that the payment can potentially be a day later is an administrative fact (IMHO). So from a tax perspective you have a liabilty at transaction date. That changes into a liability with your bank. Which you then balance out at the end of the month when the bank cashes whatever you still owe them.
07:40:32 <EsdiDude> iirc there was a pretty good document somewhere on gnucash.org explaining this :-)
07:42:22 <EsdiDude> s/payed/paid
07:45:39 <EsdiDude> tolland: regarding the claim back, I think (but I'm not sure) that you can only claim VAT back on actual payments, so that would be based on the date that the bank actually processed the credit card transaction. But again, would be a good question for your tax authority.
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10:23:11 <EsdiDude> Doing your own accounting is sometimes scary. All of a sudden you're like "I spend WHAT?! on (random expense type)"
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11:18:18 <THE_GFR|WORK> EsdiDude: unless you remember every transaction like I do.
11:20:15 <THE_GFR|WORK> well nearly every one
11:20:27 <THE_GFR|WORK> I mean I recognize them... and know
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11:24:22 <EsdiDude> THE_GFR|WORK: the sum of the parts is usually more scary then the parts by themselves though.
11:27:13 <THE_GFR|WORK> hehe :) true
11:27:26 <THE_GFR|WORK> how do I setup deposit slips with gnucash?
11:30:30 <EsdiDude> THE_GFR|WORK: what exactly is a deposit slip?
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11:32:32 <THE_GFR|WORK> EsdiDude: the slip of paper you fill out indicating your deposits that has your bank info on it
11:33:38 <EsdiDude> THE_GFR|WORK: Never did such a thing, then again, I never have any paper cash which I bring back into the company.
11:34:05 <EsdiDude> s/company/my accounting
11:34:06 <THE_GFR|WORK> I only have paper cash I take to the bank and need to deposit
11:34:46 <EsdiDude> So you have a booking crediting one account and debiting the other.
11:36:14 <EsdiDude> If you want to keep track of the different types of deposit, (e.g. a big chunk representing multiple types of cash,e.g. coins, cheques etc) the you use a split transaction from multiple accounts.
11:37:02 <EsdiDude> Note that you already have the cash, so effectively it's an internal transfer
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11:38:09 <EsdiDude> So you debit on the internal transfer post on day 1. Day 2 the bank deposits it into your account and you credit the internal transfer post again towards your bank account.
11:42:21 <THE_GFR|WORK> what?
11:42:48 <THE_GFR|WORK> I have a piece of paper I take with cheques to the bank, and with my cash its a "deposit ticket"
11:44:03 <EsdiDude> THE_GFR|WORK: yes, so you already have an account called 'cash' and another account called 'cheques' right?
11:44:25 <EsdiDude> THE_GFR|WORK: you credit those accounts and you debit your internal transfer account
11:44:49 <EsdiDude> THE_GFR|WORK: whenever the bank actually deposits your cash, you credit the internal transfer and you debit your bankaccount.
11:45:33 <EsdiDude> THE_GFR|WORK: or, if it's all the same to you and your bank deposits instantaneously you do a direct transfer your cash and cheques account to your bank account.
11:46:54 <THE_GFR|WORK> ?
11:47:13 <THE_GFR|WORK> I physically take the cash and cheques to the bank, you have to have a deposit ticket
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17:45:19 <rknLA> hi, am i understanding correctly that one can use gnucash to initiate transfers between bank accounts and/or institutions?
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22:17:55 <warlord> rknLA: only if you are in Germany and using HBCI
22:18:21 <rknLA> lol, dang. that's pretty specific.
22:19:13 <warlord> Yep. well, I'm pretty sure HBCI is only in germany
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23:03:00 <rknLA> hmm… so much for reference implementation then ;)
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23:35:23 <neil> I have gnucash installed on two machines on my network and I have tried to store the data on my NAS, a NetGear ReadyNAS Duo. I cannot access the data and get the following error. No suitable backend was found for file :///home/neil/smb4k/nas-f9-9f-b1/gnucash/Webcoza/webcoza.
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