2011-12-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:47:34 <EsdiDude> Good afternoon people
06:48:33 <EsdiDude> I was wondering if there a specific reason in gnucash why it's not possible to change the vendor in an invoice after the invoice has been created (without any follow on booking).
06:49:26 <EsdiDude> In short, for a whole bunch of invoice I need to change the vendor, if that's not possible using the gui, can I just change it in the XML file? However if so, is there anything specific I need to take in account?
06:52:32 <blathijs> EsdiDude: Are you sure you can't change the vendor? You'll have to unpost the invoice in order to edit anything and press the "edit" button in the toolbar (not sure if you can then edit the vendor, though)
06:54:08 <EsdiDude> blathijs: you're right, I can change it using the gui :-)
06:54:42 <EsdiDude> In all honest, I never knew there was an change invoice option, I was trying to change the input value in the 'Vendor' part, which was immutable.
06:54:54 <EsdiDude> s/honest/honesty
06:56:11 <EsdiDude> blathijs: thanks!
06:58:10 <blathijs> EsdiDude: Yeah, it's a bit confusing I guess
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07:10:33 <EsdiDude> Is there any easy way to find the corresponding invoice associated to a booking as well? Currenly I'm matching using values and dates.
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07:26:30 * EsdiDude happily hums along with the top2000
07:26:32 <blathijs> EsdiDude: Not sure, I don't know about one really
07:27:21 <EsdiDude> blathijs: I need a few more lifetimes so that I can spend more time hacking on free software :-D
07:27:44 <blathijs> EsdiDude: Heh, if you ever find that supply of extra time, do share it :-)
07:28:08 <EsdiDude> Ill be sure to keep that in mind
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07:43:37 <EsdiDude> When I reverse an invoice, which already has a payment against it, is it also possible to aumatically reverse / annul the accompanying payment(s) ?
07:44:02 <EsdiDude> Because when I rebook, I basically end up with a payment which is untied to a booking.
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08:41:39 <warlord> EsdiDude: You can delete the payment transaction, but if the payment was made why would you delete it?
08:48:13 <EsdiDude> warlord: because if I rebook the invoice it loses track of the original payment (in case I switch vendors, or change dates)
08:49:02 <EsdiDude> warlord: Most of my payments and invoices are 'after the fact' - e.g. I already bought and consumed something (e.g. lodging) and then I enter everything retroactively.
08:50:00 <warlord> Are you talking about Vendor Bills or Customer Invoices?
08:50:14 <EsdiDude> warlord: most of the time the invoice loses track of the payment (I think its dependant on dates)
08:50:26 <warlord> It is not dependent on dates.
08:50:44 <EsdiDude> warlord: lets call them purchase orders :-)
08:50:54 <warlord> However if you have multiple invoices to the same customer and unpost one, the payment will get reapplied to the other.
08:51:36 <EsdiDude> warlord: Stuff I bought, so that's a vendor bill I guess.
08:52:03 <warlord> Okay.. and do you have multiple bills entered from the same vendor?
08:52:24 <EsdiDude> Sometimes
08:53:46 <warlord> Well, what is *supposed* to happen is that when you unpost the bill, and payments applied there will get re-applied to any unpaid bills. Any leftover will be considered "pre-payment" for future bills. Then when you re-post the bill, it should see the pre-payment and have that applied.
08:54:00 <warlord> HOWEVER, when I was testing all that code out I was only using customer bills, never vendor bills.
08:54:10 <warlord> So there COULD be a bug in there w.r.t. vendor bills.
08:54:17 <warlord> (the numeric signs are reversed)
08:54:52 <EsdiDude> For vendor bills it works quite well, but to honest, that's 'easy' part (from my perspective)
08:55:12 <EsdiDude> As that's a fixed cash flow which you're not going to change, someone paid at a given moment, end of story.
08:55:54 <EsdiDude> However, when I bought something, but I entered something incorrectly, but I also already 'paid' it (in gnucash), then I might want to completely reverse and redo payment as well
08:56:29 <EsdiDude> specifically when I'm going to pay from a different account (e.g. expense from creditcard, or in my current case, debts to myself)
08:57:36 <warlord> In that case you will need to unpost the bill and then delete the payment... and possibly any payment "auto-forward" transactions that got generated.
08:59:03 <EsdiDude> warlord: yup, that's what I'm doing right now, it is a bit tedious to find the actual payment posting though.
09:00:47 <warlord> I'm sure it is, but you're using it in a way it wasn't designed to be used.
09:02:08 <EsdiDude> warlord: I'm sure I wouldn't have had this problem if I hadn't made a mistake when booking it the first time :-)
09:02:22 <warlord> There is that, too.
09:03:27 <EsdiDude> Point is, people are human beings and human beings make mistakes.
09:05:16 <warlord> Sure, I've made mistakes, too. But you would tend to realize the mistake when (before) the payment is made, because it wouldn't match what you entered the first time.
09:09:45 <warlord> "Hey, GnuCash says this payment should be 1234.56 but it's really 123.45"
09:11:05 <EsdiDude> warlord: no that's not really the problem.
09:11:34 <warlord> Well, the only other problem would be a transcription problem off the bill you received from the vendor.
09:11:43 <warlord> (note: Gnucash does NOT have "Purchase Orders")
09:11:51 <EsdiDude> My point is that sometimes an invoice can change in such a way that the payment no longer makes any sense
09:13:11 <EsdiDude> warlord: Purchase Bills then, if I translate it back litterally. Probably a vendor bill.
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09:15:01 <warlord> How can it change? Then vendor sent you a piece of paper with the amount you owe on it..
09:16:32 <EsdiDude> warlord: well suppose I change the vendor on the invoice, because I bought it for the company, but I'm specifying it using the bill I got. So effectively I'm buying something for myself.
09:16:47 <EsdiDude> (or maybe I just made a mistake and picked the wrong Vendor)
09:17:25 <warlord> if you picked the wrong vendor then you would have noticed at payment time, because you sent money to VendorA and not VendorB
09:17:40 <EsdiDude> Or what's also possible is that I booked the invoice on the wrong account, as tax accounts are creditor accounts as well.
09:17:52 <warlord> The vendor is from whom you bought it.. Not FOR whom you bought it.
09:21:23 <EsdiDude> warlord: ok, realistic scenario: You need to pay something and you cannot pay with the company funds. So you pay it with your own funds, but you consume it as a company. At that moment, the company basically bought something from you as person, which is a debt to yourself (assuming sole-propiertorship), which needs to be booked on yourself. But if you made a mistake and booked in the piece of paper (invoice receip from the vendor) as if it bought
09:23:24 <EsdiDude> warlord: Again I'm not saying gnucash is doing it wrong, however I am argumenting that there are scenario's where reversing or undoing a payment whenever a invoice is taken back is not always a bad idea.
09:25:04 <warlord> Well, you're welcome to create a bug report for it in bugzilla. or better yet supply a patch.
09:26:49 <EsdiDude> warlord: from an accounting perspective it's not really a bug. Could call it a feature request though.
09:27:02 <warlord> Yeah, enhancement.
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12:22:59 <THE_GFR|WORK> hey everyone new here to gnucash
12:23:10 <THE_GFR|WORK> I like what I see so far but I have a couple of questions
12:23:25 <THE_GFR|WORK> how do I do deposit slips with gnucash?
12:23:33 <THE_GFR|WORK> and how do I setup my bank account with it?
12:59:20 <THE_GFR|WORK> blah
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14:19:03 <THE_GFR|WORK> whoa
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14:42:47 <THE_GFR|WORK> arg
14:42:53 <THE_GFR|WORK> where is everyone?
14:42:53 <THE_GFR|WORK> heh
14:51:51 <Fabzgy> THE_GFR|WORK: ever checked: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/GnuCash
15:00:49 <THE_GFR|WORK> yea I didn't find what I wanted
15:03:19 <Fabzgy> I m still new here as well so I won t be able to help you
15:04:14 <Fabzgy> The only thing I can tell you is that Online Banking is implemented via aqbanking
15:04:30 <Fabzgy> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/AqBanking
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16:07:28 <rlaager> Yahoo is returning bad quote data for the CZK currency. In GnuCash's security editor, the options to change the quote provider are disabled. Why? Can I do anything about it?
16:07:28 <gncbot> rlaager: Sent 4 years, 2 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours, and 28 minutes ago: <andrewsw> The latest version of adv port. handles this better, though there are still problems. For best results, use separate txns.
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21:17:16 <MacCoaster> Is there any way to define holidays in GnuCash for scheduled transactions so they happen the day before/after like weekends? I don't see any references in the documentation about any holidays. :(
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