2011-12-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:13:34 <david> Hi, each transaction in register displays DESCRIPTION field and MEMO field for each transaction; split memo fields are displayed for each split.
12:14:27 <warlord> david: is there a question in there somewhere?
12:14:30 <david> In case that the split is for Account Payable or Account Receivable, the MEMO field contains the split memo.
12:14:55 <david> In other cases, the MEMO field displays some memo of the transaction.
12:15:29 <david> My question is whether there is a reason to differenciate the functionality?
12:15:35 <warlord> There are three text entries: Description, Txn Notes, and Split memo. (I think what you are calling "memo" is the Txn Notes field -- viewable by Double Line Mode)
12:15:53 <warlord> Desc and Notes are on the Transaction and apply to all splits. Memo is per-split.
12:16:56 <david> I would prefere to have always the MEMO related to whole transaction. And have the transaction MEMO other value than the split memos are.
12:19:08 <david> Warlord: what I noticed is that the Notes (transaction memo) are not always available. They are replaced with the Split memo in A/R and A/P registers.
12:20:22 <warlord> david: AR and AP are special.
12:20:23 <david> the behavior seems a bit strange to me ...
12:20:39 <david> I can see...
12:21:03 <david> but is there a specific reason for this specific?
12:21:55 <warlord> The Split Memo CANNOT relate to the whole transaction -- it's Split Data..
12:22:22 <warlord> It's like saying that you want your car door handle to be part of the Motor. It can't -- it's part of the door.
12:25:06 <david> I know. This is not what I suggest. Please, understand me correctly: I would like to see the Tx Note ALWAYS in the field. Without any exceptional behavior at A/R and A/P
12:25:32 <david> Currently A/R, A/P do not display Tx Note.
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12:25:52 <david> A/R and A/P display split memo in the field for Tx Note
12:27:59 <warlord> Ah, this is just a Display issue.
12:28:19 <warlord> AR and AP are showing different display data, I see.
12:28:36 <warlord> Some choices were made, because AR and AP have different data to show.
12:28:39 <david> uff.. this is not an intentional behavior
12:28:55 <warlord> I think it IS intentional behavior.l
12:29:08 <warlord> (at least I'm sure I intended this when I wrote it a decade ago)
12:29:18 <david> aha ... :D
12:30:18 <david> and can you recall what led you to this decision ? Please aplogy if I'm too inquisitive
12:30:57 <warlord> I think it was that at the time none of the biz features put any data into the notes field, so there was no reason to display it.
12:31:19 <warlord> OR... I might have just changed the labels.
12:31:25 <warlord> I really don't remember -- it was 10 years aog.
12:31:25 <warlord> ago
12:35:53 <david> Thank you. Despite this, I use both of these fields (Tx Notes and Split Memo) for specific data and fill it in manually according a specific pattern and I can query based on that,...so I would prefere always the same functionality,including AR, AP ...
12:37:07 <david> but I'm just a user
12:38:39 <warlord> Note that AR and AP accounts are only for use by the business features.
12:38:50 <warlord> If you're entering transactions by hand you should NOT use AR and AP account types.
12:38:59 <warlord> ... just use a normal Asset or Liability account type.
12:40:26 <david> my little secret: I can rather successfully use them for manual entry (please don't tell that to anybody) ;)
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12:41:07 <warlord> You will eventually shoot yourself in the foot. You have been warned. Also, none of the business reports will work for you
12:43:02 <david> I know, I don't use reports much. I appreciate the engine and simplistic UI a lot. This enables me to do almost everything (including writing to AR,AP). But I need heavily customized reports.
12:43:30 <david> What I can manage.
12:46:04 <warlord> The AR/AP layout was designed for the business features in mind. It's not a "general purpose" register. I'm sorry that you're using it for something it was not designed to do. You're welcome to change the code yourself to change the layout in src/business/business-ledger/
12:52:38 <david> Don't be sad: this is really well designed system; especially, I have to emphasize the fact that it enables to do things that it has not been designed to :)
12:53:06 <david> I'll eventually think of using it more conveniently.
12:53:18 <david> conventionally
12:53:23 <david> ment conventionally
12:54:20 <david> Since the probablility that I could ever learn C is approaching zero...
12:54:57 <david> anyway, thank you for the chat
12:54:57 <warlord> heh
12:55:00 <warlord> good luck
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20:27:10 <Hardy> I've been using gnucash as a domestic account book about one and half years. What I want to know is making "Report". My plan is to make clear where my income and expense go, so that I can expect the future of my account.
20:27:12 <Hardy> Now the problem is when I select accounts that are related my asset, income or expense at option menu in report menu, it warns me " no account is selected" that cannot show any barchart or piechart or balance sheet for me. What is the problem? I hope you can help me to sort out these bugs.
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