2011-12-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:20:10 <Hardy> I am not good at using IRC. I am afraid to make mistakes. I have been using gnucash for 2 years. I' d like to know how make "Report". Whenever I select "Monthly Income/Expense Report", I failed to select the accounts. So I cannot get the piechart or barchart. It is the same to Asset charts. I do not know what is problem. I am waiting for your help.
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08:53:03 <warlord> Hardy: where do you see "Monthly Income/Expense Report"?
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19:30:48 <fuzzybunny> hey guys what is the best format to have my gnucash files in XML or Sqlite?
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19:37:50 <warlord> IMHO XML
19:38:04 <warlord> SQL still has a bunch of bugs where some data can be... lost.
20:09:11 <fuzzybunny> oh ok
20:09:52 <fuzzybunny> and also for my business if I had an accountant do my taxes would I set the transfer column to Expenses:Books?
20:16:35 <fuzzybunny> oh n/m I put it under Professional Fees:Accounting what would you use Expenses:Books for?
20:42:00 <mishehu> warlord: no muy bueno, senor!
20:48:23 <fuzzybunny> guys this is a really dumb question but how can we tell where the datafile gnucash is using is?
21:26:10 <fuzzybunny> also guys in my checking account tab I have a column that just has a R in it and it has a whole bunch of c's and if I click on it it turns into an n. I am not sure what you would use it for
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22:11:18 <warlord> fuzzybunny: Reconciliation. C == cleared. Go through the reconcile process to turn it to 'y' (Yes)
22:11:38 <warlord> fuzzybunny: as for where the data file is --- it's wherever you saved it..
22:12:00 <warlord> anyways, i'm outta here
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22:12:27 <fuzzybunny> oh ok thanks warlord
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23:44:48 <Hardy> I have been using Gnucash for more than 2 years. I'd like to know why I cannot make a "Report" for expense or income or asset by using piechart of barchart. Whenever I select the related account , the program tell me that I do not select the account. What can I do? I need your help.