2011-12-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:02:01 <warlord> @op
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09:10:08 <warlord> thanks mikee
09:12:04 <warlord> damn comcrap.. 6 hour network outage overnight..
09:13:17 <mikee> Seems I'm the only one with a reliable connection! BT in the UK who'd have thought it!
09:14:25 <warlord> LOL.
09:14:48 <warlord> Well, two nights ago it was a hardware problem locally (my Eth0 device wedged on my VM server. First time I've ever seen that).
09:15:01 <warlord> Last night was my ISP, who is showing to be rather flakey!
09:17:13 <mikee> I seem to have good uptime, and often at the computer these days so I'll keep a watch .
09:17:55 <mikee> Bit slow testerday, I have to chop logs. Getting cold here.
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09:39:41 <warlord> No worries. It was quick enough.
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14:00:46 <dr_bibble> hey folks, is there a known bug concerning the counter formatting for invoice numbers?
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14:01:44 <dr_bibble> I'm at latest stable on 64bit debian and no matter what I actually type into the format field I will only get the standard 6digit number with padded zeros in front
14:03:38 <dr_bibble> I recon it used to work on Windows 2003 32bit with 2.4.7, using W%06I64l - that of course needed to be changed on linux, so I tried W%06llu which works fine in cli using "printf" but not in gnucash. Anything I do wrong here?
14:14:07 <dr_bibble> Well, no matter what I enter it does not work... neither %I64d, nor %lld, nor %llu, just nothing. Is this a bug or am I just too stupid?
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14:18:02 <Gnucash> Hello: I'm new here, trying to find out if Gnucash supports 64bit win7.
14:19:41 <Gnucash> Is anyone else on?
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14:21:34 <dr_bibble> Okay found out, its %li (dunno why, but the source tells me...) - there seems to be lots of checking patches, but apparently non of them ended up in stable versions - why? This just cost me hanf an hour searching...
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14:23:10 <Gnucash> To dr_bibble--Was that a no to me?
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14:24:34 <Trog> Sory-Just corrected my nickname on 64bit question
14:29:32 <dr_bibble> @Trog no, I answered my earlier question myself
14:29:32 <gncbot> dr_bibble: Error: "Trog" is not a valid command.
14:29:55 <dr_bibble> Trog: no, I answered my earlier question myself
14:30:06 <dr_bibble> To your q: why not try it out yourself?
14:30:22 <dr_bibble> I believe it should work
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14:44:36 <warlord> Trog: it should work, but you may need to set the app to run in XP compatibility mode after you install it
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15:31:07 <schildress1> Hello!
15:32:22 <schildress1> Can users import journal entries, vendors, customers and accounts using csv (comma separated values) files?
15:32:56 <schildress1> Can users import journal entries, vendors, customers and accounts using csv (comma separated values) files with Gnucash?
15:35:48 <schildress1> Can users import journal entries, vendors, customers and accounts using csv (comma delimited) files with Gnucash?
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15:48:27 <warlord> schildress1: no need to ask the same question thrice.
15:48:45 <warlord> yes, you can import transactions via csv in 2.4
15:49:19 <warlord> for vendors and customers, there is an importer but it's not turned on by default, and I dont htink it's available in 2.4
15:49:24 <warlord> (called bi_import)
15:49:37 <warlord> I'm not sure what you mean by importing "accounts".
15:50:44 <schildress1> in QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting, a user can import multiple General Ledger Accounts
15:51:33 <warlord> Sorry, there is clearly a terminology issue here.
15:52:13 <warlord> I'm using the terms as they exist in GnuCash, which may not be the terms you mean.. And having never used QB or PT, and not being an Accountant, I don't know what exactly you mean.
15:52:51 <schildress1> accounts like Accounts Receivable or Cash
15:52:52 <warlord> Generally you can import transactions for multiple accounts via CSV, but not simultaneously..
15:53:19 <schildress1> not simultaneously, okay
15:53:31 <warlord> I'm still not sure what you mean by "import an account"... You can import transactions *for* an account. is that what you mean?
15:54:39 <warlord> E.g., you have a bunch of transactions from Cash to various Expense accounts.. And you have a bunch of transactions from Assets:Bank:Checking to a bunch of expense accounts.. You cannot (via CSV) import both sets of transactions simultaneously.
15:54:42 <schildress1> users can manually create new accounts, but I wanted to know if you can create new accounts by using csv files
15:54:44 <warlord> ... The only importer than can is QIF
15:54:51 <warlord> No.
15:55:14 <schildress1> QIF? I see
15:55:16 <warlord> Well, during the import you can create new target (far) accounts..
15:56:07 <warlord> Yes, QIF has the ability to define multiple accounts and provide transactions from those multiple accounts to multuple (other) targets (which they call categories, but we still call accounts)
15:56:47 <warlord> But no, you cannot open a CSV file and during that say "create a new account Assets:Bank:Foo" for these transactions. Generally you need to have already created it.
15:57:19 <warlord> And there's no way to read in a CSV and generate a bunch of accounts based on what's in it.
15:57:45 <warlord> If you want to generate a bunch of accounts at once you can create an gnucash-xea (xml) file and load it via the New Hierarchy Druid.
15:58:26 <schildress1> Where is the New Hierarchy Druid?
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16:00:21 <warlord> Actions -> New Account Hierarchy.
16:00:32 <warlord> The xea files are in the installation directory.
16:03:09 <schildress1> Thanks for the info warlord! You've given me a lot to work with. Sorry about posting the question thrice, I was editing the question to make sure it was clearly asked.
16:03:28 <warlord> No worries. Glad to help
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16:55:06 <Trog> @warload: I had to leave for a Dr appointment. I could tryu it myself, but things like that clutter up the registry. If someone has it installed on 64bit Win7, that would be good.
16:55:06 <gncbot> Trog: Error: "warload:" is not a valid command.
16:55:50 <Trog> But if someone has had troubles on win7 64 that would save a lot of headache.
16:58:03 <warlord> I know people have certainly run it on Win7, both 32- and 64-. But windows is certainly a second-class citizen. 99% of all development is done on Linux.
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17:07:26 <Trog> I agree about Linux for development, servers, etc., but not on desktops.
17:08:43 <Trog> Anyway I'd still like some input from someone with first hand experience of Gnucash on win7 64
17:10:07 <warlord> You can subscribe to and ask on the gnucash-user mailing list. I don't know what specific information you are looking for. Nobody is going to indemnify you here.
17:12:40 <Trog> I'm simply asking if anyone has installed and run gnucash on win7 64 successfully.
17:13:11 <Trog> asking others to share their experience has nothing to do with indemnification
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17:31:43 <warlord> Like I said, people have.
17:32:03 <warlord> As I said before: <warlord> I know people have certainly run it on Win7, both 32- and 64-. But windows is certainly a second-class citizen. 99% of all development is done on Linux.
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18:06:09 <warlord> You need a slash: /quit
18:06:17 <warlord> See ya, Trog
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