2011-12-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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20:10:06 <WormFood> any idea why my logo would come out as a black box when I print an invoice to a PDF? Before, it worked fine with a different logo. Is it possible that there is something odd about the format of my new logo, that allows it to print on paper ok, but not to a pdf? (sounds a little unlikely to me)
20:12:56 <fellen> Wormfood: what do you see, when you open the invoice with a) Adobe Reader b) kpdf or similar?
20:13:18 <WormFood> same thing, a black box where my logo is
20:13:27 <WormFood> I've tried adobe acrobat reader, and envince
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20:14:06 <WormFood> I'm thinking it is most likely something with the pdf output, and nothing to do with gnucash
20:14:36 <fellen> I think it too.
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20:18:35 <fellen> More precise: the pdf generator. which OS are you runnung?
20:22:29 <WormFood> Linux
20:22:34 <WormFood> debian testing
20:23:11 <WormFood> They broke the pdf generator a while ago, but after a few hours, I got it working again...but this is a different type of problem that what I was having before.
20:23:52 <WormFood> why is the logo on the invoices only printed in 150 dpi? it looks very unprofessional.
20:26:43 <WormFood> I'm tempted to print out some 600 dpi letterhead, then print my invoices on that, but obviously it wouldn't work for PDF invoices.
20:28:41 <WormFood> I suppose I should test the pdf generator more, before asking here.
20:33:06 <fellen> Depending of the annual number of your business letters it might be cheaper, to ask a professional printer to prepare them.
20:37:19 <fellen> Did you see option for the resolution in the GnuCash GUI or in the pdf creator?
20:50:06 <WormFood> fellen, the printer dialog has a dpi setting, but there does not appear to be one in gnucash..but no matter what I set the image to, the logo is always 150 dpi
20:50:42 <WormFood> if I use a 300 dpi logo, it comes out very big, and makes everything else on the page smaller
20:52:02 <WormFood> and the professional printer...I thought about that too, but I need to get a business location, before I go through the effort of real letterhead (I'm working out of my home now)
21:06:02 <fellen> WormFood: Yes, I see it now. A spin for scaling in Edit->Stylesheet->...->Edit->Images for each line would be fine. Can you scan in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/browse.cgi?product=GnuCash Components Business and Reports for such an enhancement? If None exists, add one to reports and if possibe a patch. ;-)
21:07:47 <WormFood> yes, it can be scaled, but still always prints at 150 dpi, if I'm not mistaken
21:07:59 * WormFood looks in gnucash again
21:11:01 <WormFood> gnucash is written mostly in what language? C? or is it C++?
21:11:49 <fellen> Hm, thinking about the work, it would be easier to define somewhere the prefered resolution 150,300, ... dpi and the user scales the images once to fit.
21:12:13 <WormFood> I think it is that way now, but fixed at 150 dpi
21:12:41 <WormFood> I mean, I think it is fixed at 150 now, and the user just scales their images to fit.
21:12:42 <fellen> Mainly C, but the reports are in Guile/Scheme/Lisp.
21:12:57 <WormFood> yeah, I know the reports are in some weird stuff (well, weird to me)
21:13:15 <WormFood> I do program in C and asm mostly (and bash)...but I don't do C++
21:13:55 <WormFood> so, there is a slight chance I may be able to patch it, but I don't know, I'd have to look at the code first.
21:14:18 <WormFood> I know I'm not the only one who would like to see higher quality images on the logos.
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21:15:51 <fellen> On the old inkjet 150 might be enough, but on the laser it is somewhat outdated.
21:16:33 <WormFood> I don't see a "Components" on the list.
21:17:33 <fellen> Components are the modules like engine, business, reports, ...
21:21:54 <fellen> It's the left column on that page.
21:23:21 <WormFood> oh, I see...it is the heading.
21:24:51 <fellen> IMHO the option should reside in Edit->Preferences->Reports as "Default Resolution"
21:25:04 <WormFood> I AGREE!!! ;)
21:26:12 <WormFood> overall, I like gnucash. It could use some polishing here and there, but nothing I can't handle.
21:33:32 <fellen> You know http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports? It should be a good starting point. The wiki is usually more recent then the package internal documentation.
21:56:31 <WormFood> no, I didn't know.
21:56:40 <WormFood> I will check out. Thanks for the url
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