2011-12-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:33:17 <warlord> djinn: nope, you do not.
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11:45:28 <mkaky> could someone please help me with a statement of activities I am working on?
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11:54:42 <ihf> sometimes when entering a split transaction I end up with a split of $0 to Imbalance:USD. Is there a way to remove this spurious line without reentering the entire transaction?
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11:55:41 <warlord> mkaky: do you have a specific question?
11:56:09 <warlord> ihf: yes, just clear the split completely and arrow up to another split.
12:14:46 <ihf> warlord: clearing the split won't lose the other parts of the split?
12:44:54 <Mer|in> if u find ureself in downtown baton rouge, Harrington's has a nice crab & shrimp gumbo.
13:30:18 <ihf> warlord: if I do a Remove Transaction Splits, it clears all of the splits. I have not found a way to get rid of the one $0.00 split.
13:41:15 <fell> ihf: <TAB> through the line of that split and delete every entry doesn't work?
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15:12:46 <warlord> ihf: what other parts?? clearing one split wont affect the OTHER splits in the transaction.
15:13:36 <warlord> ihf: what fell said,which is what I said: clear out the entries in that particular split. E.g. tab through and [delete] through all non-empty cells.
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18:00:52 <ihf> If I have a credit card transaction which I allocate to an expense category, and I reconcile the transactions with the credit card statement, would it not make sense for the transaction to show a reconciled status when viewing the expense category? (it apparently does not)
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18:07:39 <warlord> No, it would not, because that doesn't generalize.
18:09:57 <warlord> Imagine the payment transaction, between your bank and your CC. When you reconcile the CC the following month, it should definitely not reconcile the bank's side.
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18:13:29 <ihf> very true...of course in the case of an expense "account" I am really using it as a tag or category and it would be nice to see that it was been reconciled/paid
18:15:44 <warlord> sure, but gnucash does not differentiate Income/Expense Accounts from Asset/Liability accounts sufficiently to automate that. What "rules" would you put in place here?
18:15:56 <warlord> When should it auto-reconcile the other split in the transaction?
18:16:06 <warlord> ... and what do you do if there's multiple splits?
18:18:04 <ihf> I definitely see the problem...I just wish that if I have a credit card transaction (or checking account) and I reconcile a transaction that when I went to the expense account I could see that the transaction had been reconciled.
18:18:38 <ihf> that is the the $ had actually gone out or come in.
18:23:06 <warlord> Why are you looking at it from the expense side? What does reconciling an expense *mean*?
18:23:14 <warlord> anyways, I gotta run
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18:25:02 <Simon> the money should have gone in/out when the date is <= now...
18:26:55 <ihf> let's say I buy something and pay with a CC and I allocate it to an exepense account like house furnishings. The bill has not been paid yet. When I look at the expenses in that account(category) I'd like to see that it has not been paid jsut as I would if I viewed that expense by going to the CC account where I would be reconciling it when I receive the statement
18:27:02 <ihf> does that not make sense?
18:27:15 <Simon> no
18:27:19 <ihf> o well
18:27:26 <ihf> i guess it does to me
18:27:26 <Simon> I'd look at the CC account to see if I considered it cleared/reconciled
18:27:37 <Simon> as that is the real account with an actual financial effect
18:27:56 <ihf> of course, and I do that but if I just want to see which of my house furnishing expenses have cleared there is no way to do that
18:28:38 <Simon> how often are you actually going to want to do that?
18:28:45 <ihf> the cleared reconciled field is therefore superfluous in these expense accounts.
18:28:46 <Simon> surely you'd want to review all the CC transactions
18:28:50 <ihf> often
18:28:51 <Simon> yes
18:29:04 <Simon> all my expense accounts have transactions reconciled=n
18:29:07 <ihf> yes, all of the CC transactions are reviewed when they get reconciled
18:29:34 <ihf> precisely...I would like them to show R when I've actually paid the bill
18:29:37 <Simon> it looks like I even gave up trying to mark my income account as reconciled
18:29:56 <ihf> I surely don't want to do them twice
18:30:13 <Simon> you have nothing to reconcile the expenses account with
18:30:21 <Simon> if it's a debt then I think you want a liability account
18:30:46 <Simon> you then create a transaction from that liability account to the expense account for the full amount when you purchased it
18:31:09 <ihf> exactly yet I'd like to know that the $ associated with the expense have come in or gone out
18:31:12 <Simon> and then have transactions going from the CC to the liability - which you can reconcile against the bill/statement from them
18:31:28 <Simon> is it a separate debt from your CC?
18:32:36 <ihf> no, it is the same....buy something using a CC and allocate it to some expsense acct. then when CC bill comes reconncile all the CC transactions, the expense acct remains unchanged...not what I'd like
18:33:20 <Simon> but you have nothing to reconcile the expense with
18:33:39 <ihf> I guess I am not making my self clear
18:34:17 <ihf> I guess I'll have to live with the way it works.
18:34:31 <Simon> it doesn't make sense to reconcile it in the other account
18:36:50 <ihf> maybe there is a better way to set this up but I have CC accts and I have a bank acct and I have expsense "accounts". Hen I buy something with a CC, I add the transaction to the CC account and allocate it to the expense acct. Now when the CC bill comes, I reconcile with the CC account. Having done that I'd liek to be able to look a t aclass of expenses (those in a particular expense acct)...
18:36:51 <ihf> ...and see if they have been reconciled (htat is, have they shown up on the CC bill)
18:37:08 <Simon> if you view the split from the CC account you can mark the transaction in the expenses account as cleared
18:37:29 <Simon> ok
18:37:39 <Simon> the "have they shown up on the CC bill" should really be done on the CC account
18:37:53 <Simon> you'd then look at where the money went if the transactions were missing
18:38:12 <Simon> you wouldn't look at 20 different expense accounts to find out which ones were missing, would you?
18:38:17 <ihf> sure but that means having to mark it as R when the system is doing that for me when I put check marks next to the transactions during the reconciliation process...I don't want to do the reconcilaition twice
18:38:35 <Simon> but you don't need to mark it as aR
18:38:36 <Simon> -a
18:38:41 <Simon> you have nothing to reconcile it against
18:38:57 <ihf> I think we are going in circles.
18:39:05 <Simon> yes, we are
18:39:22 <Simon> the whole process of reconciliation only works when you have something external that has the same balance as you
18:39:23 <ihf> thanks for listening
18:39:38 <Simon> it becomes a real mess trying to do it with anything else, like income
18:39:58 <Simon> to reconcile my income I'd need to add up all of it going back to the start and see if it matches the balance
18:40:10 <ihf> I am using the expense acct as a method of cateegorization of expenses so I don't really care about an additional level of recociliation
18:40:31 <Simon> can't you just ignore the fact that it says reconciled=n?
18:41:59 <ihf> I do ignore it but I'd rather it conveyed wither the $ associated with that transaction had been reconciled on account that had the "real" tranaction.
18:44:04 <Simon> there's only one transaction
18:44:16 <Simon> it's the accounts that are real/virtual
18:44:56 <Simon> if you view it in transaction journal mode you could see the reconciliation status in the CC account from the expense account
18:48:07 <ihf> I'll try that
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18:59:46 <felle> ihf: you could on the expense side reconcile a delivery: did they really deliver a six pack or was one bottle broken?
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21:35:32 <Nickname> i'm trying out gnucash to replace ms money for my small business and i'm completely stumped about something
21:37:18 <Nickname> i want to see a report that shows how much money has been invoiced to my customers but hasn't been paid yet. i can't seem to find an appropriate report for this
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21:45:55 <fell> eGaTS: Reports->Business->Customer ...
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22:01:54 <eGaTS> fell: do you mean Customer Summary?
22:01:54 <gncbot> eGaTS: Sent 16 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, and 20 minutes ago: <warlord> alas no, there is no way to do scheduled invoices. See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=114421 The best for your case would be to use the Duplicate Invoice feature.
22:04:39 <eGaTS> maybe i'm just not configuring this right
22:05:21 <fell> Customer Report has more details, while Summary is only a summary.
22:05:50 <eGaTS> customer report only allows me to select a single customer
22:08:06 <fell> What's about receivable aging?
22:09:17 <eGaTS> summary has two tabs-- expense and income accounts. expenses has nothing to do with my customers, so i have no idea why it's in there. i unchecked "Show Expense Column" under display
22:10:45 <eGaTS> i did take a look at that one
22:11:45 <eGaTS> it lets me choose a receivables account, which is Assets:A/R
22:12:35 <fell> You can adjust the related accounts in the report options.
22:12:58 <eGaTS> that's the only account it allows me to select
22:13:16 <eGaTS> there is no place to select an income account in the options
22:14:34 <fell> In Customer Summary one can adjust the income/expense accounts.
22:15:20 <eGaTS> yes, i can select an income account, which is where all my invoices are
22:15:41 <eGaTS> but what i want to do is compare that to the A/R account (where payments are)
22:16:41 <fell> In Aging work on A/R and A/P account types. To have more than one makes usually only sense, if you use multiple currencies.
22:18:35 <fell> If you post an invoice it is written to your A/R account and your income account.
22:18:44 <eGaTS> yes
22:19:21 <fell> If you process payment, it is written inA/R and assets e.g. bank.
22:19:54 <eGaTS> ok so what i want is a report that handles Income and Bank?
22:22:00 <fell> I believe for your starting question - unpaid invooices -, the aging report is right.
22:23:39 <fell> Not shure, what you wand to see now. But you can try a cash flow report and select your A/R account.
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