2011-12-07 GnuCash IRC logs

00:30:55 <hampton> will do warlord-afk. Let me know if you're up DC way.
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05:45:41 <morpheous> I have considered using gnucash several times in the last few years. I am finally taking the plunge. I need help in mapping my current accounting system (excel based) to GnuCash. For example, how do I set up my daybooks (Sale, SalesReturns, Purchases etc) in gnucash? any links that show how to do this?
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06:37:52 <fell> morpheous: Did you read the guide? http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/guide/
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06:39:33 <morpheous> @fell: I am reading it now :) I searched Google (and YouTube), but found no obvious items covering this particular issue so I am now working my way through the manual
06:39:33 <gncbot> morpheous: Error: "fell:" is not a valid command.
06:39:43 <morpheous> fell: I am reading it now :) I searched Google (and YouTube), but found no obvious items covering this particular issue so I am now working my way through the manual
06:46:58 <fell> There is no ultimative Account structure. It depends on your target - E.g. "Why is still so much month at the end of my cash?" or tax declaration. What is your situation - business or private user?
06:54:34 <fell> To transfer your current accounting system, you could use Calc2qif and then QIF-import or the integrated csv importer. IIRC there is no need to create the accounts first. The importer should do that for you.
06:59:26 <morpheous> I think you misunderstood my problem. Its actually the daily "procedures" that I want to change from using spreadsheet to gnucash. At the moment, I record sales and purchases daily in my day book. However, I think gnucash uses the wrong terms - what it calls accounts seem to be actually journals - this is what is confusing
07:02:16 <morpheous> Currently, I have record my daily transactions in my journals (daybooks) and then at the end of the month, I post the figures into the relevant account - but gnucash seems to use different terminology from what bookkeepers/accountants use - this is what I am finding confusing - i.e. I don't know how to use gnucash to record my daily transactions (sales, sale returns, purchase, petty cash etc)
07:04:38 <fell> In the time of ink and paper you wrote each transaction at least 3 times: in the journal, the account and the counter account.
07:05:48 <fell> In the time of computers the journal is only a special view over all accounts.
07:08:39 <fell> The usual way in gnucash is, to record the transaction in one account, e.g. cash and name the counter account and voila you can see it in all 3 views: account counteraccount and journal.
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07:28:44 <morpheous> fell: I think I understand what you are saying. It seems the gnucash terminology is a bit different to what I am used to. I am sure that after reading the online docs, it will become clearer to me. tx 4 ur help anyway
07:29:13 <fell> You are welcome.
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09:32:44 <groggycl> hi? anyone can help me with a paste to excel question?
09:36:35 <warlord> groggycl: it's considered impolite to send PMs without asking. Just ask your question (here)
09:36:50 <groggycl> :O sory
09:37:10 <groggycl> I didn't know
09:39:44 <groggycl> well, I have a cash flow report and it is giving me all the info with the CLP (chilean peso) prefix and I just can't got it properly pasted onto excel. there's no way I can paste just the numbers so I can work them easily
09:41:05 <warlord> You have a couple options:
09:41:41 <warlord> 1) quit gnucash and restart it in a Chilean locale, so that CLP is the Locale Currency. Then it would print the locale currency symbol instead of the text 'CLP'
09:42:07 <warlord> 2) export the report as HTML and then run it through a processor (like sed, perl, etc) to strip out all occurances of CLP.
09:42:10 <warlord> ... and then load the resultant edited file into excel.
09:46:08 <groggycl> thanks man, looking at the first option u gave me, it turns out I had gnucash defualt currency as argentina's peso, so that's why the software used the CLP to describe the numbers..
09:46:20 <groggycl> thank u very much and sory about the PM
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11:53:38 <linas_> hey, gnucash.org is being slashdotted .. any clue why?
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12:24:19 <warlord> linas__: I'm afraid I don't know..
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12:25:52 <warlord> linas__: What URL(s) are they hitting?
12:26:22 <linas__> main page ...
12:26:43 <linas__> I tried to look for a common referer, but don't really see one either
12:27:08 <warlord> Maybe it's just end-of-year stuff?
12:27:31 <linas__> its wayy out of normal, something like 3x 4x of the usual traffic
12:27:46 <linas__> and it ramped up over the course of several hours
12:27:54 <warlord> weird.. I didn't see anything on slashdot..
12:28:19 <linas__> can you access gnucash.org/mrtg/ or is that blocked for you?
12:28:25 <warlord> code.gnucash.org isn't seeng that.
12:28:41 <warlord> ( trying )
12:28:50 <warlord> 404
12:28:59 <warlord> (Not found)
12:30:13 <linas__> I lied, most of the traffic *does* have one referer
12:30:23 <linas__> m eyes glazed ovrer the url
12:30:24 <linas__> its
12:30:28 <linas__> http://www.komando.com/downloads/category.aspx?id=6107&utm_medium=nl&utm_source=dotd&utm_content=2011-12-07-article&utm_campaign=end
12:31:19 <linas__> which looks like an ad-infested blah
12:32:39 <linas__> but it seems to be driving all the excess traffic, and its a lot.
12:32:52 <linas__> let me try to get mrtg access for you
12:34:40 <warlord> Interesting.
12:34:54 <linas__> yeah, http://www.komando.com/ has "free daily download" on the front page, which points to article on gnucash who knew
12:35:19 <warlord> It only mentions windows and OSX, not Linux.
12:36:07 <warlord> I guess Kim Komando talked about GnuCash on her show..
12:36:13 <warlord> How big is your pipe?
12:37:14 <linas__> are you accessing mrtg from 18.* and did you put a slash at the end of the url?
12:37:45 <linas__> have you heard of kim komando before?
12:38:00 <linas__> I haven't ..
12:38:01 <warlord> No, I have not .. and no, I am not..
12:48:54 <warlord> ah, now I see mrtg
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12:53:43 <linas_> irc keeps dropping me due to the traffic ..
12:57:58 <warlord> :(
12:58:05 <warlord> How big is your pipe?
12:58:30 <linas_> not entirely sure any more.
12:59:21 <linas_> under 2 mbits/sec based on the graph, but I think I'm supposed to get more.
13:00:29 <linas_> the marketing special offers etc is so full of churn, I just can't tell
13:02:37 <linas_> that and the fact that my kid is constantly downloading/uploading somethng, 24x7 and he won't tell me what.
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13:02:49 <linas_> manga or anime or something ..
13:19:14 <warlord> LOL. You could always rate-limit his address ;)
13:19:52 <linas_> yeah, I got him to voluntarily rate limit
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13:24:25 <warlord> Well, at least there is that much!
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