2011-12-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:06:25 <skumara> hello. anyone?
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06:07:45 <Quanta> how could i tell gnucash to fill the new transaction it downloaded from the bank according to what i already define in the giro account?
06:13:16 <Quanta> how could i tell gnucash that if it download from the bank a new transaction from a place it already know, then to use its type from the previews transaction and place it in the current one?
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06:27:29 <mikee> Quanta: You might want to try the gnuash-user mailing list. There's more users there than here.
06:28:00 <mikee> gnucash-user@gnucash.org
06:33:36 <Quanta> i thought that this is a trivial question, alough i haven't found for it an answer in the internet (probably wrong search words)
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08:18:56 <warlord> Quanta: using what import method?
08:20:06 <warlord> generally gnucash will remember previous settings.. for qif it does a match based on the full string. in the generic importer (OFX/HBCI/etc) it can do partial matches and you can turn on Bayesian matching for it to remmeber.
08:20:08 <warlord> .. and learn.
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08:33:07 <warlord> Edit -> Preferences -> Online Banking -> Enable Bayesian Matching
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09:09:29 <warlord> Happy Mailman day.
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09:40:52 <Quanta> warlord, i have Edit -> Preferences -> Online Banking -> Enable Bayesian Matching enabled, nether the less it doesnt do it automaticly
09:42:35 <warlord> Quanta: not the first time.. The first time you need to do it manually. next time it will learn. (This is OFX or HBCI, right?)
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09:48:32 <Quanta> warlord, will it try to match the all header? or just part of it?
09:49:07 <Quanta> since in gerneral the date of the buy is inside the header, that means that it will not be 100% match
09:54:37 <warlord> what 'header'?
09:55:04 <warlord> it will work on matching the text field(s).. but it should tokenize them and learn.
09:56:21 <Quanta> this is what i define as an header: QQR4P7PPWSTEKUJU PAYPAL-GUT SCHRIFT ZUR KONTOBESTAETIGU NG Max Mustermann 111121P3TX9114EL; PAYPAL
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09:57:02 <Quanta> could be that i have a problem in the seperation, since a ";" is in this line, this mean somehwre that it doesnt split the text
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10:12:17 <warlord> It should see 'paypal', 'schrift', 'zur', and 'kontobestaetigu' as separate tokens and learn from that.
10:12:34 <warlord> note that it will only apply the learnings to a second import.
10:13:02 <warlord> So you need to import, assign accounts, finish the import, and then do another import for it to have learned.
10:13:40 <warlord> andi5: you have ipv6
10:13:42 <warlord> !
10:14:12 <andi5> my lan does not :)
10:14:28 <warlord> Oh, so you're using v4->v6 NAT??
10:14:42 <andi5> my employer probably
10:14:52 <warlord> interesting.
10:16:47 <Quanta> why does i see "PAYPAL" and " QQR4P7PPWSTEKUJU PAYPAL-GUT SCHRIFT ZUR KONTOBESTAETIGU NG Max Mustermann 111121P3TX9114EL" in the same line? and not seperated? if i import manually (from a file) ";" is a split symble and here it doesnt split at ";"
10:17:44 <warlord> ??? You've lost me, Quanta ... what are you talking about now?
10:18:02 <warlord> What kind of "splitting" are you expecting?
10:19:12 <Quanta> lets say, that what we spoke till now is ko and closed. now new topic
10:19:36 <warlord> okay. GnuCash will combine multiple OFX strings into a single GnuCash string, because OFX has more fields than gnucash.
10:19:50 <warlord> (it doesn't want to toss data away)
10:20:43 <Quanta> as i imported my account from quicken to gnucash i defined ";" as speration symble
10:22:02 <warlord> Right, but that's a completely separate thing that what you get during import.. And it doesn't affect the description or memo.
10:23:20 <Quanta> i thought like in quicken, that would see in gnucash PAYPAL in Description field and "QQR4P7PPWSTEKUJU PAYPAL-GUT SCHRIFT ZUR KONTOBESTAETIGU NG Max Mustermann 111121P3TX9114EL" in comments or a line below but not together
10:24:03 <warlord> Was this a QIF import or OFX import?
10:24:55 <Quanta> it was QIF
10:25:19 <Quanta> my problem is when i do onlinebanking i get those long lines
10:25:21 <warlord> Ah, well, the Bayesian matching from before doesn't apply... and account matching is done on full-string only..
10:25:33 <warlord> Can you pastebin an example of the QIF transaction?
10:25:54 <warlord> If it's all on the Description line then GnuCash is behaving correctly.
10:26:04 <warlord> in QIF it wont combine lines, but it wont split lines either.
10:26:16 <Quanta> ok
10:26:23 <warlord> The 'separator' character is purely for ACCOUNT separation. E.g. Assets:Bank:Checking
10:46:13 <Quanta> warlord, i think that we dont speak about the same thing
10:46:31 <Quanta> but that is because i always have problems to explain my self
10:46:34 <warlord> Quanta: possibly, which is why I was asking to see the QIF in question.
10:46:44 <warlord> Show me.. :)
11:00:43 <Quanta> here is a cvs file: http://ideone.com/Tk1VT
11:01:18 <Quanta> what i do, is simply onlinebanking to download the new transaction from my bank
11:02:35 <Quanta> what i get in gnucash is that Empfaenger 1 is combined with Verwendungszweck in Description field in gnucash
11:10:59 <warlord> OH, a CSV import... Um, I don't know anything about how that works..
11:11:54 <warlord> I do see: PAYPAL;;QQR4P7VDTKBVUUJU --- it's possible that it's treating the ';;' as a quoted ';'
11:11:59 <warlord> ... instead of an empty column.
11:12:17 <warlord> Which CVS importer are you using in Gnucash?
11:12:51 <Quanta> i dont import CVS
11:12:58 <Quanta> i do onlinebanking
11:13:32 <warlord> Using what protocol?
11:13:59 <Quanta> i am unable to find it in english
11:14:17 <warlord> HBCI? OFX?
11:14:26 <Quanta> HBCI
11:15:32 <warlord> I know nothing about HBCI.. but most likely it's providing multiple description/memo fields and Gnucash is combining them differently than how quicken combines them.
11:16:48 <Quanta> wouldnt it be cleaner to seperat them? that you have "From"-field and "Description"-field?
11:17:39 <warlord> Nope.
11:17:51 <warlord> There is no "From" field in GnuCash. What would that mean?
11:19:56 <Quanta> "From" = who send the money
11:19:58 <Quanta> *sent
11:20:07 <warlord> And how is that different than Description?
11:20:20 <warlord> (No, GnuCash does not have a field for "From")
11:22:18 <Quanta> at the moment, Description contain both....
11:22:29 <Quanta> with ";" seperation between them
11:22:57 <warlord> Right.. Because GnUCash doesn't want to toss any of your data away.
11:23:41 <Quanta> i agree with you, that it is necessery to hold this data, i suggest an additional storange or "field" for it
11:24:03 <Quanta> i think it will make things more readable...
11:25:25 <Quanta> then the "tokens" result would be more efficent
11:25:41 <Quanta> since there would "less" mismatches....
11:25:42 <warlord> Sorry, that's not going to happen.
11:26:13 <warlord> Each protocol has its own list of data that gets provided. There is never going to be a 1:1 mapping from every protocol.
11:28:06 <Quanta> it is normally the case ;) you are right
11:28:38 <Quanta> another question (different topic)
11:28:43 <warlord> okay.. :)
11:29:38 <Quanta> i saw in one of the GnuCash dokus some explnation about SKR01,...,SKR04, etc
11:29:48 <Quanta> are you femilier with them?
11:30:00 <Quanta> those are type of accounts
11:31:47 <Quanta> (small business, big business, etc.)
11:33:38 <warlord> They are german account trees. Beyond that, i know nothing.
11:34:22 <Quanta> where are those account trees defined in my computer? (which file)
11:34:54 <Quanta> in case i would like to create something, i would like to see example and at what level of programming it is....
11:35:18 <warlord> accounts/de_DE/...
11:37:29 <Quanta> what are those binary numbers: <act:parent type="new">fc3b1f110a6686f3d40bb0c41c0f8de0</act:parent>
11:37:35 <Quanta> ops *hex
11:39:33 <warlord> GUIDs
11:39:46 <warlord> .. for internal references.
11:40:07 <Quanta> ok
11:40:10 <Quanta> thanks alot
11:40:52 <warlord> you are welcome
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