2011-11-30 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:47:42 <warlord> jnylen: The main reasons to not have batch processing are for far-account entry and duplicate matching, which must be done interactively.
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09:59:48 <djMax> hrmph... When I make a "new lot," how do I assign something to it?
11:03:53 <warlord> djMax: how are you creating a new lot??
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16:38:55 <mikee> @op
16:38:55 <gncbot> mikee: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
16:45:08 <warlord> mikee: are you registered with gncbot?
16:47:41 <mikee> warlord: nope. Just reading up on how to.
16:48:11 <warlord> tell him: register <name> <passwd>
16:49:30 <mikee> @op
16:49:30 <gncbot> mikee: Error: You don't have the #gnucash,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
16:52:40 <warlord> did you register?
16:52:47 <warlord> (once you register I have to grant you privs)
16:53:16 <mikee> warlord: Yep.
16:53:36 <warlord> mikee: okay, done.
16:53:45 <warlord> Try now
16:53:57 <mikee> @op
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16:54:20 <mikee> warlord: Yay! thanks.
16:54:42 <warlord> :)
16:55:27 <mikee> warlord: I assume I'll be auto op'd on next login?
17:04:39 <warlord> yes, you should.
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17:07:38 <kimmo> hey where's my ops!?
17:10:08 <warlord> LOL
17:10:26 <warlord> Sorry, kimmo -- it's a semi-private club ;)
17:13:14 <mishehu> kimmo: bet if you were either a hot teenage girl or had wads of cash to donate you could get ops really quickly!
17:13:18 * mishehu chuckles
17:13:49 <mishehu> unless it's more like the League of Robots, then you're screwed.
17:14:40 <kimmo> didn't I just give "wads" of cash?
17:14:40 <kimmo> heh
17:14:44 <kimmo> IHTFP! 1/2
17:14:46 <kimmo> heh
17:15:35 <kimmo> but in reality, I don't really care
17:15:36 <mishehu> I donno, I don't get any of the cash myself. :-)
17:15:54 <mishehu> I'm just somebody taht they tolerate being here :-) right warlord?
17:16:52 <mishehu> I'm like John Lovitz's character in "Loaded Weapon 1"... I kinda grow on you... like a rash...
17:19:21 <warlord> LOL. You both actually help out a lot.
17:19:39 <warlord> historically we've just kept ops for the commiters.
17:21:18 <mishehu> yeah no worries. I care not :-)
17:21:34 <mishehu> I'm on enough irc networks and channels to choke a mule.
17:21:52 <mishehu> and that's a lot, since it's hard to choke a mule with intangibles...
17:24:05 <warlord> LOL
17:24:59 <mishehu> I've been lazy as hell... I'm still running the prior tree to current
17:26:23 <mishehu> and to think, that's on my windoze box
17:26:30 <kimmo> I might care, but 20 years of ircing has taught me the real value of ops..
17:27:28 <warlord> LOL
17:27:43 <mishehu> too lazy to deal with gnome on my slack machine. that's too much work.
17:28:03 <mishehu> kimmo: thanks for making me feel old, asshole. :-)
17:28:13 <mishehu> 20 years
17:28:18 <mishehu> irc's already that old
17:28:20 <mishehu> oy
17:28:23 <kimmo> indeed it is
17:28:29 <warlord> Oh, it is much older than 20 years.
17:28:37 <warlord> I was on IRC 20 years ago, too.
17:28:38 <kimmo> I remember "watching" the gulf war on irc
17:28:39 <mishehu> common usage
17:28:55 <mishehu> internet wasn't very widespread 20 years ago though
17:29:06 <kimmo> 20 years ago was 1991
17:29:08 <mishehu> took it another 5 years
17:29:27 <kimmo> 1991 it was already everywhere in the "western" world
17:29:36 <mishehu> yeah. I'm going out with a girl who was born in 91 on the weekend. imagine that. she's never lived in a world without internet.
17:29:51 <kimmo> in the form of ftp, gopher *shiver*, etc
17:29:57 <kimmo> and almost mosaic
17:29:58 <kimmo> heh
17:29:59 <warlord> The original RFC (1459) was written in 1993
17:30:01 <kimmo> and winsock!
17:30:13 <warlord> But it was an after-the-fact writing.
17:30:16 <kimmo> yeah
17:30:24 <mishehu> NCSA Mosiac always calls me whenever I do web work
17:30:30 <mishehu> (I hate web work)
17:30:31 <kimmo> irc.oulu.fi was online in like august 1991
17:30:43 <kimmo> I still remember the motd
17:30:43 <mishehu> it tells me to return its rendering...
17:30:49 <kimmo> Unixverstas Olutensin
17:31:02 <kimmo> (Unix workshop, beer first)
17:31:07 <mishehu> 91 was also around the time of wolf3d
17:31:12 <mishehu> and command keen
17:31:49 <mishehu> I was hanging around demosceners back in teh 90s. went to NAID in 96 even
17:32:20 <kimmo> I went to the same elementary school with most of the future crew
17:32:22 <mishehu> so how many gray hairs you guys got? :-)
17:32:31 <kimmo> a lot
17:32:44 <mishehu> kimmo: I went to NAID 96 with Tran (Thomas Pytel)
17:32:51 <mishehu> we stopped and picked him up on the way
17:33:14 <mishehu> along with a guy named "oman" (can't remember his real name) and a third guy.
17:33:40 <mishehu> if you don't remember Tran, remember pmode/w
17:36:23 <mishehu> oy hot asian girl at the car dealership...
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21:56:19 <jnylen> warlord: I did get my QIF importer going, the code isn't great but it will work for my purposes. next I'm going to try making a simple web interface, will report back with progress.
22:27:09 <warlord> jnylen: okay
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