2011-11-29 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:09:49 <itsols> Hi, I am having trouble creating a trial balance. I follow the menu to select it but I get all zeros. Any thoughts please ?
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02:40:24 <Sicelo> itsols: after getting all zeros, click the spanner for the report settings. make sure u select the correct currency
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04:44:13 <itsols> @Sicelo MANY THANKS! I've spent DAYS trying to change many settings but this never struck me. It works!
04:44:13 <gncbot> itsols: Error: "Sicelo" is not a valid command.
04:49:08 <Sicelo> kewl :)
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12:54:31 <jonathan> Q2.5.4 Bugzilla Bug 14921, [XQ30] RestrictedChar
12:54:31 <jonathan> See http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=14921
12:59:42 <warlord> jonathan: how does this relate to gnucash?
13:00:03 <jonathan> warlord, oops!
13:00:31 * jonathan apologizes
13:01:48 <warlord> No worries.
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13:08:50 <djMax> I have an account with a bunch of lots in it. I then do a new buy/sell and scrub the lots and it recreates all the realized gain/loss tx's. Normal?
13:09:41 <warlord> I dont know. You might need to contact mta who wrote that code. He'd be on the mailing lists (not sure if he monitors the user list)
13:10:33 <djMax> k
13:11:56 <warlord> There are certainly times where it might need to recreate a bunch, based on the date of an updated txn
13:12:17 <djMax> yeah, it just creates a bunch with the same details as a previous one
13:12:43 <djMax> It may be because I assign those gains to a secondary account - long term or short term - rather than the "orphaned gains" that it does, but that'd be a bit of a bug imho
13:16:07 <warlord> may be.
13:18:03 <djMax> what's that code written in? Is compiling on Mac OS X a reasonable thing these days?
13:32:09 <warlord> C. And I dont know.
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13:51:52 <orangey> hello all!
13:52:16 <orangey> If my bank doesn't appear in the online banking setup for ofx-direct connect, is there some other way to figure out if it's supported? I'm using the royal bank of canada and bank of montreal
13:54:05 <warlord> You would need to find the OFX URLs...
13:58:28 <orangey> ah.
13:58:29 <orangey> OK, thank you
13:58:45 <orangey> also, I just imported some stuff from csv, but I'm not sure where it ended up. where do 'uncategorized' transactions go?
13:59:10 <djMax> Usually to an account called "Unspecified", but you must've imported it to an account right?
13:59:22 <orangey> I didn't. I just left it all unselected.
14:00:40 <djMax> then it didn't import it
14:00:57 <orangey> aha
14:11:00 <warlord> orangey: generally when you import a set of transactions you are importing them into some account. Then each transaction gets assigned an "other" (or 'far') account, for the other side of the double-entry.
14:11:17 <orangey> aha. Yep, finally figured that out. thank you
14:11:36 <orangey> I don't suppose there's a way to cut all of transactions out of my 'unspecified' account into another?
14:11:47 <orangey> right now it looks like I have to cut/paste individually
14:12:28 <warlord> orangey: if you want to move *all* of them all to a single other account then you can just delete the unspecified account and tell it to move the txns
14:13:03 <orangey> warlord: woo! excellent!
14:13:14 <orangey> very accounting-friendly warlord!
14:13:21 <warlord> but that begs the question -- why would all your transactions be to the same income or expense account?
14:13:45 <orangey> as I understand it, the "near" piece is the account the activity is happening in
14:13:51 <orangey> well, that's my chequing account
14:14:07 <warlord> The unspecified would be the 'far' account..
14:14:09 <orangey> I imported everything into unspecified (and then picked the 'far' accounts)
14:14:16 <warlord> Oh.....
14:14:45 <warlord> ok
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14:17:06 <orangey> I just didn't understand the 'near' account concept because usually my ofx files automatically went to my chequing and didn't ask
14:21:28 <warlord> They asked the first time ;)
14:22:58 <orangey> it's one of the amazing things about gnucash
14:23:02 <orangey> anyhow, I'm in love.
14:23:34 <orangey> I last entered all my stuff a couple of years ago, and picked it up again today and have had little trouble updating everything
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14:44:41 <warlord> cool
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14:45:54 <warlord> john: you see me as an op?
14:46:53 <john> Derek, Nope, still shows as a "Normal User"
14:46:59 <warlord> That's what I thought...
14:47:19 <john> Is it me? Or rather, this program?
14:47:28 <warlord> Nope.
14:47:39 <warlord> I dont have ops right now. There are no ops in the channel.l
14:48:50 <warlord> and yes, the idea was to give ops to devs so we have geographic (and more importantly network) independence of various ops
14:51:08 <john> Heh, well I'm on Comcast too, but I think it would be pretty unusual for them to go down on both sides of the country at once.
14:53:50 <warlord> Yeah.. Let me get ops back...
14:59:54 <warlord> then I can figure out how to tell gncbot that you should be auto-op'd
15:01:10 <warlord> (I think first you would need to register with gncbot)
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15:35:41 <warlord> john: can you /msg gncbot register <password> -- this will initialize your user account with gncbot.
15:45:15 <john> OK, I did that. (it turns out it's "register <username> <password>", but it told me, so it's all good.
15:46:30 <warlord> Ah, oops. Sorry..
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15:48:16 <warlord> okay, once we get op back then you should be able to op yourself and people
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16:22:13 *** CyBeR sets mode: +o gncbot
16:38:48 <warlord> @op
16:38:49 *** gncbot sets mode: +o warlord
16:38:52 <warlord> @op john
16:38:52 *** gncbot sets mode: +o john
16:40:11 <john> OK, good. Now I see what the "op" designation looks like, too.
16:40:30 <Sicelo> heh
16:41:43 <warlord> yeah, and you should be able to op yourself --- and if you logout and log back in to the channel gncbot *should* auto-op you
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16:55:49 *** john sets mode: -o john
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16:56:58 *** gncbot sets mode: +o john
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16:57:45 <warlord> perfect.
16:58:19 <john> Well, I was able to de-op myself. Not sure why I'd want to do that. Once de-opped, Colloquy wouldn't let me re-op. But I didn't try from the console, just from the GUI.
17:00:37 <warlord> you didnt have to de-op yourself. Just leaving the channel (or logging out of irc) should de-op you. That's part of the problem. When gncbot and I both get disconnected, we lose ops.
17:09:47 <john> Yeah, I understand that part. What I don't understand is what you meant when you said that I should be able to op myself.
17:12:00 <john> Separately, what's needed to run gncbot? Perhaps if I run it here then your outages would be less catastrophic.
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17:53:35 *** gncbot sets mode: +o andi5
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18:00:15 <warlord> You can use @op to op yourself, if gncbot doesn't auto-op you (and if gncbot as ops)
18:00:19 <warlord> hey, andi5 !!
18:00:30 <andi5> hi warlord :D
18:00:39 <andi5> lurking is easy ;)
18:00:49 <warlord> as for running gncbot there, I dont know that that would help necessarily.. It can only run from one place.
18:01:22 <warlord> andi5: Thanks.. Lurking ops is mostly what we need; so long as you can check in every 24 hours or so to see if we lost gncbot ops
18:01:58 <andi5> normally i am online at work... my background is more about xmpp though :)
18:03:39 <andi5> i am not sure whether i will become active again, though... there are so many other interesting topics out there (not necessarily saying that gnucash is un-sexy)
18:09:22 <warlord> that's okay.. you dont need to be an active dev again. ;)
18:09:55 <john> Ah, you mean that I can ask gncbot to op me.
18:10:25 <warlord> right
18:10:33 <warlord> And you can ask it to op anyone else, too.
18:10:40 <andi5> you may ask politely, but when he is not in the mood he might ignore you ;)
18:10:57 <warlord> lol
18:11:52 <john> If gncbot runs here, then if I lose connectivity you're still on and can re-op gncbot. If you go down, gncbot will probably still be up when you get back.
18:12:26 <john> Believe it or not, there are actually 24 hour periods when I'm not at a computer.
18:13:47 <andi5> john: you mean... you are... i think people used to call it ... offline?
18:14:09 <john> No, not right now, silly.
18:14:27 <andi5> ok then :)
18:15:15 <john> But tomorrow is my "Habitat" day, and I won't be here... and this computer will go to sleep when I go to dinner and won't wake up again until thursday.
18:15:58 <john> OTOH, I have a server which doesn't sleep, so it could run gncbot to separate its downtime from Derek's.
18:16:11 <andi5> if we are silly, we might run a gncbot-slave on a separate continent
18:16:35 <warlord> heh... a 'gncbot-bot'? ;)
18:16:54 <andi5> "sorry bot" sounds a bit strange...
18:17:02 <warlord> .. who's only job is to op gncbot? ;)
18:17:17 <andi5> yeah, meta bot level 1
18:18:24 <andi5> how is gnucash running? seems like there are some new devs actively changing some things?
18:18:34 <andi5> i told them not to touch anything...
18:18:49 <warlord> they didnt listen.
18:19:14 <john> It's a bloody mess, but we'll get it cleaned up eventually. ;-)
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18:20:41 <andi5> john: you are actually tackling the whole object stuff at the core?
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18:21:37 <john> I'm planning to, yes. But first I need to get more of it under test.
18:21:58 <john> By which I mean unit tests, not the high-level tests we already have.
18:21:59 <andi5> that really sounds great... and having more tests does as well
18:22:37 <warlord> well, i gotta run.. parents arriving from airport soon. ttyt
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18:22:48 <andi5> ciao warlord-afk!
18:24:15 <john> I could use some help, since I'm also up to my armpits in gtk-quartz.
18:25:03 <andi5> john: actually the first thing i would do iff i re-joined the efforts, would be to help you with your goals...
18:25:16 <andi5> but i guess it is unrealistic right now... maybe next year
18:25:29 <andi5> as usual... next year
18:26:31 <andi5> john: btw, what is your mode of operation? separate git branch?
18:26:53 <andi5> ok, that is just one part of the mode
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18:30:38 <john> Andi, yes, a separate git branch, which I don't publish so that I can rebase it instead of merging it. I'd have to change that if someone joined in.
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18:31:40 <andi5> not sure about that... people can live with moving heads if they are told, do not they?
18:32:12 <john> For the other parts of "mode" I have a perl program which generates a template test file, then I fill in a function, test, commit, lather, rinse, repeat till done.
18:32:38 <andi5> i do not work with perlers ;-)
18:33:11 <john> My understanding is that if you rebase, it creates a mess when you try to push. I haven't tried it myself.
18:33:26 <andi5> just "git pull --rebase" and you are fine
18:33:35 <john> Perl has its place, especially if regexes are involved.
18:34:15 <andi5> john: still developing on mac?
18:34:28 <john> No, that's not the problem. Rebasing doesn't just move the head of a branch, it moves the tail, too.
18:34:37 <john> Yes. Macs all the way.
18:34:51 <john> Even the one that runs Linux.
18:35:16 <john> That's what gtk-quartz is about. It's the Mac backend.
18:35:50 <andi5> re rebase... sure i meant non-fast-forward moves of the head... but if you push with + (non-ff), then i can just rebase my work on top of yours, by using pull --rebase
18:36:14 <john> So when you rebase a branch, and that branch is published, the remote repo doesn't know what to do with the old version of the branch.
18:36:43 <andi5> sure it does... it keeps the objects until garbage collection runs
18:36:50 <john> And if someone else has changes on that no-longer-existent branch, they've got a lot of work to re-attach them to the new one.
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18:38:54 <john> re non-ff: Ah, I see where you're going. Everything gets dumped into the reflog.
18:38:56 <andi5> ahem... by "no-longer-existent branch", you probably mean that the commit you based your own work on is no longer part of the remote branch anymore, right?
18:39:54 <john> Yes. So when you try to pull --rebase, git doesn't know what to attach to where, so you have to go in and futz with the refs yourself.
18:40:52 <john> I guess you could finess that with a separate named branch that you work in, so you could rebase that branch onto the "new" shared branch.
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18:41:34 <andi5> ok, pull --rebase might not work out-of-the-box...
18:46:23 <andi5> john: anyway, it is a theoretical problem for me, personally, as i will not do anything in the near future... nonetheless, i think not pushing code because one might want to rebase it later is no argument to me =)
18:47:19 <john> No, it's not that academic. One has to rebase to trunk in order to commit it into SVN, which we're still using for the "canonical" VCS.
18:48:16 <andi5> that is why i asked about git :) svn is another beast of course
18:49:06 <john> Yeah, we're in transition. We have a git mirror on Github, but commits have to go to svn and be mirrored back.
18:50:03 <andi5> john: core devs have write access to one major repo, or you going a more distributed/forked way?
18:51:19 <john> Core devs have write access to svn. My server, which runs the mirror to github, is the only one allowed to push there. Otherwise the mirror will fail.
18:51:24 <andi5> ok, that is for git only... i do not fully understand the current git-svn integration yet...
18:52:04 <john> Once we can wean the last few die-hard svn users, we can shut down svn and just use github. Then we can operate in a more normal way.
18:52:31 <john> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Git ;-)
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18:55:11 <andi5> john: reading dereks post about the parts depending on svn... does not sound as if it is impossible to switch to git completely, right?
18:56:47 <john> We could do it right now if everyone agreed.
18:57:48 <andi5> +1
18:59:04 <williepabon> I have 2.2.9 version. How do I get auto check numbering when entering transactions on my checking acct like MS Money does?
18:59:57 <john> Punch = when the number column has focus.
19:00:44 <williepabon> Thanks
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19:06:49 <andi5> john: actually, only the win32 build part seems to be relevant when talking about putting the source code of gnucash (not program) into a github repo... the other stuff is outside of gnucash anyway, is not it?
19:07:14 <andi5> s,not program,the program,
19:09:15 <john> I don't understand... there's tons of gnucash source code, it has nothing to do with win32.
19:09:59 <andi5> i mean it is the only part depending on svn
19:11:15 <john> Ah. Yes, but that would be a one-line change to the build script, to subsititute "git clone" for "svn co" -- and the URL, of course.
19:11:52 <john> In fact, if we can get github's svn gateway figured out, we'd only need to change the URL.
19:12:50 <andi5> why do you try to still support svn for gnucash (the program)? i doubt that you are using the full power of git then...
19:13:05 <andi5> and, surprise, it does not work out-of-the-box
19:15:39 <andi5> but maybe i just missed some point of the discussion... you will figure out a way :)
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19:15:51 <john> As I said, the svn repo is still the "canonical" VCS until everyone agrees to change it.
19:17:33 <john> One still has access to most of the power of git. The only real catch is that feature branches have to be rebased onto "official" branches to get their commits into svn, and they have to be kept linear for that to work well.
19:18:47 <john> Otherwise, everything else just steams along. I've been running bisects all weekend, and yesterday, and today, trying to figure out why the old tests stopped working in trunk, for example.
19:21:41 <andi5> yes, i have been doing that since 2007 or so... but still it is git-svn and svn is the limiting factor... whatever
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20:38:15 <jnylen> hi all, can anyone tell me which ubuntu package(s) to install to use the DBI backend?
20:38:33 <jnylen> I've compiled with --enable-dbi but I don't see any options to create new files or open files from databases
20:44:59 <jnylen> never mind, found it: libdbd-{sqlite3,pgsql,mysql}
20:45:15 <jnylen> next question: anyone know how to script a .qif import using the python bindings?
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22:41:50 <warlord> jnylen: I'm pretty sure you cannot... The QIF importer is written in scheme.
22:42:02 <warlord> ... so not accessible from python.
22:43:24 <warlord> (and now, bedtime)
22:43:25 *** warlord is now known as warlord-akf
22:43:28 *** warlord-akf is now known as warlord-afk
22:50:22 <jnylen> warlord: I've been looking at it, and I'm going to roll my own importer. My bank's QIF files are pretty simple and reliable.
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