2011-11-27 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:53:23 <tuv> are there any plans/intentions to make graphs interactive? i want to be able to click on a sector in a pie chart and get the corresponding transactions, or another chart showing only subaccounts of the original sector
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14:46:02 <warlord> we had that functionality in gnucash 1.x, but the graphics engine we were using stopped being maintained and wasn't ported to gnome2. The graphics library that was available didn't have that functionality.. so we lost it.
14:46:18 <warlord> the biggest hurdle in interactive graphs is the graphics library.
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15:34:53 <tuv> warlord: don't native libraries do? e.g. cairo et. al.
15:36:30 <tuv> warlord: also, setting timespan for reports can be improved. a timeline would be great (like the one in f-spot photo manager)
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17:19:09 <warlord> tuv: patches always welcome.
17:28:45 <tuv> warlord: i wanted to find out if there were already any interest/work-in-progress in making graphs interactive
17:29:03 <warlord> Not that I know of..
17:29:19 <warlord> There was some work on integrating jplot and using that, possibly.
17:29:35 <tuv> was?
17:31:23 <warlord> There hasn't been any changes to that code in a while.
17:31:35 <warlord> Your best bet is to ask on gnucash-devel
17:35:09 <warlord> anyways, gotta run again.. biaw
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21:34:50 <observation> 986
22:04:37 <arbortender> Can someone suggest to me the proper way to account for a premature IRA distribution? I'm missing one leg & can't quite grasp how to do it. Say she cashes out a $9K IRA & must declare the payout as income in order to pay the penalty come tax time. So, decrease the asset 'IRA account' by the amount of the withdrawal (say $9K); then increase the asset 'Checking account' that received the funds, less the small bank fee expense, wh
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22:11:24 <arbortender> I'm thinking I should have had some sort of pre-existing deferred income positive balance, to now reduce. However, the deposits were made years ago, before I began computerized bookeeping, and I just entered an Equity: opening balance for the IRA...so, do I reduce the Equity:Opening Balances account or is there a right-er way to reflect that transaction?
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22:30:43 <arbortender> I am finding the Preferences:Accounts:Use Formal accounting labels sort of helpful here, maybe... I generally leave that unchecked, but the column headings were confusing for this particular transaction, so I turned on Formal Accounting labels, tweaked the transaction a little, & came up with this, which balances: Credited the Income:Premature IRA dist. (increased) & the Asset: IRA accounts (decreased); Debited the receiving Asse
22:44:19 <arbortender> Oh wait, I think I see where my confusion began...Income- IRA Dividends should not have been an income account in the first place, but an asset account, since IRA Dividends accrue and are not declared as income until taken, whether prematurely or not. Yes? So, I changed the IRA Dividends income account type to an asset account. However, that seems to reveal that all the entries of dividends should have debited (increased) that ac
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