2011-11-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:27:24 <Brendan_T> I have just compiled gnucash with guile 2.0.3. Can someone help me understand these errors? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=L13w9PJr
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12:22:47 <arbortender> What is the RIGHT course of action when this happens (frequently): Gnucash freezes and Windows 7 demands a close. I close GnuCash. I try to reopen it & it can't get the lock, like it's still in use??. Now, since I know there are no other users, how best to proceed? reopen anyway and continue? restore from a backup? restart windows?
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12:44:30 <arbortender> Are the missing transactions (from after the last save but before the crash) restorable somehow?
12:49:38 <arbortender> I went ahead and reopened it, as there were just a few entries since the save & I could remember where & what. They were indeed missing (as usual) & I started in to enter one, when gnucash.exe stopped working again, with windows demanding a close. I'm gonna restart windows & see if that helps. Here is the problem signature, if that helps.
12:49:39 <arbortender> Problem signature:
12:49:39 <arbortender> Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
12:49:39 <arbortender> Application Name: gnucash.exe
12:49:39 <arbortender> Application Version:
12:49:39 <arbortender> Application Timestamp: 4e0ef228
12:49:40 <arbortender> Fault Module Name: msvcrt.dll
12:49:42 <arbortender> Fault Module Version: 7.0.7600.16385
12:49:44 <arbortender> Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bda6f
12:49:46 <arbortender> Exception Code: c00000fd
12:49:48 <arbortender> Exception Offset: 0000cd12
12:49:50 <arbortender> OS Version: 6.1.7601.
12:49:52 <arbortender> Locale ID: 1033
12:49:54 <arbortender> Additional Information 1: 3527
12:49:56 <arbortender> Additional Information 2: 3527ea669b811bc914b02c2d9098d449
12:49:58 <arbortender> Additional Information 3: 5e0d
12:50:00 <arbortender> Additional Information 4: 5e0de2f5678e2a7a9afa73019183ff5d
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12:56:41 <arbortender> The tracefile is long and consists of one CRIT after another. I don't know how to assess that...should I be sending it to bugzilla or something? If so, please advise how to do that, as I don't have any experience with that either. (Just trying to catch up on my books.)
12:58:35 <arbortender> This is the trace file created at the interim attempt to open gnucash, after the first crash this morning, when gnucash indicated that it couldn't get the lock:
12:58:40 <arbortender> * 09:16:07 WARN <qof.engine> [guid_init()] only got 1957 bytes.
12:58:41 <arbortender> The identifiers might not be very random.
13:03:38 <arbortender> This attempt is the one I backed out of starting gnucash. The trace file for the initial crash, and for the crash immediately after this attempt, when I went ahead & opened it, are both long and CRIT-filled. The first crash trace file this morning appears to span several days of errors logged.
13:05:28 <arbortender> The most recent one spans only several minutes, but still very long. What's the proper approach to resolve this or help find the problem? I'm gonna restart, because I've gotta keep working & get this bookeeping caught up, but I'll check back in. ciao.
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13:16:49 <arbortender> ok I rebooted the computer & find that GnuCash still cannot obtain the lock. What would I like to do? I would like to continue forth. What is the right thing to do?
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13:27:38 <arbortender> I forged ahead. I re-entered the missing 3 edits, saved, and quit gnucash.
13:28:16 <arbortender> I reopened gnucash, and this time no lock-fail message. Forging on.
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19:22:48 <brandon> I've got a problem importing QFX files from my online banking service with GnuCash - my bank details the transactions by the second but when I import the files into GnuCash the transactions are sorted by date (down to the day) first and then alphabetically.
19:23:07 <brandon> Is there a way I can make GnuCash sort the imported transactions by the second?
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