2011-11-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:29:22 <Antisoche_> arbortender1: If I understand what you're asking, I think that by deleting the account you are prompted to move all the transactions somewhere else. I strongly recommend making a backup of your .gnucash directory and data file first if you try this.
10:32:37 <kpreid> yes, deleting an account does make that prompt.
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11:43:04 <arbortender> Odd content in General Ledger: What makes a bunch of transactions, that were entered in various bank account registers, appear in the general ledger? I can understand the odd orphans, accidentally saved, etc. , but I don't get why I am finding a bunch of recent transactions here.
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11:46:00 <arbortender> I deleted the stranded orphans, but there's also a whole stack of empty transactions, dated yesterday, that won't delete at all, and the two pending transactions I have in one account are also in the GL.
11:47:26 <arbortender> I thought only transactions that I enter directly in the General Ledger appear here. I also do not see the 2 transactions that SHOULD be here in the GL, which I entered here some time ago, and which are present in the registers they affected.
11:55:35 <arbortender> I tried cutting one transaction from the GL & pasting it back into the register it belongs in, and it appears back in the GL again. What's making these several transactions reflect in the GL?
12:04:33 <arbortender> There's probably 100 actual transactions, all fairly recent (but not ALL the recent transactions), all balanced, which I can't figure out why they would be showing up here in the GL. In the registers they were entered in, these transactions also appear (as they should).
12:10:45 <arbortender> I'm thinking there's something I'm not seeing about these transactions that must be entered wrong? There are nearly identical transactions in the correct account registers, even directly adjacent to the ones that ARE showing in the GL, which don't show up there. I'm not seeing the problem.
12:12:19 <kimmo> it's a known issue that general ledger has ghost entries
12:12:33 <kimmo> and every transaction appears in the general ledger
12:13:18 <kimmo> when you open the general ledger, it's be default date-filtered though so it might not at first seem like everything is there
12:13:36 <kimmo> but View -> Filter -> By Date reveals that
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13:08:08 <arbortender> of course it does...ok, I see...thanks kimmo.
13:12:27 <arbortender> it must have been default filtered by something more than date though, since certain adjacent transactions were not showing. I wasn't immediately able to discern what the additional filtering was, but I selected 'all' and I think that's what I'm looking at now. All good. Thanks again.
13:17:41 <arbortender> Also, I think those ghost transactions are about the dangling-waiting open transaction at the end of each open register. When I closed all the open registers, the GL responded by blanking the date of all those dated ghosts. I then closed & reopened the GL, and they are all gone now.
13:22:18 <arbortender> Now that I'm looking at it closely...I think the filtering was indeed just by date. It appeared not, only because all the registers are interleaved in the GL. When I reopened the GL it defaulted again to filtered by date, so I checked the filter & it defaults to a month ago & pulls all transactions from all registers from 10/24/11 forward. That makes sense now.
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16:20:16 <Monolecte> bonjour
16:20:40 <petaspeedbeaver> I've made an account setup for Swedish small business and posted it as "enchancement" under "translations" on Bugzilla. Is this where it should go?
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20:57:05 <phunyguy> hello, probably a silly question, but is there a way to export gnucash accounts to QIF for importing into other applications?
20:59:37 <phunyguy> I have tried the gnucash to qif java applet but it didn't work.
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21:39:22 <warlord> phunyguy: that's the only way I know. Be sure your gnucash XML data file is uncompressed.
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