2011-11-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:19:54 <sann> hii
09:20:09 <sann> cna you tell me about gnucash
09:20:26 <sann> cna
09:20:29 <sann> can
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14:42:03 <jeffV> Hi all, I'm on a path to transition from MS Windows to Linux. In the area of apps I'm transition from Quicken to GnuCash. I exported all my data from Quicken an imported to GC but found that my accounts were way off to the tune of thousands of dollars. I likely in quicken did not set up checking, savings (multiple), and loans in a correct accounting fashion but to be this far off seems strange. I've spent many hours trying to understand GC before posting
14:42:03 <jeffV> but don't feel completely comfortable in how to set up the accounts. Specifically I have a checking account and when I go over it goes to a line of credit loan. Do I set up two different accounts one under asset and the line of credit under liability as a loan?
14:56:04 <kimmo> so if you overdraft, you simply see a negative balance in your statements? I'd just keep that as an asset account
14:59:12 <jeffV> no actually the bank transfers money from line of credit to checking account so in the end I have to reconcile two accounts. To keep life simple I assume I set it up the same way in GC... right?
15:02:26 <Antisoche> jeffV: that sounds reasonable to me
15:06:03 <kimmo> that would be logical
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15:24:57 <ihf> How do I create a report based on a search result?
15:30:00 <warlord> Reports -> Account Report
15:39:39 <ihf> ok, that works but there is something I don't understand about that report...my search result is a set of transactions all of which come form a credit account and are charged to an expense account...Funds in match funds out as youy wouldexpect but there is a net change amount and a balance next to each transaction...what is that?
15:40:05 <ihf> and why si there a differnce show at the bottom?
15:43:10 <ihf> sorry if this ought to be obvious
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15:48:48 <mongi3> I'm in the US and have setup download transactions from my bank using OFX. It appears however that I must do the transaction download for each account individually. Is there any way to have gnucash just grab from all accounts in one go?
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16:05:36 <warlord> ihf: I would have to see your results to know how to respond.
16:06:04 <warlord> mongi3: no, OFX wont let you do that. It's a protocol restriction.
16:07:52 <mongi3> in the good ol' days with microsoft money, it would pull from all my accounts. Something like an update all accounts and it would do some kind of OFX transfer from all the accounts that had saved ofx connection data.
16:09:48 <mongi3> I understand the protocol may only allow one account to be queried at a time, but it must have initiated each of the transfers individually. I've been unable to find how to make gnucash act similarly, but wanted to check and ensure I was not missing something.
16:11:29 <warlord> I'm pretty sure there is no "download all data from all accounts at this institution". Part of that is that GnuCash has no concept of "institution"
16:15:56 <mongi3> I see. Ideally I'm even looking for more than that. More like a "download all data from *all* accounts that have OFX links", not just a particular institution.
16:19:26 <mongi3> I don't know how familiar you are with this functionality or the code surrounding it, but are you aware of any reason why something like this should not be pursued?
16:21:52 <mongi3> I'm relatively new to gnucash, but I enjoy contributing to OSS and may be interested in having a go at such an addition for fun. I have been unable to find any discussion about this kind of feature, but my search-foo may be weak.
16:29:48 <ihf> warlord: The search results (which I could send you if you tell me how) are simply a list of transactions all essentially the same (expense to one account and paid form one account). What I don;t understand is why some are consdiered credits and some are debits . The total amount spent is the total of those 2 numbers but I don't see why it is not all debits (or credits).
16:33:31 <ihf> warlord: I also wonder why some lines seem to be in bold and most others are not
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17:10:36 <warlord> mongi3: i'm not intimately familiar, but there isn't a single list of OFX accounts. The account info it tied into the individual accounts. So it would have to iterate through all accounts looking for all OFX info. Doable, but not optimal.not
17:10:58 <warlord> ihf: bold lines are generally accounts with children. You could print a PDF and upload it to imagebin?
17:14:03 <ihf> I think I determined that the credits vs. debits has to do with whcih of these credit card transactions has been reconciled...the credits being those that have not been reconciled
17:17:01 <warlord> Ah, right, that could be it...
17:18:40 <ihf> thanks for your help!
17:23:10 <warlord> you're welcome. sorry I'm being a slow responder.
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20:35:40 <AlphaPsi> Hello, I was wondering how to initially setup gnucash, I'm slightly confused by it. What is the Equity account for? and how do I make an account with an initial balance?
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20:38:09 <AlphaPsi> Hmm?
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