2011-11-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:03:58 <muks> hi all.. i think i'm hitting a bug or don't know the correct syntax for entering this:
10:04:08 <muks> i'm using gnucash for a business
10:04:27 <muks> i am in india (currency = INR). my customer is in the US.
10:04:40 <muks> customer pays in USD.
10:04:57 <muks> in the book options, "use trading accounts" is checked
10:05:10 <muks> i've created an invoice for the customer in USD
10:05:51 <muks> (the income account for the invoice entries is an INR account under "Income")
10:06:07 <warlord> you will need a USD A/R, Income, and 'transfer' account
10:06:10 <muks> the invoice is posted to an A/Receivable account (USD account)
10:06:14 <muks> yes
10:07:31 <muks> i've done all that.. i have an issue with the conversion rate.. gnucash is using its own rate instead of what i provide in "Transfer Funds" dialog, or what is fetched in the "Price Editor"
10:08:02 <muks> the rate configured in the price editor is 51.195 INR / USD
10:08:23 <muks> gnucash seems to be always rounding it to 50.00 no matter what i change it to
10:08:48 <muks> gnucash-2.4.8-1.fc16.x86_64
10:09:00 <warlord> check the price editor. also, are you using an existing transaction and auto-fill, or entering a new one.
10:10:26 <muks> it's a new invoice, which creates the 'Trading' sub-tree and transactions in income->sales (INR) and Assets -> AccountsReceivable -> USD A/Receivable
10:10:48 <muks> under USD A/Receivable it's using the correct conversion rate
10:11:08 <muks> whereas it uses 50.00 always under Income->Sales and it creates a new entry in the price editor
10:11:22 <muks> with Source = user:xfer-dialog
10:11:51 <muks> so this means that immediately there are red entries under 'Trading'
10:12:54 <muks> i've tried entering the rate in the transfer funds dialog both as a rational number, and as a real number.. and also tried changing the number of digits after the decimal.. none of that seems to work
10:13:10 <muks> it always rounds whatever i enter there to 50.00
10:13:29 <muks> (and adds a new entry to the price editor dialog)
10:14:12 <warlord> I'm not sure what's up with that. You probably should email to gnucash-user and ask there.
10:14:23 <muks> ok will do
10:14:44 <muks> until then i guess i have to manually edit the XML to fix the Income->Sales value
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10:17:10 <warlord> I'm not at all sure why it's doing that.
10:18:04 <muks> are you able to reproduce?
10:18:18 <warlord> i am not trying at the moment...
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11:39:04 <lupus_> I have a debtor-account and various debtors-accounts for the individual debtors. I would now like to sum up the balance of all debtor-accounts. How can I do so?
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12:29:07 <muks> warlord-afk: i think what's happening is that in gnc_invoice_window_postCB(), it's trying to convert 1 INR into USD, except that GncAmountEdit seems to round that to 2 decimal places.. so 0.1934324 becomes 0.02, and 1/0.02 becomes 50.00
12:29:38 <muks> it should not use that entry to gather the currency rate
12:42:50 <muks> there seem to be other major fubars here
12:43:36 <muks> getting a currency quote using finance::quote, it's converting an amount to a random crazy amount, though the quote itself is fine
12:43:50 <muks> converting from 3000.000000 to 42455964765187.500000
12:43:57 <muks> that is USD to INR ^
12:44:11 <muks> which is very incorrect
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13:40:11 <quentinsf> Hello all - just FYI - I've done a little GnuCash tutorial intended for those who have never even seen an accounts package before. http://youtu.be/aqAaScYVeRQ
13:41:08 <quentinsf> 25 mins of gentle introduction. Not sure whether there's anywhere (e.g. on the wiki) I should publicise it, or whether to just assume people will find it on YouTube if they want it :-) Anyway, just FYI.
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19:11:56 <warlord> muks: I'm glad you're in contact with Geert.
19:12:25 <warlord> lupus_: Do all your debtor accounts have the same parent? If so, the CoA should sum it for you.
19:12:47 <lupus_> CoA?
19:13:42 <warlord> Chart of Accounts
19:16:03 <lupus_> if I open the parent account (debtors) there are no bookings listed. How do I summarise them?
19:17:32 <warlord> In the Chart of Accounts
19:17:44 <warlord> Or use "open subaccounts"
19:18:33 <lupus_> ok, that was exactly what I was looking for - thanks
19:18:56 <warlord> great
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20:16:02 <mongi3> hi. I've recently migrated from microsoft money.
20:16:36 <mongi3> In general I've found gnucash to work quite well for my needs but there are a few items I was hoping someone would be able to provide some guidance on.
20:17:23 <mongi3> For example, I'm in the US and have setup download transactions from my bank using OFX. It appears however that I must do the transaction download for each account individually.
20:18:02 <mongi3> Is there any way to have gnucash just grab from all counts in one go?
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