2011-11-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:36:17 <David> Hi I am trying to migrate to Ubuntu on a laptop from Windows on my obsolescent tower. I have found that release 2.4.8 is not yet available in pre-compiled form for Ububnu 11.10. Since I am a complete newbie to Ubuntu, I am still learning very basic things like the directory structure and I am not ready to try a sudo command. Now I have found that Gnucash 2.4.7 crashes if I use the 'Since last run' feature on a transaction that is reminded to be
10:36:17 <David> From the release notes for 2.4.8 I thought that the problem may be the buggy theme, so I want to change themes. However, the trace file suggests that it may not be easy to do that. I was originally going to ask how to change the theme in Ubuntu, but now it might be should I just forget it for now and use the duplicate transaction function on a previous copy of the transaction to get it into the register.? The Windows Explorer has finally opened
10:37:31 <warlord> David: your two messages cut off. The first one stopped at: transaction that is reminded to be and the second at Explorer has finally opened
10:38:31 <David> ...transaction that is reminded to be added for the 10th time of 10 transactions. I found the trace file, and if I can make this computer open it, I will show it here.
10:38:52 <David> The Windows Explorer has finally opened on the directory containing the trace file so I will try to put it in my next message
10:39:14 <warlord> David: please use pastebin for long messages like the tracefile
10:39:16 <David> I am still waiting for notepad to open
10:40:24 <David> there are only two sentences. How do I use pastebin?
10:41:16 <warlord> Ah, If it's only two sentences.. You can ignore anything about guid randomness
10:42:04 <David> * 08:04:06 WARN <Gtk> Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",
10:42:04 <David> * 08:04:07 WARN <gnc.backend.dbi> [gnc_module_init_backend_dbi()] No DBD drivers found
10:43:56 <warlord> Both ignorable
10:44:02 <warlord> Well, the latter certainly.
10:44:07 <warlord> the former, maybe.
10:44:13 <warlord> (maybe not -- I'm not sure what that means)
10:46:06 <David> I think that my best action for today is to just run that transaction reminder in my windows computer where it still works
10:47:05 <warlord> Are you running 2.4.8 on Windows?
10:47:33 <David> However, I am still curious whether it is possible to change themes in the Ubuntu environment
10:48:40 <warlord> No clue. I dont use UBm
10:48:51 <David> yes, I have 2.4.8 in Windows and I already found that it will work on that transaction without crashing
10:48:58 <warlord> Interesting.
10:49:06 <warlord> It's possible that there was a bug that was fixed.
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10:51:44 <David> Thanks Warlord
10:51:51 <warlord> Good Luck.
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15:34:44 <Carson> Hello all, question, my bank (when connecting through their website) has a challenge/response. When attempting to connect through AqBanking, I get a Redirect 303 error, likely the challenge/response prompt. I have not enable OFX logging and am using GnuCash 2.4.8 Portable on Windows 7 64bit. Does or will in the near future AqBanking support challenge/response
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18:32:01 <Antisoche> Carson: aqBanking is a separate project
18:32:28 <Antisoche> I don't think you'll get an answer to that question here.
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19:05:19 <SophieW> I'm having difficulty with the business portion of gnucash. I posted an invoice for a customer who then only paid a portion of the amount invoiced. How do I go about invoicing that customer again for the remaining amount?
19:16:30 <SophieW> I'd like to be able to show the paid amount as well, but not not totally necessary
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19:44:25 <Antisoche> That should be part of the standard reports. What part isn't working?
19:45:05 * Antisoche needs to pay better attention...
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20:15:51 <SophieW> I posted the invoice for $250 but was paid $125. I processed the partial payment but now I want a new invoice showing the amount paid and the amount still owing. When I bring up the original invoice it still has the full amount showing and I don't want to create another invoice because that will mess up the first invoice...
20:20:01 <SophieW> Ok, I just found it in the report options... Thanks anyway :)
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23:15:54 <nick99> Hi there
23:18:30 <nick99> I just made an accident that apparently erased the contents of the .gzip archive of my accounts file. I moved a file from another folder into the .gzip, by mistake. I meant to move the file into the same folder as the .gzip not into the .gzip. This mishap made the .gzip contain only the newly moved file. Is there anyway to recover the original file?
23:18:39 <nick99> I hope that was clear enough.
23:19:36 <nick99> Of course, this was unwanted mouse "typo" .. but it's a really costly one. Looking for your help guys and gals. thanks in advance.
23:23:45 <nick99> anybody here?
23:44:31 <nick99> ok .. I've been hanging around for over 30 min without answer. If anybody can help, please contact me on my eamil moallam@moallam.com .. thanks a lot for your help
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