2011-11-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:08:22 <peterichardavis> Please direct me to documentation for the Accounts Payable register.
10:27:52 <warlord> peterichardavis: what kind of documentation are you looking for?
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10:29:21 <warlord> peterichardavis: does http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/chapter_bus_ar.htmlhttp://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/chapter_bus_ar.html help?
10:29:27 <warlord> Er.. http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/chapter_bus_ar.html
10:29:30 <warlord> Sorry for the double-paste
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10:50:30 <peterichardavis> I've had a look but haven't found anthing about the register page on which, for example, I have a field called Type that can be ?, I or P, but which I don't undertand.
10:51:45 <warlord> peterichardavis: And you haven't figured it out from the existing transactions in the register?
10:52:46 <warlord> peterichardavis: be warned, the A/R and A/P accounts are not for human input -- you are not supposed to hand-enter transactions into those registers. They are for the business features.
10:54:29 <peterichardavis> They've been set by the computer, but I can change some of them, which suggests that the transaction isn't decisive.
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10:55:39 <warlord> Yes, you can change some of them, but dont. If you do without knowing what you are doing then you will break your books.
10:55:45 <warlord> I == Invoice, P == Payment
10:55:51 <peterichardavis> In learning how to use them, I've also made mistakes that I'd like to correct, but some of the entries won't allow it.
10:56:26 <warlord> Right...
10:56:34 <warlord> You have to unpost invoices and make changes there.
10:56:40 <warlord> This is all in the docs
10:57:02 <warlord> .. and for payments, you can generally safely delete a payment transaction and then Process Payment again to re-enter it.
10:57:48 <peterichardavis> I'm certainly cautious of making such changes, but some are obviously wrong. Some of the frozen entries have nothing to do with posted items, so I can't unpost them. I'll try deleting.
10:58:43 <warlord> Did you ever do a Log Replay ?
10:59:13 <warlord> ... especially a Log Replay that contained Business Transactions?
10:59:13 <peterichardavis> No; should I?
10:59:22 <warlord> ABSOLUTELY NOT!
10:59:31 <warlord> Had you, that would've explained the issue.
11:00:06 <warlord> In fact, that's the only way I know of to get a transaction into the A/R account that's not attached to an invoice -- Unless you manually enter a transactoin into A/R..
11:00:11 <warlord> .... Did you do that?
11:01:05 <peterichardavis> I've probably done so by paying in from another account, but not directly.
11:03:02 <warlord> Doing that will cause the reports to fail to report the payment.
11:03:19 <warlord> .. and if you clicked on the ? and changed it to an I --- then that would've done it, too.
11:03:42 <warlord> Unfortunately there's really nothing you can do from the A/R side, but you MIGHT be able to delete the transactions from the "other" side...
11:03:53 <warlord> (assuming, of course, you haven't reconciled them already).
11:04:01 <warlord> Is this live data? Or are you just playing still?
11:04:14 <peterichardavis> Two automatic transactions I don't understand simply cancel each other out. It's real data.
11:05:09 <warlord> Ah, Automatic Payment Forward transactions -- do not delete those unless you know what you are doing.
11:05:25 <warlord> Those exist to help balance your invoices and payments... Like when you overpay an invoice.
11:06:13 <peterichardavis> I'll give that some thought, thank you.
11:07:18 <peterichardavis> I suppose I was hoping there was documentation somewhere that would help me know what I was doing, thus avoiding dangerous experimentation.
11:09:35 <warlord> Basically, the rule is "never hand-enter any transactions that touch A/R or A/P".
11:10:56 <peterichardavis> I'll concentrate on deleting from other accounts then.
11:12:11 <warlord> ok
11:13:45 <peterichardavis> As a matter of interest, if one isn't supposed to use it, why are there registers for A/R and A/P?
11:14:18 <warlord> Because GnuCash needs them.
11:14:34 <warlord> They ARE real accounts, and they must exist to use the business features.
11:14:44 <warlord> ... and you need to be able to LOOK at them
11:15:01 <warlord> .. and sometimes you DO need to do things to them, like delete incorrect payments.
11:15:57 <peterichardavis> May I suggest, then, that it would help dummies like me if they appeared in the documentation (assuming I haven't simply failed to find them).
11:16:16 <warlord> You have just failed to find them .. It is in the documentation.
11:17:57 <peterichardavis> If it's in the pages to which you referred me, in which section?
11:21:12 <warlord> I dont know offhand which section it is in, sorry.
11:21:40 <warlord> I do know that it is in there, and that there was a discussion in the past week about improving the existing text.
11:23:58 <peterichardavis> I'll keep my eyes open, and thank you meanwhile for your answers.
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11:25:58 <warlord> you're welcome.
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11:48:15 <peterichardavis> In pondering your explanations, I've noticed that transactions of type I sometimes have Action described as Payment. What does that mean?
11:49:41 <peterichardavis> If it means that I've changed them manually, should I change payments back from I to P?
11:50:25 <warlord> I dont think the I/P entry have any real meaning to the system..
11:50:39 <warlord> But it's possible you changed them... And it's also possible you might not be able to change them back.
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20:51:03 <Octatron> Does anyone here know how to link a bank statement expense to one that is already in gnucash?
21:20:10 <warlord> Octatron: I dont understand the question. "Link" how?
21:27:25 <Octatron> well once iver imported a bank statement into gnucash as a list of income and expenses I'd like to then use it to attribute those items to expenses and sales in gnucash to complete my bank reconiliation there must be a way to tell gnucash these two references are to the same expense or sale
21:28:26 <Octatron> so If i've already input into gnucash the expense or invoice earlier i can then link it to the bank statement that I've imported
21:58:11 <warlord> if you've already input it into gnucash prior to the import then during the import you need to mark the import as a duplicate.
22:16:14 <warlord> anyways, I'm off for the night... good night
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