2011-11-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:04:17 <warlord> mishehu: w.r.t. ofer's question -- even with the RDMBS (SQL) backend GnuCash will not support multiple, simultaneous users.. It will support two people on two computers.. but not "at the same time"
10:04:33 <warlord> The first person will need to exit gnucash before the second person that use it on their system
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12:54:55 <root_> hi
12:57:39 <mishehu> warlord: ah, out of curiousity, why this limitation even with the RDBMS backend?
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13:59:26 <warlord> mishehu: cache coherency
13:59:35 <warlord> gnucash is not a DB app..
13:59:53 <warlord> it reads the full dataset into RAM, and there's no notifications of backend-changes.
14:02:35 <mishehu> ah gotcha
14:02:52 <mishehu> didn't know if you guys were moving in the more realtime realm with it
14:03:40 <mishehu> I guess that presents some interesting challenges though.
14:04:58 <warlord> yep.
14:05:11 <warlord> Basically, it will be a while before the transition is complete.
14:05:28 <warlord> I believe the current devs are trying to move more towards a DB App, but it's going to be done in stages.
14:06:41 <mishehu> might even involve a message passing system that sits between the app and the db?
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14:19:00 <warlord> who knows?
14:19:07 <warlord> maybe? probably not..
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14:47:20 <kimmo> I sincerely hope gnucash will remain focused for the single accountant
14:47:32 <kimmo> with a two click installation
14:51:01 <warlord> kimmo: I think it will.
14:51:20 <warlord> All the devs are single-accountant users.
14:51:48 <kimmo> that's good to hear
14:52:41 <kimmo> accounting as it is is hard enough for laymen to grasp... Two click installation is about the maximum, otherwise they will go for something else
14:53:17 <warlord> two-click install on what platform?
14:53:29 <warlord> (I have no idea how many "clicks" it takes to install gnucash on e.g. Win32)
14:55:44 <kimmo> a figure of speech to mean as easy as anything such as itunes
14:55:59 <kimmo> that is, not requiring any set ups of databases etc prior to install
14:56:14 <warlord> that is and always will be the case.
14:56:31 <kimmo> excellent
14:56:33 <warlord> if gnucash changes to default to using SQL as the backend, it will default to SQLite, which acts just like a "File"
14:56:41 <warlord> s/if/when
14:59:51 <kimmo> heh
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