2011-11-07 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:05:15 <lupus_> newbie-question: It seems like our housing cooperative's finances have to be reorganized. It seems essential to have some accruals for e.g. Kitchens and other items. What sort of an account set-up do I need for this and how does this relate to depreciation?
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10:06:26 <warlord> That would be an Asset
10:07:39 <lupus_> not rather a liability, since it consists of funds to be spent in the future?
10:10:33 <warlord> A liability is money that you owe to someone.. An asset is money that you "have". Liabilities are generally things like loans, credit cards, etc.
10:10:51 <warlord> This would be an Asset, because it's money you have that you are building up for a specific purpose (bucket budgeting)
10:12:35 <lupus_> ok, it will give it a try. So how does it relate to the expense account "depreciation"? What would you suggest to book by the end of the year?
10:13:30 <warlord> what are you depreciating?
10:14:58 <lupus_> assuming a stove is valued new at USD 6000 and has an estimated lifetime of 10 years. So I would like to devaluate the asset "stove" each year by USD 600
10:16:40 <warlord> That would depend on the depreciation table, which is governed by your locale laws.
10:19:43 <lupus_> yes, but I somehow don't see how depreciation and accruals relate - is it common practice to do either or, or both?
10:27:58 <lupus_> my basic assumption is that you first depreciate it, and then put this amount in the respective accruals - is this feasible and if yes how?
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11:42:55 <warlord> lupus_: sorry, stepped away for a while.. I think you'd best ask an accountant that question. You can try on gnucash-user mailing list, too
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12:50:15 <tolland> has the help file been updated in the repo version? it seems marginally more up to date
12:53:25 <warlord> Probably.. Check the svn log history in trac?
12:55:57 <tolland> normally upon import most of the transactions are assigned to accounts, this recent import has seemed to have dumped all the transactions into imbalance
12:58:14 <tolland> is there anything I can do to match the transactions from the bank account view?
12:59:03 <warlord> tolland: one-by-one reset the transfer account.
12:59:15 <warlord> this is OFX? You should have gone and matched them during the import.
13:00:37 <tolland> oopsy
13:02:27 <tolland> damn, have to roll back quite a way
13:05:10 <tolland> its not offering me any simplification, just a dialog to assign the accounts rather than a register
13:05:26 <tolland> there are loads of description dupes
13:06:05 <warlord> tolland: For OFX it will learn, but not within a session.
13:06:29 <warlord> Your best bet is to import as short a period as you can so it will learn.. And then import the rest so it will use what it learned.
13:06:35 <tolland> hmm.. all my data comes from OFX
13:06:42 <warlord> HOWEVER, you still need to manually verify before you finish the import.
13:06:48 <tolland> where are the rules stored?
13:06:50 <tolland> in the xml?
13:07:13 <warlord> yes
13:07:23 <warlord> (assuming you turn on bayesian matching)
13:09:17 <tolland> if anything, its harder to match from that dialog because the accounts list needs to be expanded every time
13:10:51 <warlord> It *should* be auto-expanded to the currently chosen account. (if not I would consider that a bug)
13:11:12 <tolland> something is gone bad, because normally I dont get this
13:12:00 <tolland> the stupid thing is that I do accounts about every half, year by which time fedora has upgraded, gnucash has upgraded, and I've forgotten all the processes
13:12:36 <tolland> I definitely dont see a bayesian option, nor in the help file
13:13:58 <warlord> Edit -> Preferences [Online Banking] [Use bayesian matching]
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13:37:24 <tolland> is it possible to update many records selected at once?
13:51:05 <tolland> are there any developers on the list?
13:51:11 <tolland> errr in the room?
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15:13:40 <tolland> hello again.
15:14:16 <tolland> If I want to track a physical commodity like gold bullion coins
15:14:26 <warlord> Use ZAU
15:14:28 <tolland> I would need a symbol to add them as a stock.
15:14:29 <warlord> er, XAU
15:15:00 <tolland> sounds like you have ad that question before... ;-)
15:15:07 <warlord> As for your previous message, no, there is no way to update multiple records at once, except moving all transactions from one account into another (by deleting the account)
15:15:25 <tolland> is that a design choice?
15:16:55 <warlord> Well, it's a UI simplicity choice... so yes, I guess you could call it a design choice.
15:28:00 <tolland> I just found an interesting "feature"
15:29:17 <tolland> on 2.4.7 on fedora if you open 2 gnucash and put them next to each other, both gnucash respond to column width resizing
15:29:54 <tolland> ie, the event bus is leaking
15:34:02 <warlord> This is considered a feature.
15:34:16 <warlord> It uses gconf... and column width is a user-global setting
15:43:27 <tolland> OK, so I've imported loads of historical transactions which I was going to assign to accounts, but the individual assigning is taking some time so I will have to do it later. Can I just zero off the totals from 1st April last year based on the accounts balances then?
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15:57:03 <warlord> only if you never plan to import your old balances.
15:57:29 <warlord> (I shoudn't say "never", but.... make sure you import all historical data you plan to import before you perform any reconciliation)
15:57:54 <warlord> .. also, doing it that way will be more difficult for you, because every time you add new transactions you'll need to re-balance your "starting balance" transaction.
15:58:06 <warlord> It's best to pick a starting point now and stick to it.
16:01:50 <michel___> Hi, I store my financial administration in gnucash, currently only my bank accounts. I like to extend the administration also for my wallet. Sometimes I pay via my bank card for something for friends. Often they pay me back in real money. Any ideas on how to insert this nicely in gnucash?
16:03:04 <warlord> michel___: I would do a split txn between CC, Expense, and Cash.
16:03:26 <michel___> What does CC mean>?
16:04:02 <warlord> Credit Card
16:04:08 <michel___> ow, you mean to split the transaction in "my" part, and a cash part?
16:04:33 <warlord> Yes. The cash being what they paid you.
16:04:57 <michel___> Ah, interesting, I noticed the possibility of split transactions, but never used it
16:05:00 <warlord> So, the bill is $20. You put $20 on your card. $10 is your part, so that's the expense. Then $10 is cash that they pay you for their part
16:05:42 <michel___> Thanks, i understand, going to read the documentation on how to split transactions.
16:07:12 <michel___> It also solves the problem that I do not book too much on a certain expence, which was also irritating me
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16:55:16 <tedcx> 2.4.8 configure: error: cannot find GtkHTML >= 3.14 but I have libgtkhtml 4.2.1-2.12
16:55:47 <tedcx> buildiing gnucsh for opensuse 12.1 rc2
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17:25:19 <tedc> trying to compile 2.4.8 on opensuse 12.2 rc2. I;m getting configure: error: cannot find GtkHTML >= 3.14 but gtkhtml is 4.0 any cluse?
17:27:04 <warlord> tedc: I doubt we support 4.x
17:27:13 <warlord> Any reason you're not using webkit?
17:28:26 <tedc> no never used it before but I'll try thanks
17:31:42 <tedc> any webkit how-to's ?
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17:33:53 <warlord> Um... It's just a different (better) HTML rendering engine.
17:35:08 <tedc> how do I use it? haven't made gnucash in 3 years
17:36:16 <warlord> What do you mean?
17:36:29 <warlord> how do you tell gnucash to use webkit?
17:36:39 <tedc> yes
17:36:49 <warlord> run ./configure --help ...
17:36:56 <warlord> it's something like --with-html-engine=webkit
17:37:58 <tedc> thanks - I missed that
17:39:14 <tedc> works - compiling now thanks
17:44:28 <warlord> You're welcome
17:45:25 <tedc> installs but aborts gnc.gui:ERROR:gnc-main-window.c:3322:gnc_main_window_setup_window: assertion failed: (filename) talls but aborts
17:46:21 <warlord> tedc: Are you building from tarball or svn?
17:47:07 <tedc> tarball - should I try svn or git? make check fails 3 tests
17:50:00 <warlord> Hmm.. Try sending mail to gnucash-devel with the failures?
17:54:52 <tedc> sent - want me to try git?
17:56:08 <warlord> You can try..
17:56:20 <warlord> doesn't cost anything (except time)
18:03:24 <tedc> git build erors oooout - checking for guile-1.8 >= 1.8.5... no --guile 2.0.2 is installed
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18:08:15 <warlord> 2.4.x does not support guile2
18:13:47 <tedc> apparently not ; guile is installed and /usr/include/guile/2.0/ seems populated
18:14:40 <tedc> the tar version didn't carp but the git version does
18:17:10 <warlord> not too surprising.
18:20:46 <tedc> I'll try svn
18:32:37 <warlord> git and svn are effectively the same.. depends on your branch.
18:33:50 <tedc> nope - svn carps about texinfo
18:36:13 <warlord> weird.....
18:36:21 <warlord> why not just 'yum install gnucash'?
18:55:11 <tedc> yum doesn't do anything
18:56:21 <tedc> the build via svn errors out make[5]: *** [swig-core-utils.lo] Error 1 and core utils is not in the distro
18:58:46 <tedc> core-utils not in git or svn but are in the tarball
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19:03:40 <tedc> swig-core-utils.c:1608:3: error: 'scm_must_free' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/guile/2.0/libguile/gc.h:268) [-Werror=deprecated-declarations]
19:06:55 <tedc> sorry swig-core-utils is there iin all 3 dirs
19:18:48 <tedc> tried 2.4.0 but it errors out /usr/lib64/libgnc-backend-xml-utils.so.0: undefined reference to `qof_object_foreach_sorted'
20:01:10 <warlord> Stop using guile -2
20:01:19 <warlord> Revert to guile 1.8
20:01:26 <warlord> you wont get gnucash working with g-2
20:02:36 <tedc> did an strace and the oxygen icons are missing
20:02:47 <tedc> will revert to guile 1.8
20:03:22 <tedc> the ter version actually runs but its having a stroke looking for icons
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20:28:17 <warlord> No clue about the icons.
20:28:35 <warlord> Anyways, I'm out for the night. I'll be back tomorrow morning if you have more questions.
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21:07:14 <tedc> the purported rpm's in the diistro Throw to key misc-error with args ("primitive-load-path" "Unable to find file ~S in load path" ("ice-9/boot-9") #f)Aborting
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21:30:23 <ofer> I'm sure this gets asked all the time, but I'm interested in letting two people on different computers enter data into the same gnucash file at the same time. Is this possible?
21:30:56 <ofer> We're currently sharing via dropbox, which means it syncs back and forth on file writes. I don't know if this is compatible with how gnucash is implemented. Couldn't find a definitive answer on the web.
21:31:30 <ofer> There was some mention of making it work over NFS with file locking, but I'd rather not have to implement that in my current environment (we don't even have a reliable server yet, just two desktops)
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22:09:11 <mishehu> ofer: possibly with the RDBMS backends
22:09:20 <mishehu> but not really with the flatfile data formats
22:09:43 <ofer> ok. I'll have to live without it for now, then. thanks for the confirmation
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