2011-11-04 GnuCash IRC logs

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15:10:53 <pittstains> hello, rookie bookkeeper here... i need a way to apply a transaction to an invoice
15:11:55 <pittstains> in other words, the invoice was created, but when payment was received, the transaction was recorded as debit cash, credit revenue
15:14:02 <pittstains> so now i have a persistent accounts receivable balance, and an invoice that should be flagged as paid but that isn't
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15:29:19 <pittstains> arg, I'm going to have to step away for a few hours, but if someone would be kind enough to respond, I'll retrieve my answer from the IRC logs
15:29:23 <pittstains> thanks!
15:33:58 <warlord> pittstains: Just delete the payment transaction and re-enter it using the Process Payment
15:34:47 <pittstains> warlord: good timing, i was about to shut down... problem is the invoice already has a partial payment on it
15:34:53 <pittstains> and it's ooooooold
15:35:12 <pittstains> the cash account has been reconciled for that month
15:35:15 <warlord> Okay, why does it have a partial payment on it? (and how did you enter that partial payment)
15:35:30 <warlord> You can re-reconcile the month after you replace the transaction with the correct one.
15:35:52 <pittstains> i tried re-reconciling, but then the starting amount was wrong...
15:36:21 <warlord> That's fine.. You can ignore the starting amount. it's only the ending amount that needs to be correct.
15:36:33 <pittstains> partial payment was entered using Process payment, but the amount was for less than the total...
15:37:01 <warlord> Okay... And why can't you process payment for the rest, now?
15:37:42 <pittstains> well, i tried and then i just couldn't get it to reconcile...
15:38:14 <pittstains> let me try doing it again and see if things don't reconcile... maybe i did something (else) screwy
15:38:54 <warlord> Make sure you re-enter the correct ending date and balance from your last statement.
15:39:10 <warlord> Then you should only have to click off one txn, the re-entered one.
15:42:00 <pittstains> warlord: oh, maybe that's the problem... i was entering in the ending date from the month in question (5/31)... should I just use today's date?
15:42:43 <warlord> No, you should use the ending date for the month in question, and the ending balance of the month in question.
15:43:02 <warlord> note that the ending balance may NOT be what gnucash suggests
15:43:30 <pittstains> right, i dug up the statement for that month and i'm using that value
15:44:57 <pittstains> when i try to reconcile there's a huge difference and the green checkbox doesn't light up
15:47:53 <warlord> What's the difference?
15:48:16 <pittstains> -2403.74
15:48:29 <pittstains> warlord: i probably screwed something else out when i was trying to be too clever
15:48:38 <warlord> Maybe. I dont know.
15:48:47 <pittstains> i'll just revert to an earlier version of the db and try your advice again
15:48:57 <warlord> Okay. And make sure you have a backup.
15:49:01 <pittstains> thanks for your help
15:49:04 <warlord> You're welcome.
15:49:10 <pittstains> will report back either way
15:49:12 <warlord> Seriously, Process Payment is your friend. (at least until 2.6)
15:49:15 <pittstains> but probably not until tomorrow
15:49:24 <pittstains> yeah, PP is great
15:49:25 <warlord> ok. i may or may not be online.
15:50:01 <pittstains> but my partner was not issuing invoices at the time (sigh), so checks would come in the mail and skip over AR altogether
15:50:14 <pittstains> anyway, i'm about to be late, so i better split!
15:57:42 <warlord> Good luck!
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