2011-11-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:02:35 <cgalimbe> I'm not in a condition to download Italian fund quotes prices although I'm successfully in downloading stock quotes prices. This is an example of what I'm searching for: (name) Euromobiliare Azioni Italiane (Symbol) IT0001013520.MI (Type) Fund (cusip) IT0001013520.MI (server) Yahoo Europe. Where I'm wrong?
04:17:16 <kimmo> bonjour en paris
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06:32:04 <oliv3r> warlord-afk: well i'm importing an comma seperated file, which is converted to a qif i think with a perl script, so I guess it's perl :)
06:32:12 <oliv3r> erm i guess it's qif
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07:45:46 <warlord> oliv3r: yep, that would be the qif importer.
07:45:59 <warlord> so just copy your .gnucash folder as well as your data file.
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11:25:08 <oliv3r> warlord: allright, thanks :)
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15:04:29 <ze10diez> hello
15:05:40 <ze10diez> I'm looking for help on how to follow in gnucash the health expenses. May someone help me ?
15:08:54 <warlord> Do you have a specific question, ze10diez ?
15:16:47 <ze10diez> warlord: Yes
15:16:50 <ze10diez> to track the return of social security and mutual business reimbursements of health, I need me a system to monitor each repayment over an expense. This allowed to see what was not supported and to see the annual cost of health spending my pending charge.
15:18:28 <ze10diez> I'm afraid not to be really clear, perhaps I can clarify if needed. (I'm from France, so my english is quite poor. But I try to improve it)
15:20:51 <warlord> ze10diez: the question I would pose to you is how would you account for it using a pen-and-paper accounting system?
15:24:59 <ze10diez> I would probably put in an "expense Tab" an expense from the "main account" ( where my salary comes) , then I'll tried to link with the reimbursement done on my main account.
15:26:11 <ze10diez> Does it mean, I must create an "expense account" , then an Income account "health reimbursements"
15:27:10 <ze10diez> with a transaction between "expense heath account" and "the main account"
15:28:05 <ze10diez> and a transaction between the " main account" and the "income health reimbursements"
15:28:43 <ze10diez> But the deal is who to link the expense account with the Income health account ?
15:29:35 <ze10diez> Anyhow perhaps it's too complex to do as well. I'm quite lost to see an easy solution
15:32:07 <warlord> I guess it all depends on what exactly you are trying to track. Is it a question of what you pay out of pocket and what you get reimbursed?
15:34:24 <warlord> You could just record Cash -> Expense when you pay out of pocket, and then Expense->Cash when you get a reimbursement. Or if you need to keep track separately you could use contra-accounts.
15:39:52 <ze10diez> I need to see: 1/ how many money has been spent a year for health.
15:40:17 <ze10diez> 2/ how many money has come back a year for health
15:41:24 <ze10diez> 3/ see he difference (3-2)=> then how many money on me for health
15:42:31 <ze10diez> 4/ to finish to see what has been reimbursed or not.
15:42:31 <warlord> does this include insurance premiums or only out of pocket?
15:42:49 <warlord> for #4, how do you know what is supposed to be reimbursed vs. what wont be?
15:43:09 <ze10diez> ok, This incluse insurance premiums
15:43:32 <ze10diez> to be more precise:
15:44:04 <ze10diez> in 2/ how many money has been taken into account by the insurance premiums
15:44:41 <ze10diez> 3/ to see how many money has been spent from my pocket
15:44:57 <ze10diez> 4/ to see what hasn't been reibursed yet.
15:46:02 <ze10diez> so for #4: I know what is supposed to be rembursed or not and at which level
15:47:19 <warlord> Okay, so it sounds like you need something like Expenses:Insurance:Premiums, Ex:In:OutOfPocket, and Asset:Insurance:Reimbursibles (and A:In:Reimbursements, if you want to specifically keep separate track)
15:47:52 <ze10diez> Therefore , for #4 the best is to mark the record(transaction) finish or reconcilied as soon as it has been paid by the insurance premium
15:48:25 <warlord> If you want to keep track specifically, yes.
15:48:41 <ze10diez> or to mark it finished / reconcilied if I know it won't be taken by the insurance.
15:51:19 <ze10diez> Ok then If I understand, I can create both Asset "reimbursible" for then waiting income from insurance, and "reimbursiments" for the income from the insurance.
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15:52:02 <ze10diez> But I don't undersand the expense part
15:52:18 <warlord> Out-of-pocket (non-reimbursible) expneses.
15:52:42 <ze10diez> in health expense: I would have :
15:52:48 <ze10diez> medecine
15:52:52 <ze10diez> doctor
15:52:58 <ze10diez> and so on
15:54:09 <ze10diez> Hum. I begin to understand the Ex:In:Premium
15:54:59 <ze10diez> You mean how I spend money a month for the insurance premium compagnie to have the health contract ?
15:57:26 <warlord> I dont know how it works there, for here in the USA we pay the insurance company a sum every month.
16:00:40 <ze10diez> ok, Then in France it's the same but in many case as me this payement is done by the imployer itself as it's imposed by the employer. You know the health is a very important thing in France. The only thing is that I can see it on my salary detail paper.
16:02:38 <ze10diez> As I don't have to follow this expense, I don't need to get rid of that in gnucash, in other words the insurance health parts have been already take off my salary when I receive it on my bank.
16:03:11 <ze10diez> And to be more precise: we have 2 inssurances health compagnie.
16:03:53 <ze10diez> A basic one which is managed by the government and an other one private
16:04:37 <ze10diez> That's why the reimbursement comes from 2 compagnies, not only one, it's more complex to match that in gnucash
16:05:07 <ze10diez> one is CPAM (public one) and this other APICIL (private one)
16:05:45 <ze10diez> Both are already paid when I get the salary net at the end of each month.
16:06:53 <ze10diez> then I should use "Asset:Insurance CPAM :reimbursement" ""Asset:Insurance APICIL :reimbursement"
16:07:35 <ze10diez> and ""Asset:Insurance CPAM :reimbursible" and "Asset:Insurance APICIL :reimbursible"
16:08:44 <ze10diez> and for example for a common doctor expenses, I I do understand:
16:10:03 <ze10diez> I have to create a transaction in "asset:main account" for 23 Euros
16:10:46 <ze10diez> then the expense account selected is "expense:health:doctor"
16:11:04 <ze10diez> but how to split this monay to:
16:11:36 <ze10diez> 16,10 for APICIL:reimbursible
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16:12:45 <ze10diez> 5,9 for CPAM:reimbursible
16:12:56 <ze10diez> and 1 euro still on me
16:15:12 <warlord> okay..
16:15:35 <ze10diez> Does it mean I have to create a split transaction between expense:health:doctor and ("Asset:Insurance CPAM :reimbursible" and "Asset:Insurance APICIL :reimbursible" and asset:health on me")
16:18:19 <ze10diez> ?
16:18:21 <kimmo> hold on a bit
16:18:54 <kimmo> when you go to a doctor, do you pay, or just sign something that enabled the doctors the invoice your emplyer?
16:21:42 <warlord> ze10diez: yes, I think so
16:22:12 <ze10diez> I wrote a ckeck or pay by credit card. Then the transaction is registered and send to the 2 insurances compagnies and would be reimbursible but 1 week later on my main account by a transfert.
16:23:09 <ze10diez> I mean will be rembursed one week later.
16:25:20 <ze10diez> To come back with Warlord, I think the "asset:health on me" shoudn't exist as it still an expense comming for the "main account". What is your opinion on
16:25:41 <kimmo> if you pay for example 100 euro, and you know you get it all back from these two (either directly, or via paycheck withdrawal deduction), then the proper transaction split would be "-100 eur cash", "40 eur Assets - Reimbursememts - CPAM", "60 eur Assets - Reimbursements - APICIL"
16:26:17 <kimmo> if you get it back 100%, there is no expense involved
16:26:39 <kimmo> salutations de paris, btw
16:27:22 <ze10diez> :D
16:27:31 <kimmo> Clairement le montant des architectes fous promise de la ville
16:27:41 <ze10diez> then it's a good, very good suggestion
16:29:10 <ze10diez> ? que voulez-vous dire ? je comprends pas le rapprochement :(
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16:31:01 <kimmo> désolé, mon français est mauvais. Je voulais dire que Paris est plein de bâtiments, dont l'architecte doit avoir été fou, parce qu'ils sont si grands
16:31:07 <ze10diez> and the part which still on me could go on expense part ? Et la partie restant à ma charge va dans le compte de dépense de santé spécifique au docteur par ex.
16:32:33 <ze10diez> kimmo: :-D, en effet, je suis à Lyon, et c'est plus petit.
16:33:44 <kimmo> Käännä tekstiä tai verkkosivu
16:33:44 <kimmo> suomen rc-purjehtijat
16:33:44 <kimmo> Kirjoita tekstiä tai verkkosivuston osoite tai käännä asiakirja.
16:33:44 <kimmo> Peruuta
16:33:44 <kimmo> Käännös (englanti > ranska)
16:33:46 <kimmo> ranska
16:33:49 <kimmo> suomi
16:33:51 <kimmo> englanti
16:33:54 <kimmo> Oui, si vous payez le médecin lorsque vous, et obtenir tout l'argent, alors vous allez l'enregistrer en tant que "Cash" <-> «remboursables», et inclure la totalité du montant sur le rapport de dépenses. Lorsque vous êtes payé, vous avez alors enregistrer un "remboursables" -> "Cash" de transaction
16:33:59 <kimmo> oops
16:34:34 <arbortender> is there a way to increase the font size in the registers?
16:34:59 <kimmo> gnucash uses gnome settings AFAIK
16:35:25 <arbortender> hmm. I haven't twiddled with those ever. how to?
16:38:08 <kimmo> hmm. which distro are you in?
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16:41:00 <ze10diez> kimmo & warlord: thank you a lot, I have to test that now. I'll let you know If I'm succesful to implement the solution.
16:41:16 <warlord> Good luck!
16:42:06 <kimmo> vous êtes les bienvenus
16:45:38 <arbortender> o dear. sorry, which distro of what? I have gnucash 2.4.7 on a windows7 minibook. Does that help?
16:52:31 <arbortender> Do I need to find out which distro of Gnome, and if so, how to?
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17:36:30 <warlord> arbortender: Um, the only way I know to adjust font sizes is through the gnome control center.
17:36:52 <arbortender> where to find the gnome control center?
17:37:05 <arbortender> I have never been in there.
17:37:53 <arbortender> Is there one, in a windows installation of gnucash?
17:39:46 <warlord> Probably not.
17:40:03 <warlord> I think you may need to adjust the gtkrc file by hand. I have no idea how to do that.
17:42:44 <arbortender> eek
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