2011-10-31 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:49:51 <oliv3r> Hi, I want to start using gnomecash on a different computer then my regular one. Opening my file is no problem, but I would like to also be able to'copy' the smart import filter, as i tought it quite well over the years. How can I copy this smart bit?
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10:52:47 <warlord> oliv3r: a) I presume you mean "GnuCash".. (I have no idea what "gnomecash" is)
10:52:57 <warlord> b) What "smart import filter" do you mean?
10:53:29 <oliv3r> erm, yeah; i did join gnucash lol, but my mind was wondering
10:53:44 <oliv3r> well when you import data, you have the matching filter, i forgot it's name
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11:34:02 <sarves> hi guys
11:34:17 <sarves> im very new here
11:34:24 <sarves> can lead me
11:36:51 <genjix> warlord: i assume you're a GnuCash dev. I just sent an email to the GnuCash user mailing list, but here's a copy in case you've missed it:
11:36:54 <genjix> http://privatepaste.com/6aeb98504e
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15:22:30 <warlord> oliv3r: sorry, I'm back now.. Are you importing QIF, OFX, or something else? The matching filters are stored in ~/.gnucash or in your data file itself, depending on the importer.
15:24:21 <warlord> genjix: Ah, yes, I saw that. I wont be able to attend myself. I cannot speak to other devs. How long until Bitcoin gets an ISO currency definition?
15:25:38 <genjix> warlord: maybe never? who knows :)
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15:49:51 <warlord> genjix: We do have a few Xxx currencies for non-ISO commodities, like XAU, XAG, etc. Maybe we could add an XBC? If nothing else, file a bug report and suggest that?
15:50:09 <genjix> BTC is the symbol everyone uses
15:50:29 <genjix> but there's no official ruling on that
15:50:38 <genjix> however ever bitcoin user uses BTC
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15:57:04 <warlord> I'm not sure how I feel about adding a non-ISO currency without using an Xxx currency..
15:57:11 <warlord> I feel it would set a bad precedent.
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15:57:47 <genjix> warlord: ok so what about XBC?
15:58:11 <warlord> Like I said, file a bug report in Bz and suggest that.
15:58:31 <genjix> it's been proposed a bunch of times
15:58:43 <genjix> warlord: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=29061.0
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16:26:28 <warlord> genjix: Give me a gnucash BZ bug#
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