2011-10-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:41:40 <STK> I just installed gnucash. I cannot get income/expense reports to work. The account summary does.
11:42:03 <STK> Any ideas?
11:46:10 <STK> I edit the report options and still not results for a report.
11:47:15 <warlord> STK: what happens when you run the report?
11:49:23 <STK> When I run the welcome report, several report titles are displayed. The account summary is fine. But all the other reports having headings, no data or accounts but links to edit the report. I edit and choose the accounts (all of them) and ok and stuill same output
11:51:18 <warlord> The welcome report could easily have bitrotted. What if you run the report in question directly?
11:51:41 <warlord> (or reports, as there appear to be multiple)
11:57:41 <STK> I have entered data into the registers as a bank checking account. The account summary shows everything. So I tried going to income expense alone and no data just headings. I have tried cash flow, headings and it appears to work but it comes up with "0" for cash in and "0" for cash out. I would expect by inserting into the register it would call that a cash in. Do I have to call a deposit...
11:57:43 <STK> ...into the checking account also a income ?
12:04:23 <warlord> STK: Are you entering correct transfer accounts?
12:04:34 <warlord> And do your transfer accounts have the correct account types?
12:04:41 <warlord> ..... have you read the Docs?
12:05:39 <STK> Ok, I'll start over. I'll read the docs again. I must be missing something. Thank you. I'll be back if I need help again.
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12:35:21 <gjanssens> The welcome report is known not to work properly on webkit.
12:35:54 <gjanssens> More specifically any multi-column report with graphs is affected.
12:35:58 <gjanssens> See https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=638971
12:36:02 <gjanssens> Just FYI
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15:48:28 <brew4kix> Trying (unsuccessfully) to set up online banking (OFX) in gnucash, currently using quicken direct connect. Any suggestions?
15:51:11 <brew4kix> Trying to set up investment accounts for Edward Jones, FI ID 823, FI ORG Edward Jones, FI URL https://ofx.edwardjones.com, FI Broker ID www.edwardjones.com, using Quicken direct connect userid and password
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16:04:52 <brew4kix> I get these messages when trying to get accounts: Signer not found, Certificate is not trusted, HTTP Status: 400 (Bad Request), Network error while waiting for response
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17:28:05 <warlord> brew4kix: you might try asking on the gnucash-user mailing list.
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17:39:34 <apheff> hey
17:42:18 <apheff> I am a gnucash newbie (and its been a while since I did the accountancy module at college) and I am trying to figure out how I can link loaded credit card transactions to loaded current account transactions. i.e. money transferes from one account to another.
17:42:25 <apheff> Any suggestions?
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18:03:12 <apheff> So...not possible then?
18:13:22 <warlord> apheff: during the import you need to specify the "other" account, and map the duplicates manually.
18:31:02 <apheff> @warlord: thanks. How would I map them manually though? They have different names, so I cant really delete one or the other..
18:31:02 <gncbot> apheff: Error: "warlord:" is not a valid command.
18:31:17 <apheff> warlord: thanks. How would I map them manually though? They have different names, so I cant really delete one or the other..
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18:47:21 <Bevans> Hi guys, I'm new to GnuCash, and have a problem after importing my last months account transactions. They don't appear in the account, but on importing again, they are all picked up as duplicates. They appear on a transaction report, but not when just looking at the account, nor performing a transaction find on that account. Any ideas ? All months before last month imported ok.
18:54:23 <apheff> Bevans: Im a newbie myself. Perhaps you could try doing a "Find" for and dates for them. I assume you have tried "Check & Repair" on the account?
18:56:57 <Bevans> Thanks for your response. Check & Repair seems to change noting and find doesn't find any of my last months transactions (but does find transactions from previous months).
18:58:55 <apheff> Brevans: Is the search type: "New Search"? It could be the dates imported incorrectly, so might be worth looking for descriptions/names. Was the original file QIF?
18:59:58 <Bevans> Yes its a new search & the import file was indeed qif.
19:00:32 <apheff> Then its basicly just a text files, so you should be able to open it and read it.
19:02:43 <Bevans> Interestingly enough, running the transaction report & clicking on the link to the account in that Transaction Report tab all transactions are missing, whereas when accessing the account via the Accounts tab, the latest transactions are still missing.
19:05:10 <Bevans> My fault, I imported into a slightly different account name, so GnuCash rightly created a new account with that name for them. Use error ;)
19:05:35 <apheff> Hey I dont suppose you know how do consolidate between two accounts?
19:05:50 <apheff> I have a credit card account, and a current account.
19:06:01 <Bevans> I saw it mentioned in the FAQ.
19:06:34 <apheff> Transfering money between them i have two different named transactions recorded on both, but i want to link them together, but without deleting either.
19:06:52 <apheff> (transactions created from import).
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19:14:05 <Bevans> The help within the program is pretty good on that. Enter your individual transactions into your credit card account, then once a month, enter the payment to your credit card as a transfer of money from your checking account to your credit card account.
19:19:14 <apheff> What do you do about the imported transactions? You would end up with duplicates no?
19:20:46 <Bevans> I think you are only supposed to import your credit card transactions into your credit card account, so there should be no duplicates.
19:22:04 <apheff> Oh. Ive got them splitting into the different accounts, so i can keep track of expenditure and in what areas...
19:23:14 <apheff> I thought that was ok, hence the accounts were marked as EXPENSE type so the positive number makes sense.
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19:27:13 <warlord> apheff: Well, you'll have to choose one description, and you have to "map" them by telling the importer that the txn in question affects the other account.
19:27:18 <Bevans> To be honest, it sounds like you need to read the first part of the help guide in the program. If you aren't from an accounting background (I'm not) the way GnuCash uses accounts for everything including what other personal finance programs would call categories is confusing. The help / concepts explains it.
19:28:10 <warlord> Bevans: make sure your "view" selection is "all".. Also, how many txns in the account?
19:28:35 <warlord> apheff: you have to delete one.
19:30:07 <apheff> Bevans: Will I did accounting as part of my computer course (many moons ago), so i think im mainly right. I suppose I can ask my sister she is a bean counter :P
19:30:33 <Bevans> View is all & just 300 transactions thank. It was my fault, I imported into a slightly wrong account name, so it rightly created a new account with that name, just for those transactions (user error). i
19:31:28 <warlord> Bevans: you can delete that "new" account and gnucash will ask you if you want to move the txns and let you choose another account (I think)
19:31:41 <apheff> warlord: Thanks. I was afraid of as much. I guess i can merge the names for one; "111 TRANSFER" and "222 TRANSFER" to "111 to 222 TRANSFER" and do a split
19:31:42 <warlord> it used to only allow moving to the parent.
19:31:52 <Bevans> Yes, I did that & it worked fine thanks.
19:31:53 <warlord> apheff: no need for split
19:32:11 <warlord> It's a basic transaction: debit checking, credit CC
19:32:57 <apheff> warlord: but then the current account wont balance since there would be no corresponding transaction..no?
19:33:52 <warlord> apheff: what do you mean "current account"?
19:37:06 <apheff> warlord: an english debit account. Debit card. Credit card.
19:38:21 <warlord> I don't know about the UK, but in the US a debit card is just another way to access a checking account, so there is no "debit card" account -- the transactions directly affect the underlying bank account.
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19:40:40 <apheff> warlord: Yep. I load transactions from QIF file for my current account and for my credit card. I am intending to reload each once a week (every 2 weeks max) to keep an eye on expenses.
19:41:20 <apheff> Hence I didnt really want to delete transactions as i figure they wouldnt get picked up as duplicates then.
19:41:21 <warlord> Right, so assuming "current account" == "bank account", you need to mark transactions between the two appropriately so the it goes from current -> cc
19:41:37 <warlord> It will ... due to accounts, date, and amount
19:41:43 <warlord> it doesn't look at the description.
19:44:02 <apheff> warlord: Ok. So it should be ok. I assume it prompts you if there is ambiguity? (Havent hit that yet)
19:48:15 <apheff> warlord: Thanks for your help. I feel a bit more confident in using gnucash now.
19:54:19 <warlord> apheff: not sure what kind of ambiguity
20:01:20 <apheff> warlord: well im not sure now tbh. might be 1am thats doing it. I was going to try put in a transaction ahead of time between my current account, and credit card so I can see more clearly what money I actually have.
20:01:45 <apheff> warlord: I tend not to use a credit card as a way to spread payments, just another way to pay.
20:17:17 <apheff> warlord: ohh. Couldnt I have a third dumy account so my CC->dumy dumy->CA ?
20:18:21 <apheff> warlord: bugger. reverse the arrows. but you get the idea.
20:37:09 <warlord> apheff: you could, but then it wouldn't truly link the payment transactions
20:40:15 <apheff> warlord: Yeh. Its getting a bit tangled. I think i will make a note and look at it again in the morning with fresh eyes.
20:40:45 <apheff> warlord: thanks again for your help
20:40:47 <warlord> Good idea.
20:40:52 <warlord> Have a good night
20:40:58 <apheff> you too!
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