2011-10-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:34:08 <arbortender> What's the best way to export the account structure and then import it back into a fresh datafile for a separate year? I tried the xml export but got an empty file.
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05:48:37 <puggan> how do i debug an error message like "The server at URL mysql://gnucash_puggan@puggan.se/gnucash_puggan experienced an error or encountered bad or corrupt data.", tried "gnucash.exe --debug" but got no output at all
05:53:55 <puggan> have tested the database with "SELECT tx_guid, SUM(value_num), SUM(quantity_num) FROM splits GROUP BY tx_guid HAVING NOT SUM(value_num) = 0" and got no errors, someone got more sql tips that i can try?
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06:54:08 <puggan> oh, found the trace file, and the data is not corrupted, it just have some connection error: "* 10:45:55 CRIT <gnc.backend.dbi> [gnc_dbi_mysql_session_begin()] Unable to connect to database 'gnucash_puggan'"
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06:55:37 <puggan> maybe it got something to do with the warning above "* 10:45:43 WARN <gnc.app-utils> Could not spawn perl: Failed to execute child process (No such file or directory)"
07:07:01 <puggan> Installing perl reomved the warning, but the error messages are still there
07:23:12 <puggan> lol, sorry for bothering you about above, my mysql settings somehow reseted it self, and got bind to, and gnucash is the only non local program connecting to it
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07:36:22 <puggan> now it craches insted: Segmentation fault. #1 0x77c4acfa in msvcrt!localtime () from C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll #8 0x6c9c971b in timegm () from C:\Program Files\gnucash\bin\libdbi-0.dll
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13:34:30 <Joeboy_> Hi. Is doing reports with guile likely to be supported for the foreseeable future? Is it the sensible way to start writing reports?
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14:06:35 <arbortender> crashing:Problem signature:
14:06:35 <arbortender> Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
14:06:35 <arbortender> Application Name: gnucash.exe
14:06:35 <arbortender> Application Version:
14:06:35 <arbortender> Application Timestamp: 4e0ef228
14:06:36 <arbortender> Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
14:06:38 <arbortender> Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17514
14:06:40 <arbortender> Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7b96e
14:06:42 <arbortender> Exception Code: c00000fd
14:06:44 <arbortender> Exception Offset: 00052c26
14:06:46 <arbortender> OS Version: 6.1.7601.
14:06:48 <arbortender> Locale ID: 1033
14:06:50 <arbortender> Additional Information 1: f84c
14:06:52 <arbortender> Additional Information 2: f84c52250418a01ac7197730b994e996
14:06:54 <arbortender> Additional Information 3: 866f
14:06:56 <arbortender> Additional Information 4: 866f7fce9309e2fdf8ec770362b99445
14:06:58 <arbortender> like 4 crashes. yay!
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17:08:39 <Guest> Hi guys. I think I'm missing a concept. Me and my partner get paid at odd times so we keep cash in a box by the door, to make sure we have some on us at all times... We've got some scheduled stuff we pay out of that too, the problem is that I don't know how to tell GNUCash that it exists.. I think I need a transaction to automatically bring that placeholder account back to 0, pullinmg equal amou8nts from the placeholder accounts
17:09:10 <Guest> Is that somewhat realistic?
17:09:23 <Guest> err... and I have a goofy nick.
17:12:08 <Guest> Hmm, in fact that probably sounds retarded. Let me clear the concept up a little.
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17:14:13 <Guest> 'Account A' -> { 'account b', 'account c' }, 'Account A' has scheduled transactions, washing the cars, delivery tips, etc. This makes the account go negative. I want a scheduled transaction to each week pull half of the negative value of 'Account A' from 'account b' and 'account c', equally.
17:14:22 <Guest> Yeah, that makes a little more sense.
17:15:56 <Guest> Also, I haven't figured out how to change scheduled transactions, are they only created once and never updated? I assumed they would be marked as generated by the scheduler and updated when the scheduled transaction is changed, at least for future transactions.
17:19:45 <Guest> I think I may be in the grey area between scheduled transactions and budgeting... but I'm out of time for today. I'll ask again on the mailing list if I don't figure it out tonight.
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17:31:28 <fretegi> good afternoon guys
17:33:00 <fretegi> ok been a user of gnucash for a while now and im trying to use it to its full potentional and use it to track my P/L's on investments as well. I have been reading the tutorials on how to do such and trying to get it it working for over 4 hours now and its just not working out. is there a chance someone can walk me through this a bit and try to point out where im going wrong?
17:35:28 <fretegi> basically the net valued never add up as they should
17:36:58 <fretegi> damn it, eur gapped down 50 pips
17:38:00 <fretegi> damn knew shoulda shorted into the w/e hehe
17:38:09 <fretegi> wrong room sorry
17:54:00 <puggan> You 2 at least got it working, my windows version crashes at loading the data, and on linux i gets libraries errors "gnucash: error while loading shared libraries: libgncmod-ledger-core.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
17:54:26 <fretegi> puggan, what distro of linux?
17:55:15 <fretegi> i cant help you much troubleshooting windows, i hate that os lol, but, i do have version 2.2.9 running under win 7 just fine
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18:38:54 <fretegi> ok been a user of gnucash for a while now and im trying to use it to its full potentional and use it to track my P/L's on investments as well. I have been reading the tutorials on how to do such and trying to get it it working for over 4 hours now and its just not working out. is there a chance someone can walk me through this a bit and try to point out where im going wrong?
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19:04:22 <fretegi> puggan, any luck yet? what disto are you running?
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20:02:30 <fretegi> what is profit with to amount = 0 mean?
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20:03:05 <fretegi> thast the part i cannot get right, the math is always screwed up on my investments, other than that i got gnucash all figured out and love it
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