2011-10-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:20:10 <arbortender> Hmm. That question still: Can a list of future scheduled transactions be viewed? I looked at the FST summary...not like that, but a concise detailed list with payees, dates, amounts, and paying accounts of all future scheduled payments. There was a list (no amount or account info though) in a separate window, with one outstanding transaction (since last run?) and below that the several others I'd set up. That was until this mornin
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07:10:53 <warlord> arbortender: the Since Last Run dialog is all I can think of, but I think it will only show you SXes Due.
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16:12:37 <arbortender1> Warlord: the Since Last Run dialog says there are no scheduled transactions to be entered at this time. I guess that's what you meant. So, how does one adjust scheduled transactions if one cannot look at them?
16:14:21 <warlord> Actions -> Scheduled Transactions -> Scheduled Transaction Editor
16:15:58 <arbortender1> I found that just as you were answering...heehee. That's exactly the window I was referring to. Thanks!
16:22:01 <warlord> yu're welcome
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16:30:10 <arbortender1> Any way to coax more columns into that Scheduled Transactions window? (like account & amount) I know I can drill each transaction in a new window for those details by looking at each Template Transaction tab, but it would be helpful to see that info at a glance on the main Scheduled Transactions tab. Looks like plenty of room there for more columns...
16:34:21 <warlord> That request doesn't scale to most SXes. What would you suggest to get displayed for e.g. a mortgage payment (which could have four splits, Cash, Interest, Principal, and Escrow)? Or worse, an SX with a variable that requires user intervention when the SX gets posted?
16:36:38 <arbortender1> Um, sorry...dunno what an SX is, but I'm not looking for the whole split...just the account from which the scheduled transaction will pay (like, say, this checking account or that), and for how much.
16:41:36 <kimmo> whee
16:42:10 <kimmo> SX is a scheduled transaction
16:42:14 <arbortender1> ok
16:43:06 <kimmo> btw derek I "purchased" a 2.4 license yesterday
16:46:17 <arbortender1> For a mortgage, I'd be looking for the account from which it pays, & if I needed to dig into the split, double clicking on the Sx would illuminate those details in the template transaction. Same with one that required intervention at posting.
16:47:18 <kimmo> I always handled my mortgage payments by just entering normal transactions into the future, and fixing the exact amounts when the time came
16:49:07 <arbortender1> I'd like to be able to group Sxes (or at least order them) by the account they pay from, so I can see what's coming up and how much $$ needs to be where by when.
17:00:35 <kimmo> SX, not Sx
17:01:12 <kimmo> otherwise the good people of #gnucash will confuse it with sex, and get lost in thoughts
17:06:16 <arbortender1> snort
17:07:09 <arbortender1> is too wrapped up in lines & numbers to get lost in other thoughts at this time.
17:07:52 <arbortender1> and defiant little scraps of paper whose ink has faded
17:11:58 <arbortender1> For SXes, in the SX window, sortable columns for "Pay From" account & "$ Amount" would be very helpful.
17:12:52 <arbortender1> If there's another simpler way to view that information that I haven't discovered yet, turn me right on to that, please. =)
17:14:56 <kimmo> sorry, I never got into the habit of using SXs
17:15:19 <kimmo> old habits die hard, and I've been using gnucash since umm, 99?
17:16:48 <arbortender1> Had I been using Gnucash since 99, I would likely not find myself in the pickle that I do. Curse Intuit and that habit.
17:18:42 <arbortender1> I do like the scheduled transactions though, as there are a LOT of transactions. Quite a few can be automated, which then leaves a somewhat smaller body of work to slog through every month. I need to streamline any way possible.
17:19:06 <kimmo> how many transactions do you have per month?
17:19:20 <arbortender1> Good question.
17:19:57 <kimmo> I have a total of about 1500 transactions per year all books combined, and I haven't yet had a wanting for scheduled transactions
17:20:01 <arbortender1> There are multiple accounts. Is there a simple way to get that answer, short of opening each & counting?
17:20:20 <kimmo> just a ballpark figure
17:20:46 <arbortender1> totally ballpark ~300 per month
17:21:05 <arbortender1> and I have a wanting, indeed.
17:21:20 <kimmo> gotcha
17:22:48 <kimmo> I find it a good way to just record known future transactions as normal transactions with a note on the memo column, use that for cashflow management and forecasting
17:26:46 <arbortender1> Actually, I think I may have done that to some extent...as some (but not all) of the transactions in the SX window are actually also listed below a blue line (future) in the account from which they are to pay. I believe that's got to do with not quite getting the process of entering SXes correctly & winding up with some duplication, ie., there may be a future TX AND an SX set up. That's what I'm trying to untangle, and why I was h
17:27:26 <arbortender1> They're not separated by account at all, so it's kinda hard to discern what's what.
17:27:46 <arbortender1> pay-from account, that is.
17:29:20 <arbortender1> Or are they? Hmmm. That's not clear either.
17:42:14 <arbortender1> I think your way might be simpler, and I started out doing it that way, but found that the several automatic direct debit transactions each month were getting past my feeble recollection, particularly those that occur at odd intervals, such as bimonthly trash payments or those pesky April 10/Dec 10 big important ones.
17:43:18 <arbortender1> semi annual auto insurance...etc...why are the really important ones at odd intervals...that's what I'd like to know. It's pesky.
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17:53:07 <kimmo> yeah, it helps if you take new year's off, and use that to insert new transactions for the coming year ;)
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18:26:12 <warlord> kimmo: I saw your donation. :)
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