2011-10-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:13:09 <muhoo> is it possible to write custom ui extensions for gnucash in guile?
11:13:18 <muhoo> i.e. for an org that has some custom data entry/storage needs but doesn't want to write a whole accounting app from scratch
11:16:47 <warlord> muhoo: it depends what kind of extensions you want/need.
11:16:55 <warlord> If you just need custom reports, then yes, absolutely.
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12:10:27 <arbortender> @ Warlord...Well, I run 2 small businesses and so there is an AP acct for each + personal. That's not what shows up in the Post to window though. Instead, I get Liabilities:Personal AND Liabilities:Personal:Accounts Payable; AND Liabilities:Personal:CreditCards.
12:10:27 <gncbot> arbortender: Error: "Warlord...Well," is not a valid command.
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12:14:42 <arbortender> uh oops on the smilies & no command intended
12:15:32 <arbortender> insert P where there's a smilie. (Personal, not :Personal)
12:16:44 <arbortender> I don't get the Liabilities:Teak:A/P or the Liabilities Fork:A/P accounts.
12:17:07 <arbortender> that's Liabilities:Fork:A/P
12:17:26 <warlord> arbortender: first, if you have multiple small businesses, you probably should have each one in its own data file.
12:17:54 <warlord> second, what are the account types for L:Personal, L:P:Accounts Payable, and L:P:CreditCards?
12:28:00 <arbortender> OK that fixed it. I checked all the liability accounts and straightened out their account types. (credit card to credit card type, AP to AP type, liability to liability, etc.) Thanks. On the multiple data files matter
12:30:47 <arbortender> I used to run a separate data file for each of the businesses, when I used both Quicken & Quickbooks, but I found the extra work of transferring between seperate data files (especially in different programs) particularly onerous. Thus I am more comfortable with just setting up the chart of accounts to accomodate my preferred workstyle.
12:31:34 <warlord> Just be careful if you ever get audited.
12:35:41 <arbortender> I have to be careful whether I ever get audited or not. =)
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13:23:14 <muhoo> warlord: no, it'd be custom input screens, custom data structures, etc
13:23:48 <warlord> ah. probably not easily.
13:24:09 <warlord> but it depends on what data you want to add..
13:24:39 <warlord> If you want to add ancillary data on top of existing data there are interfaces that allow you to store data in the object KVP and interact with it in a dialog.
13:24:54 <warlord> But there's no way to add new primary objects just via scheme
13:26:40 <warlord> could you be more explicit about what you are trying to do?
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16:37:00 <muhoo> it's an afterschool class scheduling program. they need to bill the parents, pay the instructors, schedule the classes, and keep track of all the accounting
16:37:27 <muhoo> so there's payroll, A/R, but also this scheduling business
16:37:40 <muhoo> so in a sense there is some product/inventory management
16:37:52 <muhoo> products are classes, only certain number of kids allowed, etc.
16:38:23 <muhoo> if there were a way to do it in gnucash without any additional code, that'd be great, but i expect some data entry screens could be customized in guild
16:38:27 <muhoo> guile
16:39:10 <muhoo> reports would be like 'are there any spots left in this class', 'who has yet to pay', 'what payroll is due', etc
16:39:21 <muhoo> parents will partial-pay, etc, so definitely need accounting features
16:39:30 <muhoo> i'd love to do it all with gc
16:39:46 <muhoo> warlord-afk: sorry, long answer
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17:30:36 <muhoo> and slow too
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20:46:41 <warlord> muhoo: I dont think you'll be able to do that all in GnuCash... It's certainly not a scheduling system and doesn't really have inventory -- and not in the way you need. You would definitely need additional code, but I'm not sure GnuCash is the right answer for the complete solution/
20:47:47 <warlord> GnuCash certainly wont be able to answer the "are there any spots left in this class". It can answer the "who has yet to pay" because you can invoice them and see who hasn't paid.
20:48:15 <warlord> GnuCash also does not have payroll, so you wont be able to do the "what payroll is due"; you'll have to compute it outside GnuCash and enter in the "what payroll was paid"
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