2011-10-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:57:38 <petaspeedbeaver> Hi, I have a Swedish standard account number (BAS) template for Gnucash that I think would be useful to other Swedish users as well. I couldn't find a good place in the wiki to put it. Would it be appropriate to share it somewhere in the wiki? Where?
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07:37:21 <gjanssens> @tell petaspeedbeaver If you want, your swedish chart of accounts can be added to the GnuCash installation. Like that it will be available to future users.
07:37:21 <gncbot> gjanssens: The operation succeeded.
07:37:53 <gjanssens> @tell petaspeedbeaver I propose you create an enhancement request in bugzill for that
07:37:53 <gncbot> gjanssens: The operation succeeded.
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08:29:53 <Dragu> question, when the installation seems to slow down and almost hang while it is unpacking the files on windows 7 64bit, what could it be that causes this?
08:32:43 <gjanssens> Anti virus software interfering ?
08:39:53 <Dragu> i thought that as well but after having disabled that completly and tested it still seemed to time out the unpacking when it reached what looked like it the font file, freetype6.dll or what it was called. Unfortunetly I did not printscreen the setup window. But when also trying to kill the process it took nearly 20 minutes before the computer was back to normal operations.
08:41:59 <gjanssens> I have no idea otherwise. Slow performance is ususally a disk bottleneck.
08:42:10 <Dragu> and another little question, there is no zip package avaible for gnucash ? I'm wondering why it must have a setup file.
08:42:45 <gjanssens> Because the GnuCash installation involves more than just unpacking some files.
08:43:10 <gjanssens> Some registry keys are updated, a laucher is created, items are added to the start menu,...
08:44:50 <Dragu> But nothing more then that?
08:46:26 <gjanssens> What do you mean "nothing more than that" ? The gnucash installation won't work without those actions
08:47:01 <gjanssens> That is, the registry keys are required as well as the launcher script.
09:01:05 <Dragu> gjanssens, what I meant was. There is no other files it installs other then in the suggested folder ?
09:10:42 <gjanssens> As far as I know: no
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10:48:57 <field> hi
10:49:16 <field> why is it that gnucash crashes in dependency of the active locale?
10:59:07 <warlord> field: I dont understand the question. How is gnucash crashing?
11:09:40 <field> segfaulting
11:09:46 <field> when locale is illegal
11:10:17 <field> i.e.:
11:10:17 <field> export LANG=de_DE@utf-8; gnucash => segfault
11:12:06 <warlord> Um, get a gdb stack trace of the SEGV?
11:13:17 <field> nope
11:14:09 <field> to create new accounts the only way is to use de_DE.UTF-8. just de_DE also crashes gnucash upon choosing "new account"
11:14:49 <field> stack trace: I'll post it..
11:16:08 <warlord> pastebin.. or better yet, create a bugzilla report.
11:16:13 <warlord> what version of gnucash? what OS/Distro?
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11:28:35 <field> well..
11:29:27 <field> basically this bug has been there since 2008 maybe? maybe longer, the first time I messed w/ gnucash..
11:33:39 <gjanssens> Hi
11:34:06 <gjanssens> I wonder, can a gncjob ever be the owner of another gncjob ?
11:34:37 <field> grml
11:34:41 <warlord> gjanssens: I dont know.
11:34:42 <field> no dbg symbols..
11:34:45 <gjanssens> There were two spots in the code where gncInvoiceGetEndOwner was called recursively
11:34:47 <warlord> field: what version(s)?
11:35:17 <warlord> gjanssens: I think it was designed to allow it, but I dont recall why or if it works.
11:35:17 <gjanssens> But in other places the code just assumes it can only be invoice->job->owner
11:35:50 <gjanssens> So the implementation was probably incomplete
11:36:14 <gjanssens> I'm asking because I removed two of such recursive loops while fixing some const correctness
11:36:58 <gjanssens> So far my tests show that this is ok, so I'll assume it is unless proven otherwise
11:37:00 <warlord> I think that's fine
11:37:23 <gjanssens> ok
11:38:02 <field> warlord: actually it's GnuCash 2.4.7
11:38:02 <field> Build vom 2011-09-28, Revision rb5bdf19+
11:38:22 <warlord> field: what OS/Distro?
11:38:33 <field> but as I said: gnucash versions much older have been affected yet..
11:38:35 <field> debian
11:38:41 <field> testing
11:39:11 <field> this doesn't make much sense. the bug has "always" been there, always debian.
11:41:46 <warlord> It's probably a bug in debian's libc
11:42:29 <gjanssens> field: I just tried on Fedora 15 => I can start GnuCash just fine with your command
11:42:43 <gjanssens> What happens if you try de_DE.utf-8 instead ?
11:43:20 <field> http://pastebin.com/4h2Cv0La
11:43:28 <field> de_DE.utf-8 is ok
11:43:32 <field> @ is bad
11:43:32 <gncbot> field: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
11:43:35 <field> de_DE is bad
11:44:01 <field> de_DE.utf-8 "is" ok
11:44:09 <field> tsts, gncbot complaining..
11:44:55 <field> yes, starting gnucash is fine. once its up, choose file-> new account and *bang
11:48:10 <gjanssens> I can't reproduce this on Fedora, not even when I choose File->New account hierarch
11:48:14 <gjanssens> y
11:48:35 <gjanssens> I guess it's as Derek says a bug in Debian's libc or gtk
11:49:13 <gjanssens> But apparently you can use de_DE.utf-8 as a workaround
11:52:34 <field> right
11:53:23 <field> I'd stress this again: this bug has been triggerable since 2008 or even before. so even if it _is_ a debian lib bug, it's a quite old one.
11:53:49 <field> you'd suggest I'd file a bug against a) libc or b) gtk?
11:58:04 <gjanssens> I mentioned gtk, because I thought that it was in the last frame in your stack trace. But your last frame is actually strcmp, which is probably libc
11:58:37 <gjanssens> So libc is probably a good place to start. The triagers can reassign if it turns out to be a bug in gtk
12:08:34 <field> ok
12:08:34 <field> thx
12:10:41 <gjanssens> You're welcome
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12:57:32 <arbortender> Howdie! Question on importing CSV file. I've given this a shot & I'm confused, so I cancelled it. Here's my dillemna: My data has both a description & a memo, but the choices of fields to map seem only to include a description.
12:58:56 <arbortender> Also, my data has a column for amount, with positive & negative amounts, (but not for deposits & withdrawals separately) and there does not seem to be a field available for just 'amount'.
12:59:55 <arbortender> I'm also not clear on how importing the balance would be helpful, given that the transactions themselves (presumably) would move the balance along.
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13:02:26 <arbortender> There also does not seem to be a field available for category/account.
13:03:03 <arbortender> Should I be using something other than CSV? I believe that Quicken & MSMoney formats are available for download also.
13:11:02 <warlord> Yes, you should probably use QIF or OFX.
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13:28:48 <arbortender> Is one better than the other?
13:29:44 <arbortender> (in terms of its import usefulness)
13:30:21 <petaspeedbeaver> gjanssens: I'll do that (file my Swedish chart on bugzilla), when I've looked it over a bit more. Thanks for the tip!
13:30:21 <gncbot> petaspeedbeaver: Sent 5 hours and 52 minutes ago: <gjanssens> If you want, your swedish chart of accounts can be added to the GnuCash installation. Like that it will be available to future users.
13:30:22 <gncbot> petaspeedbeaver: Sent 5 hours and 52 minutes ago: <gjanssens> I propose you create an enhancement request in bugzill for that
13:30:28 <arbortender> This is data that I'm downloading from my credit union's online banking site, so they offer a few options.
13:30:52 <Dragu> gjanssens, it seems as though your guess regarding the drive for my problem is quite right .. it is something fishy with my E: partition .. *growls*
13:31:04 <warlord> ofx is slightly better than qif in that if your bank gives you good ofx then the importer will quickly eliminate duplicated imports.
13:31:48 <arbortender> okay thanks warlord, I'll try ofx & see if my bank gives it good or no.
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13:44:34 <arbortender> Hmmm. Hi again Warlord. OFX downloaded & import started.... 'Generic import transaction matcher' yields the following: Date, Amount, Description, and Memo ( all good! YAY! ) What are the columns A, U&R, R? My Gitm has A checked all the way down. Also, Info column contains "New, UNBALANCED (need acct to transfer $xx.xx)!" on every line. Can I get the account distribution imported with OFX format or do I need to enter that manual
13:45:58 <warlord> Your bank does not know what income/expense account each transaction needs.. You need to do that yourself.
13:46:11 <warlord> I don't know what those columns mean.. hover the mouse and look for a tooltip?
13:46:32 <arbortender> ok I'm seeing the help there...lemme see...they're ALL yellow...not clear how to "intervene". My bank DOES know. They also have that field.
13:47:47 <warlord> You still need to tell it which GNUCASH account to use. OFX doesn't have that info.
13:48:02 <arbortender> But I guess if it can't be imported, then there's no sense in tracking it further there. I went to a good bit of trouble to get those category names the same as the account names...oh well.
13:49:41 <warlord> Well, you could try QIF
13:52:23 <arbortender> OK, I'll see what that yields...OFX ain't bad...I see that I can double click each transaction & select the proper account. That'll do if QIF doesn't do it better.
13:53:31 <warlord> Right. And OFX will learn the mappings for future imports.
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14:05:44 <arbortender> Hmm. QIF seemed good through the setup, however imported only a single transaction (the most recent one, I think). I'll try that again & see if I missed something.
14:08:14 <warlord> Maybe there was only one txn in the qif file?
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14:14:37 <arbortender> No, there's a gang...maybe 40, and they did open in the OFX download for the same period. When I get to the part of the QIF import routine that asks me to Match QIF categories, it only finds one category "Transfers^" (which is not as it appears in my data, by the way, no ^), which it offers to map to "Transfers^". Maybe it is only looking at one transaction...I don't know, because I can't actually look at the data. The QIF file
14:15:14 <warlord> The QIF file is just a text file...
14:15:21 <warlord> You can open it in any text editor
14:15:26 <arbortender> alrightie
14:15:47 <warlord> the qif importer will map multiple transactions together.
14:16:18 <warlord> so it's not showing you individual txns
14:16:46 <arbortender> I opened it, lots of transactions, separated by the ^ symbol.
14:17:02 <warlord> Ok.
14:18:15 <arbortender> I do not get what is meant by "the qif importer will map multiple transactions together, so it's not showing you individual txns". Howz that useful, or am I misunderstanding?
14:20:46 <arbortender> Also, it is not the last transaction.
14:22:37 <warlord> If you have 5 transactions to "Foo", it will only ask you to map "Foo" once
14:23:03 <warlord> .. and then it will make all five "Foo" transactions to wherever you mapped it
14:23:14 <arbortender> The single transaction entered is the payee & amount from the last transaction and the account (transfer^) from the previous transaction.
14:23:29 <arbortender> That's what gnucash gets.
14:24:03 <warlord> It sounds like broken QIF
14:24:09 <arbortender> a combination of two unrelated transactions.
14:24:34 <arbortender> Broken QIF or Broken Import QIF?
14:27:12 <warlord> the former
14:27:43 <arbortender> So...that's a problem at the bank?
14:28:35 <warlord> Probably
14:30:48 <arbortender> alrightie, well, I'll shoot them a memo, but that sounds like something I will not want to waste time troubleshooting with them, since I'm avidly anti-Intuit anyway. I will mosie on to the OFX import & thank you ever so much for your help.
14:32:19 <warlord> you're welcome.
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16:26:38 <gjanssens> field: should you read the irc logs, it turns out to be a gtk bug. See our tracker bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=628710
16:27:03 <gjanssens> And debian bug http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=616150
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17:07:47 <mmaaeexx> hello - i have a problem with a entry report - i only see the costs of the current year, but account balance from the previous year is not considered
17:08:37 <mmaaeexx> how can i see the actual balance of an account
17:10:48 <warlord> mmaaeexx: where are you looking at the balance? In the Chart of Accounts? Account Register? a Report? And what kind of account?
17:20:13 <mmaaeexx> i am looking in a report - i dont know how its called in the english version - i would call it accounting record report
17:20:58 <mmaaeexx> the account is bank giro account
17:22:22 <warlord> Most reports default as year-to-date. You can change the report options to change the date range.
17:31:05 <mmaaeexx> it calculates a sum from 2011-01-01 to YTD, and the sum is correct - but the balance of the account is wrong - in this case at the end of 2010 there were 2K on it, in 01/11 there were 1K out, the balance shoud be 1K, but in the report the balance is -1K, you see
17:31:44 <warlord> Did you use the Tools -> Close Books feature?
17:32:38 <warlord> that could affect your account balances.
17:32:53 <warlord> (at least in income and expense accounts)
17:33:06 <mmaaeexx> on end of 2010 i used close book feature
17:33:26 <mmaaeexx> in the income and expense account everything is correct
17:34:10 <mmaaeexx> the only problem is that i do not get a actual balance of an account, it only calculates the sum
17:35:34 <warlord> What is the actual name of the report, and in what language?
17:36:11 <mmaaeexx> language german - name "buchungsbericht"
17:37:51 <warlord> Ahh, "Account Transaction Report".. Um, that should just give you one transaction...
17:40:10 <warlord> You created this report from an account register with some transaction selected?
17:43:14 <mmaaeexx> only selected the bank giro account
17:44:46 <warlord> Oh, there are multiple reports translated into Buchungsbericht!! You're probably running the "Transaction" report.
17:45:36 <mmaaeexx> transaction report sounds good
17:47:16 <warlord> Anyways, I think I would need to see your report results to understand what you're seeing.
17:48:27 <warlord> So you run the report and it says "no accounts selected", right?
17:52:55 <mmaaeexx> https://picasaweb.google.com/106904908084737666806/GnuCash?authkey=Gv1sRgCL-pyYGVrPnSAQ
17:53:02 <mmaaeexx> a screenshot of the report
17:54:44 <warlord> Right, you've got a lot of credits but no debits. It's not giving you an account balance, it's giving you the total of the transactions.
17:55:52 <warlord> That report fragment looks correct, assuming you only have those 6 transactions in that account.
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17:59:08 <mmaaeexx> when you look again at the link, there is another picture
18:00:24 <warlord> That's the balance sheet, which is different. The balance sheet *does* use balances.
18:01:16 <mmaaeexx> of course, but what i wanted to show is that in backround it calculates with the right balance - i think my problem is only in the transaction report
18:02:00 <warlord> I dont understand what the problem is. The report is looking right to me.
18:02:46 <mmaaeexx> it does not show a balance - last year it does
18:03:18 <mmaaeexx> other way - is there a report where i can see the complete in and out of an single / or multiply accounts with balance
18:03:20 <warlord> Did you start accounting last year?
18:03:41 <mmaaeexx> yes, on 2010-01-01
18:04:11 <warlord> Right. that's why last year it showed you the balance.. because it was including all your transactions. Now it's only including the txns in this year.
18:04:58 <mmaaeexx> ok, makes sense
18:05:49 <warlord> HOWEVER, if you edit the transaction report options, go to the Display page, and select "Running Balance", it should give you what you want.
18:06:28 <warlord> The totals in the transaction report are still only the totals for the displayed transactions, but the running balance should be the true account balance.
18:08:13 <mmaaeexx> ok, that works - is there an other report that satifice my use case completly
18:11:23 <warlord> Not that I know of.
18:11:31 <warlord> or at least not that I can think of.
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18:12:05 <mmaaeexx> ok, thanks for you help - gn8
18:12:55 <warlord> You're welcome.
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