2011-10-08 GnuCash IRC logs

00:02:02 <novacall> smw: POS + ecommerce entegration
00:07:45 <novacall> smw: oh yea, and processing uranium too
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05:39:58 * Simon tries and fails to enter a GBP -> EUR transaction with commission going to another account in GBP
05:42:33 <Simon> I keep ending up with a transaction that doesn't balance on the GBP side
05:44:35 <Simon> it's showing 188.44 going to two accounts for 185.19 + 3.00 which doesn't balance...
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08:52:24 <warlord> Simon: are you creating the transaction from a GBP account register or a EUR account register? (Or from the GL?)
08:52:59 <Simon> from the GBP account
08:53:42 <Simon> although it wouldn't let me add a split involving the GBP account, I modified the Imbalance-EUR split
08:55:17 <warlord> ?? Why would there be an Imbalance-EUR split?
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08:57:30 <warlord> Are you sure the transaction was originally created from a GBP account register?
09:07:19 <Simon> oh
09:07:21 <Simon> sorry
09:07:28 <Simon> the original transaction was created in the EUR account
09:07:42 <Simon> I went to the GBP account to add the GBP commission
09:08:25 <Simon> but it wouldn't let me add the split to a GBP account, the amount kept being reset to 0 for that split
09:08:44 <Simon> saving the transaction added an Imbalance-EUR split which I modified to point to the other GBP account
09:09:02 <warlord> Right.. Because the transaction currency is EUR, so you need to apply the correct "GPB-EUR" exchange rate.
09:09:26 <warlord> This would be easier for you if you deleted the transaction and re-entered it from the GBP account.
09:09:31 <Simon> which I can't do because the commission is in GBP
09:09:32 <Simon> right
09:09:49 <Simon> but it probably shouldn't be trying to display two currencies at once
09:10:14 <Simon> unless it allows two different exchange rates on the same currency and just isn't showing thatt...
09:11:54 <Simon> ok, it makes more sense now
09:12:13 <Simon> unlike my expenses form which is going to be difficult to understand...
09:14:40 * Simon tries to figure out how to express this completely correctly in gnucash
09:15:29 <Simon> I think I need to put the EUR cash withdrawal into a EUR debtor account and then transfer that to cash for it to make sense
09:20:46 <Simon> no, that's not going to work
09:22:36 <Simon> I suspect I need to lend the money to the debtor account and then also owe them the same money in a creditor account because I'm still in possession of it
09:24:12 <Simon> that sounds right... every time I spend it for a valid expense I no longer owe that amount to the liability account
09:32:46 <warlord> sorry, I have to run
09:32:51 <warlord> good luck
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10:00:23 <Simon> if I'd known giving a €5 tip was going to be complicated to put in my accounts I might not have done it :|
10:12:13 <Simon> getting completely lost here
10:13:42 <Simon> although I think I've worked out
10:15:05 <Simon> I now move €5 Cash to Expenses (in GBP) and at the same time move €5 from what I owe them for the cash to cancel out what they owe me in GBP...
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