2011-09-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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20:55:12 <Hydroxide> Hello everyone. I have a customer who never paid $0.02 of one invoice from several months back but is otherwise fully paid up. Understandably, I've decided to forgive the $0.02 and consider the corresponding invoice as fully paid. How do I reflect this in Gnucash appropriately?
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20:56:29 <smw> Hydroxide, expense:forgiven debt
20:56:56 <smw> Hydroxide, you may have another structure to put it in.
20:57:17 <smw> but it is a transfer from AP to expenses
20:57:26 <Hydroxide> not AP, presumably - AR?
20:57:32 <smw> yeah
20:57:34 <Hydroxide> ok
20:57:37 <smw> accounts recievable
20:57:50 <Hydroxide> and so that the business logic in gnucash realizes it, I'll do it as processing a payment, but change the transfer account?
20:57:54 <smw> receivable*
20:58:35 <smw> Hydroxide, not sure, you may need to ask someone else here
20:58:38 <smw> but I need to go
20:58:41 <Hydroxide> ok, thanks
20:59:36 <Hydroxide> hrm, it doesn't let me change to an expense account...
20:59:46 <Hydroxide> *it doesn't let me transfer a payment to an expense account
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21:08:42 <Hydroxide> and when I add something manually to the accounts receivable ledger, it doesn't get reflected in customer reports
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21:29:44 <Hydroxide> smw: for future reference, the answer is here: http://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2004-November/012127.html
21:30:02 <Hydroxide> it is a shame it's still applicable nearly 7 years later, but it lets me proceed.
21:46:34 <Hydroxide> (with some xml editing to get the result I want - yech)
21:57:06 <smw> ouch
21:57:19 <smw> Hydroxide, you can't forgive an invoice? wtf?!
21:59:56 <Hydroxide> smw: I know, there are lots of limitations and rough edges around the invoicing stuff
22:00:09 <Hydroxide> and the business stuff in general
22:00:31 <Hydroxide> after I processed the payment, I wanted to shorten the description of the transaction. I had to edit xml.
22:00:33 <smw> Hydroxide, yeah, make an enhancement bug. Or vote for one already made
22:01:12 <Hydroxide> maybe for this one specific issue. there are enough rough edges I may look at alternate software for business use. (GNUCash is still quite nice for personal use.)
22:01:51 <Hydroxide> of course, within the free software world, I'm not really sure what the good options are, if any
22:02:14 <smw> Hydroxide, I use it for personal
22:02:28 <smw> Hydroxide, I don't know of any open source biz ones
22:02:40 <smw> Hydroxide, you have a choice between peachtree and quicken :-P
22:02:49 <Hydroxide> I used it for personal for quite a while too, and would probably lean toward it if I start to do so again :)
22:02:59 <Hydroxide> I would at least glance at the alternatives, but would still default to it
22:03:10 <Hydroxide> I could try something web-based like frontaccounting
22:03:18 <Hydroxide> but that's (1) a bit heavyweight, and (2) written in PHP
22:03:21 <Hydroxide> :-)
22:03:48 <Hydroxide> I did start to use it before for a conference I was helping to organize, but a different solution was used in the end
22:04:26 <Hydroxide> oh, and for business, probably s/quicken/quickbooks
22:04:29 <Hydroxide> +/
22:05:13 <smw> Hydroxide, of course, I meant quickbooks :-P
22:05:31 <smw> Hydroxide, I picked up gnucash because it seemed so simple.
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22:05:54 <smw> Hydroxide, all the others were overly complicated. With gnucash I know exactly what money came from where and where it went.
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22:14:09 <Hydroxide> smw: well, yeah, gnucash is good in that way. for most personal uses.
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22:35:51 <warlord> Hydroxide, smw: Process Payment for the $0.02, and then change the target account from e.g. Checking to the expense account.
22:36:12 <Hydroxide> warlord: yeah, that's what I ended up doing - you're the one who wrote the mailing list post I mentioned :)
22:36:15 <warlord> Um, you should be able to change the description of a payment.
22:36:33 <warlord> must've been a smart man who answered ;)
22:36:35 <Hydroxide> warlord: I was, as far as the accounts receivable ledger was concerned. I wasn't, as far as the customer report was concerned.
22:36:38 <Hydroxide> haha
22:36:59 <warlord> anyways, I gotta go..
22:37:04 <Hydroxide> no prob, thanks for the hello
22:37:07 <warlord> NP
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