2011-09-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:07:25 <Riyas> I need Help
11:08:57 <smw> Riyas, how can anyone give answers if there is no question?
11:09:06 <smw> (don't ask to ask. Just ask)
11:09:32 <Riyas> I buy and sell goods
11:10:00 <Riyas> how can i get to know how much profit i made on a particular invoice in GnuCash?
11:16:20 <Riyas> wasn't my question clear?
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11:17:18 <warlord> Per-Invoice? No. Generally, yes.
11:18:19 <Riyas[1]> I was looking for a per-invoice basis
11:19:03 <Riyas[1]> What I can do with the Job function in GnuCash, both in vendor bill as well as Customer Invoice?
11:20:03 <warlord> Right now there are no existing reports to give you the information you want.
11:33:05 <Riyas[1]> What I can do with the Job function in GnuCash, both in vendor bill as well as Customer Invoice?
11:40:45 <warlord> Vendor Job doesn't link to Customer Job.
11:41:28 <warlord> A 'job' is more meant to be a "contract"... Like you have a PO and tie multiple invoices together, or multiple bills. but you cannot tie bills and invoices together per-se.
11:42:02 <warlord> when I wrote the code it wasn't written for people who sell *things* -- it was written for me, running a consulting business that sold services.
11:43:20 <Riyas[1]> where it will defining Job will Affect in GnuCash?
11:44:37 <warlord> I'm sorry, language barrier. I don't understand your question.
11:45:52 <Riyas[1]> If I define a Job for a particular invoice, where it will affect in GnuCash(accounting aspect)?
11:48:32 <warlord> Nowhere.
11:48:50 <warlord> A job is only there to allow you to say that multiple Invoices for the same Customer are related to each other.
11:49:07 <warlord> (similarly, a Vendor job lets you relate vendor bills to each other)
11:49:12 <warlord> It doesn't affect accounting at all.
11:49:44 <Riyas[1]> Does those jobs shows up anywhere in the reports of GnuCash?
11:50:34 <warlord> Even if they do, it wont help you. A job does not tie a customer invoice to a vendor bill, so you cannot tie Income to Expense.
11:50:49 <warlord> I believe there is a "Job Report" (similar to a Customer report)
11:51:04 <warlord> Anyways, I must take off now. I'll be back in about 1.5 hours.
11:51:22 <Riyas[1]> Thanks for your clarifications!
11:51:40 <warlord> Your best bet is still the P&L report. But it wont give you single-invoice granularity
11:52:02 <Riyas[1]> I got it!
11:52:24 <warlord> Or you could write a report..
11:52:31 <warlord> Scheme is pretty simple to learn.
11:52:47 <Riyas[1]> can you advice any tutorial for the report?
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13:18:26 <charmander> We are trying to switch from QUICK BOOKS TO GNUCASH below are a few issues that we have run into Problems and Issues with Gnu Cash When adding a customer it sometimes adds two of the same. NO WAY TO PRINT STATEMENTS No way to charge finance charges unless you Hand Figure, hand enter them customer by customer. No way to save item codes for billing
13:19:17 <charmander> ut time or expenses. NO CUSTOMER REPORTS.  NO CUSTOMER LISTS the same with the vendors and employees. (Usable reports) Same for the Vendors you have to look each on up individually and can’t look them up as a single line report. (I.e., Browsing them to find a vendor.) TO PROCESS Billing you have to 1.)Add Customer 2.)Add Job 3.)Job Number 4.)Job name
13:19:31 <charmander> .)Billing ID 6.)Search for customer 7.)Select customer 8.)Select Job Then enter (Fields will not auto populate) 9.)Enter description 10.)Action 11.)Account 12.) QLTY. 13.)Rate 14.)Save 15.)Post 18.) Add description of invoice 19) Select account to post to.(through a drop down list)
13:19:48 <charmander> o way to track Un-billed cost from cost accounts across to the clients. No way to print a vendor or customer contact lists. NO PAYROLL capabilities. 1.)Hand figure all payroll items i.e. vac time , sick time, taxes , unemployment 2.)Hand figure all deductions i.e. insurance 3.)No way to put current Payroll data on pay checks i.e. YTD information
13:20:02 <charmander> 4)No Monthly or Qtrly Reporting Features. Creates irritating folders in home folder among "pictures", "music" etc. ARE THERE ANY FIXES OR AM I JUST MISSING THE BOAT ON THESE>>>> We are a law firm that want's to run a linux based accounting program , however we imput thousands of of customer's data each month and this seems like an extreamly long process
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16:39:33 <warlord> charmander: Reports -> Business-> Customer Report is a statement for your customer.
16:40:10 <warlord> As for lists... You can run an Aging report, but you're right -- that was by design. You can get a full list by searching for the 'regex' '.'
16:40:42 <warlord> As for the rest, some of your messages were cut off, so I can't see from the logs what you were asking.
16:40:58 <warlord> Moreover, well, GnuCash is free. You're welcome to submit reports that add the functionality you want.
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16:41:42 <warlord> If you really are inputting thousands of invoices a month I don't think GnuCash is the right package for you. It's designed for a small office; that doesn't sound very small.
16:43:37 <warlord> You can also file enhancement requests in bugzilla.
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17:52:04 <mydogsnameisrudy> is there a way to setup inventory with gnucash?
17:52:23 <warlord> no, gnucash does not have inventory support.
17:52:42 <mydogsnameisrudy> ah to bad
17:52:46 <warlord> sorry
17:54:17 <mydogsnameisrudy> how can i delete an invoice not posted yet
17:55:23 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_How_can_I_delete_an_Invoice.2C_Customer.2C_Vendor.2C_or_Employee.3F
17:55:39 <mydogsnameisrudy> thx
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18:35:40 <ihf> I want to create a Custom report based on a search result---if I put a hashcode #ABC in the Notes field and then do a search for that code, I get a serach result and then if I do Account Report I get a report which can be saved. However, if I do the same thing except that for the search I specify a date range for the Posting Date and I get a search result---running Account Report consistently gives "Error while running report".
18:36:08 <ihf> Why?
18:36:40 <warlord> ihf: check your gnucash.trace
18:38:14 <ihf> that's not the log file?
18:39:00 <ihf> hmm...where would that be or is that something I need to turn on?
18:39:01 <warlord> No, it's not the transaction log file -- it's the runtime error log
18:39:12 <warlord> Usually /tmp -- what OS?
18:39:16 <ihf> OSX
18:39:29 <ihf> I can look there
18:39:49 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Tracefile
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18:52:28 <ihf> This is what trace looks like when I do the Account Report on the search result:
18:52:33 <ihf> 653: 17* [reg-renderer #]
18:52:33 <ihf> In unknown file:
18:52:34 <ihf> ?: 18 (letrec ((opt-val #)) (let (# # # ...) (if invoice? #) ...))
18:52:35 <ihf> In /Applications/Gnucash.app/Contents/Resources/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm:
18:52:36 <ihf> 707: 19 (let (# # # # ...) (if invoice? #) (set! query #) ...)
18:52:37 <ihf> 729: 20* (set! table (make-split-table splits (gnc:report-options report-obj) ...))
18:52:38 <ihf> 729: 21* [make-split-table (# # # # ...) #<procedure dispatch (key)> "Funds In" ...]
18:52:39 <ihf> In unknown file:
18:52:41 <ihf> ?: 22 (letrec (# # # # ...) (let* # # # ...))
18:52:43 <ihf> In /Applications/Gnucash.app/Contents/Resources/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm:
18:52:46 <ihf> 619: 23 (let* (# # # ...) (gnc:html-table-set-col-headers! table #) ...)
18:52:48 <ihf> 631: 24* [do-rows-with-subtotals () (# # # ...) ...]
18:52:50 <ihf> 540: 25 (if (null? splits) (begin # # #) (let* # # # ...))
18:52:54 <ihf> ...
18:52:56 <ihf> 558: 26 (let* (# # # # ...) (if multi-rows? #) (if multi-rows? # #) ...)
18:52:58 <ihf> 579: 27* (if multi-rows? (for-each (lambda # #) (xaccTransGetSplitList #)) ...)
18:53:00 <ihf> 580: 28 [for-each #<procedure #f (split)> (#<swig-pointer Split * 39a5710>)]
18:53:02 <ihf> In unknown file:
18:53:04 <ihf> ?: 29* [#<procedure #f (split)> #<swig-pointer Split * 39a5710>]
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18:59:53 <ihf> sorry if I posted too many lines. got knocked off after posting
19:12:17 <warlord> ihf: yeah, use pastebin..
19:12:38 <ihf> sorry, will not do that again
19:12:40 <warlord> BIAW
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20:03:42 <warlord> back
20:11:17 <warlord> ihf: what date-range do you use? What happens if you choose a different date range?
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20:46:14 <ihf> I used on or after 8/30/11 and before10/1/11
20:46:28 <warlord> Do you have any SXes?
20:46:42 <ihf> sorry, SXes?
20:48:03 <warlord> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/FAQ#Q:_What_is_the_.22SX.22_thing_I_see_on_the_lists_and_IRC_periodically.3F
20:48:38 <ihf> yes, I have 2 or 3 I beleve
20:49:03 <warlord> I wonder if somehow those are being included in the query results
20:58:25 <ihf> i'll check
21:01:06 <ihf> yup, there is one (or more) in there
21:02:41 <warlord> That would do it.
21:02:55 <warlord> At least, that would explain the report failure.
21:03:09 <ihf> is that a bug? more to the point, is there a way to exclude the SXes?
21:04:45 <warlord> I would consider that a bug, yes.
21:09:48 <ihf> actually, excluding transactions would only give an erroneous picture. I guess I can't do the report
21:11:49 <warlord> ??? Excluding SXes, not excluding transactions.
21:11:58 <warlord> an SX is just a template.
21:12:31 <ihf> ah well then it would be good if there were a way.
21:13:05 <warlord> like i said, it sounds like a bug. the Split Register function should ignore SXes.
21:13:16 <warlord> If the SX template is in there, please file a bug report.
21:13:58 <ihf> I shall...thanks again for your help
21:22:57 <ihf> bug report filed.
21:23:50 <warlord> thanks
21:24:00 <warlord> You might want to create a sample data file that you can upload.
21:24:30 <ihf> I attached the trace
21:24:48 <ihf> can see about crating a sample file
21:25:20 <warlord> A sample file with a "here's how to reproduce it" would make it much easier to track down exactly.
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