2011-09-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:13:47 <ihf> I would like to split an expense (Utility bill) to it's constituent parts (electric, gas, water). I want to have the total bill appear in Utilities and show a transfer from checking and the parts in Utilities:electric, utililites:gas, etc. How do I do this? I tried splitting the transaction but I must be doing something wrong.
09:15:14 <smw> ihf, yep, split transaction
09:15:30 <warlord> Open your Checking register. Start the transaction by saying transfer to Expenses:utilities:Electric (well, chose one), for the total bill. Then instead of committing the transaction, click the Split button.
09:15:47 <warlord> From there it will fill out part of the transaction; you need to fill in the rest.
09:17:05 <ihf> OK, I will try that...I had been starting in the Utilities register and showing a transfer from checking and then trying to split it to the parts...I guess that won't work?
09:18:33 <warlord> It will work, but your entries will look "backwards". It's MUCH easier to think about it from Asset and Liability accounts.
09:18:55 <warlord> When you spend on a utility you think about paying them, not about them receiving.
09:19:02 <warlord> (at least most people do -- maybe you're weird)
09:19:10 <Vaelek> Morning guys.. I just did my first import from my bank's downloaded data (qfx). It matched the tx's, but when I accepted them, it changed the text to the ugly ALL CAPS text in the qfx from what I already had entered.. any way to prevent that?
09:19:36 <kpreid> if you want to be perfectly symmetric about it, enter the transaction in the General Ledger view :)
09:19:37 <ihf> sure I am...I have been starting in the expense categories and shwoing where the $ come from to pay it
09:19:59 <ihf> seemed to work fine until I went to do this split
09:20:21 <warlord> ihf: right, because that's the non-natural way to do it. it'll seem more natural from the bank register.
09:20:44 <kpreid> ihf: it works fine if you do it right, but it can be a bit confusing as to which column you enter the amounts in since the labels at the top are out-of-context for split lines
09:20:52 <warlord> Vaelek: Are you sure you mapped them as duplicates?
09:21:43 <Vaelek> warlord: all but one auto-matched. and I manually matched the last one
09:22:35 <warlord> Hmmm.. If they match as dups I dont know why it's overwriting what's in the register. But I dont know that part of the code well.
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10:34:31 <Roneirobson> Alguém pode me ajudar a detalhar o pagamento da prestação de habitação?
10:35:09 <Roneirobson> Someone can help me to detail a loan transation?
10:40:00 <warlord> Roneirobson: potentially. What's the issue?
10:45:22 <Roneirobson> It's just a matter of concept. The transation has the amount amortized, the interest and the insurance.
10:46:30 <Roneirobson> What go to the passive and what go to expense?
10:48:07 <Roneirobson> And have i to register in the active the total sum or just the balance due?
10:53:02 <Roneirobson> Sorry for my poor english. Lack of practice.
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11:06:08 <warlord> A loan payment transaction would normally credit your Asset (Bank/Checking/etc), and debit your Loan Principal (Liability), Interest (Expense), and Insurance (Expense, or Asset if it's an Escrow account)
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11:50:05 <Vaelek> What's the trick to adding custom reports? I tweak an existing one, or one of the samples, and the add report button never enables.
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11:55:46 <warlord> Change the name
11:57:42 <Vaelek> aha
11:58:57 <Vaelek> so, looking at this hello world one, I could create a report to show me what I was talking about with the projected balances based on scheduled tx's?
12:13:34 <warlord> If you're writing a new report in Scheme you need to change the name and provide a new (random) GUID
12:13:41 <warlord> and drop the new .scm file in place
12:19:37 <Vaelek> gonna play around with this and see what I can do..
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12:29:31 <Roneirobson> Thank you warlord!
12:30:31 <warlord> you are welcome
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13:50:59 <Vaelek> damn.. this seems like a lot to bite off
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17:07:58 <Vaelek> wow the budgeting leaves a bit to be desired huh..
17:14:39 <warlord> heh
17:17:13 <Vaelek> there is no custom user reports collection anywhere I suppose is there? I saw it on the wishlist, and google suggests all kinds of people are making them, but nobody seems to be sharing
17:17:37 <Vaelek> coding is nothing new to me, but this scheme thing reads like a chinese vcr manual
17:18:45 <Vaelek> I don't *THINK* it would be too much work to extend the asset bar chart one to include scheduled values, but how to accomplish that is something idk that I have the time to invest into learning :\
17:25:24 <warlord> I dont know if SX APIs are wrapped. (they might be)
17:25:43 <warlord> and AFAIK there are no collections -- if someone sends in a report it usually gets added to SVN
17:25:46 <warlord> anyways, gotta run
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