2011-09-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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18:55:30 <vaelek> Hi all! I have a big problem I'm hoping someone can help me with.. I just spent 2 days importing 4 years worth of data from Quicken. Checking is complete but there were some gaps in savings. I am trying to just correct the balance starting with my earliest available statement and go from there. I did a reconcile with a ending balance from the first statement (cont)
18:56:10 <vaelek> and let it do a balance correction so it would finish. But that threw off the balance by 12k (the total of the auto correction). I then deleted that transaction, and the balance matched that of the statement
18:56:29 <vaelek> but now when I try to do the next month, the starting balance is off by 12k and I can't find any way to fix this
18:56:51 <warlord> vaelek: Yes, you just shot yourself in the foot. ;)
18:57:12 <warlord> You created a transaction, reconciled it, and then deleted it. Once you reconcile a transaction you're not supposed to touch it.
18:57:22 <vaelek> well, here's the thing..
18:57:43 <vaelek> the endign balance was $300 for the reconcilation period. I manually entered a correction before starting the reconcile
18:57:53 <vaelek> but it's starting balance at that point was already off by 12k
18:58:01 <vaelek> when it did the correction, it obviously threw it off big time
18:58:39 <warlord> I dont understand how it can be off that much unless you're missing transactions -- so when you reconcile and match the entries to the statement ---- what did you find?
18:59:03 <warlord> and just to be sure -- you manually entered the ending balance from the statement, right?
18:59:12 <vaelek> there were a ton of missing transactions. I reconciled many months just to get to a correct balance at the point where my statements start
18:59:28 <vaelek> I manually entered a balance correction to make the balance 300 at the end date
18:59:56 <warlord> Was 300 the ending balance on the statement?
19:00:02 <vaelek> yes
19:00:22 <vaelek> but it was telling me I was 12k off when I did the reconcile for the first time
19:00:27 <warlord> Okay, so you tell gnucash that the ending balance at the statement date is 300..
19:00:49 <vaelek> yes that's what I did
19:00:51 <warlord> I dont understand.. Can you show a screen shot?
19:01:27 <vaelek> yea sure, what would you like to see?
19:02:19 <warlord> How about your Reconcile dialog entered completely before you hit 'okay', and then the reconcile window after you've clicked all the transactions from your first statement (and everything that would have cleared in previous statements, if you had them)
19:03:06 <warlord> Seriously, what you should do is set a balancing transaction just before your first statement to make sure your starting balance is correct (taking account of any transactions dated before that which hadn't cleared)(
19:12:44 <vaelek> gah.. I added a 12k withdrawal at the start of the period, which fixes the opening balance, but also causes the reconciled balance to be "close", while the REAL balance is 12k high. I'm a little confused about the screen shot you want sorry.. let me try and explain differently
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19:15:20 <vaelek> Transactions are spotty through 4/12/10. My oldest statement ends 4/12/10. I reconciled EVERYTHING through that date in one batch, and let it enter a balance correction so it would finish, which is what somehow put me 12k off after I then deleted it since it made the balance be wrong. So now I'm trying to do 5/12/10 accurately, and the starting balance is still -12k when it should be 300.06.
19:15:44 <vaelek> I have it stored in a mysql db.. perchance is there a value in there I can just go change manually to fudge the starting balance?
19:16:50 <vaelek> it is a savings account, and the values through 4/12 that are in it, come from transfers entered into the checking account, jfyi. So I can't wipe it out and just start fresh.
19:17:08 <warlord> What do you mean "real balance is 12k high"?
19:17:47 <warlord> Ignore the starting balance.
19:18:16 <warlord> If you need a correction, make it from Equity:Opening Balances
19:18:31 <warlord> Add a correction to make sure the ending balance is correct.
19:19:03 <warlord> And make sure you check off not only everything from the statement, but *everything earlier that would have been on an earlier statement* .... including your correction.
19:19:12 <vaelek> If I add a 12k withdrawl on 4/13, the reconcile window shows starting balance of 12206.04, ending balance of 503.15, reconciled balance 300.06 (which is what should be the starting balance), difference 203.09. But on 5/12, the balance in the register is 12091.16
19:20:30 <vaelek> if I put in a tx to cancel out the 12k correction to match what it wants for the starting balance, the reconcile says it is 12k diff again
19:20:30 <warlord> Show me screen shots
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19:20:38 <vaelek> ok
19:21:44 <warlord> I think you're confusing yourself with all the different balances.. And the fact that you did a 'fake' reconcile is also probably throwing you off.
19:22:01 <warlord> But one key is to always ignore the starting balance (on the assumption that it is correct)
19:22:34 <warlord> If, in your case, the starting balance is incorrect, well...... You've pretty much screwed yourself at some point.
19:22:40 <warlord> How did you add your "correction"?
19:24:56 <vaelek> https://picasaweb.google.com/102854311912714900388/Gnu?authuser=0&feat=directlink
19:25:34 <vaelek> the 4/12 balance correction I entered before I did the reconcile, to make the balance accurate on that date
19:25:39 <warlord> Says page not found?
19:25:55 <warlord> Try using imagebin?
19:26:17 <warlord> note that balance in the register is not necessarily the reconciled balance!
19:26:24 <vaelek> try now
19:29:09 <warlord> Nope
19:29:23 <warlord> Sorry, that page was not found.
19:29:40 <vaelek> doh
19:29:41 <vaelek> https://picasaweb.google.com/102854311912714900388/Gnu?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCIm_nfmancmnEA&feat=directlink
19:29:49 <vaelek> the link changed when I changed the perms
19:31:17 <warlord> There we go
19:32:38 <warlord> Okay, looking at your register, the balance correction you did on 4/14 probably needs to happen earlier, only because you have all those negative balances ... which doesn't make sense.
19:32:52 <warlord> So, I would move that to earlier.
19:33:29 <vaelek> all of the tx's up to that point are there automatically as transers in the checking account, so all deposits are missing
19:33:38 <warlord> Next, show me the reconcile dialog with the closing date, opening, and closing balances that you have..
19:35:49 <warlord> What does your 5/12/10 statement say for the opening and closing balances?
19:37:13 <vaelek> I added the dialog to the album. 300.06 / 503.15 are opening/closing on the 5/12 statement
19:39:56 <warlord> In that case it looks like you don't need the 12,506.10. Your balance on 4/12 is 300.06
19:40:30 <vaelek> in the register yes, but the reconcile starting balance is stuck at 12,206.04
19:40:58 <vaelek> that's the whole problem
19:41:17 <vaelek> the opening balance on the reconcile that is
19:42:43 <warlord> Restart gnucash
19:42:51 <warlord> Where did that number come from?
19:42:55 <warlord> It should be computing it.
19:43:47 <vaelek> I read in the docs before coming here that there is no way to change it and if you mess with previously reconciled tx's that you'll basically end up in my position.. restarting now tho to try
19:44:48 <warlord> I cannot attest to MySQL.. I don't use the SQL backend.
19:44:59 <warlord> I didn't think the reconcile balance was stored anywhere.
19:45:00 <vaelek> dammit I didn't delete that 12k tx first
19:46:18 <vaelek> ah that isn't reconciled so it shouldn't matter.. but the opening balance didn't change
19:46:24 <vaelek> or rather, the reconciled balance
19:46:40 <warlord> See, if you were using XML then you could revert to a backup file ;-)
19:46:51 <vaelek> this account was never accurate
19:46:52 <vaelek> oh
19:47:49 <warlord> Why did you choose to use Mysql?
19:48:22 <vaelek> hmm. maybe if I redo the 4/12 one, putting the 12k tx in there, then have a matching one in the 5/12 period.. I chose that so I can access it anywhere from my web host
19:49:18 <warlord> I dont know if redoing the 4/12 would work.
19:49:32 <warlord> It might. I dont know how the sql backend might cache that data.
19:49:54 <warlord> You can try File -> Save As to copy to XML, work on it in XML, and then copy it back to MySQL?
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19:56:30 <vaelek2> I think that may have done it
19:57:17 <vaelek2> err
19:58:32 <vaelek2> the starting balance is now 300.06, but if I check the tx negating the 12k tx, i'm 12k off again in the reconciled balance..
19:59:10 <vaelek2> if I never reconcile that tx it would work as a last resort I guess
20:05:13 <vaelek2> ok I have an idea
20:14:04 <warlord> ok...
20:19:45 <vaelek2> dammit
20:27:23 <warlord> I dont understand what you mean by "check[ing] the tx negating the 12k" -- if you just remove that 12k balancing txn, what do you need to negate?
20:27:45 <vaelek2> that's the thing, NOW when I remove it, it adjusts the reconciled balance
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20:41:44 <warlord> Like I said, I don't know how the SQL code caches it. In XML it's always computed.
20:44:05 <warlord> But from XML just remove that 12k txn and re-try your may reconcile.
20:44:42 <vaelek2> ok.. So I saved it as xml. restarted gnucash, the balance on 4/12 is 300.06. The 12k tx's are gone. the reconciled starting balance is still 12k
20:45:23 <warlord> :(
20:45:34 <warlord> Can you start over, re-do the import?
20:46:19 <vaelek2> I'd rather have a dangling unreconciled tx.. I've put about 10hrs into importing, categorizing, and reconciling 4yrs of checking
20:51:28 <warlord> You can try something else.. add another fake tx to balance the incorrect 12k tx. reconcile just that.. and then delete it.
20:53:58 <vaelek2> ok, so the reconciled balance is 300.06, while the register balance is 12,806.16. with the 1st 12k reconciled. If I add a -12,506.10 to negate it, the register balance of 300.06, it is balanced until I check the -12k, then I get a 12k difference again
20:55:16 <vaelek2> if I change the value of or delete a reconciled tx, the reconciled balance changes
20:59:28 <warlord> dinner, biab
21:02:30 <warlord> Something is very F'd up in that account...
21:02:36 <warlord> Seriously, you might consider starting over.
21:02:53 <warlord> It'll probably take you less time, as you can possibly reuse the qif-import-map from before.
21:25:52 <vaelek2> I"m just going to leave the 1 hanging.. I may become homicidal doing this all over again lol.
21:27:00 <vaelek2> the original qif's needed a lot of corrections made and had a 4 month gap along with categorizing so that's just not something I'm willing to do again
21:29:28 <vaelek2> oh son of a bitch I found the problem
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21:29:39 <vaelek2> I think
21:30:10 <vaelek2> there are tx's that are already reconciled somehow later on
21:35:31 <vaelek2> SCORE!
21:35:38 <vaelek2> idk how the hell that happened
22:10:45 <warlord> Well... THAT would do it!
22:11:45 <warlord> Glad you tracked it down!
22:11:53 <warlord> And I'm sorry I didn't think of that
22:12:14 <vaelek2> Me too! Thanks for all your efforts man I appreciate it
22:13:19 <vaelek2> gnucash is pretty good compared to others.. but it's still lacking one of the #1 features I've yet to find anywhere but quicken :\ But I can't take quicken anymore.. too lagy under linux/wine
22:22:45 <warlord> What feature?
22:23:08 <vaelek2> calendar with running balance figuring in scheduled items
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22:44:45 <warlord> Ah.
22:46:21 <vaelek2> I'm really surprised no other suite has it.. It's SO nice to have at a glance to figure out, ok, between now and X, if I spend $y, I'll have $z
22:47:43 <warlord> Doing it "right" is not an easy problem to solve.
22:48:29 <vaelek2> how so? The logic is very simple
22:48:51 <warlord> SXes can have variables, which require user input..
22:49:05 <warlord> How do you 'automate' that?
22:50:39 <vaelek2> assuming every scheduled tx has a predefined amount set. Just show the current balance, and subtract the scheduled tx's on their day from that as it goes
22:59:14 <warlord> Bad assumption.
22:59:55 <warlord> anyways, I need to logout.. moving data from this computer to another. I will hopefully be back tomorrow.
23:00:41 <vaelek2> would be a nice option is all I'm saying... That's exactly how the quicken one works. if there is no value for a sched tx, then it doesn't affect the projected balance on the calendar
23:00:48 <vaelek2> have a good night man. thanks again for the help
23:16:03 <warlord> There's probably already an enhancement request for it, but check bugzilla.
23:16:48 <vaelek2> yea I want to say I found it and it's been there a while
23:17:56 <warlord> Patches always welcome. ;)
23:18:14 <warlord> anyways, TTFN
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