2011-09-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:04:49 <geraldh> Is it possible to sort all account by the account-code? In the overview of all accounts window that is offcourse possible, but when I, for example, insert a transaction it is automatically sorted by alphabet!
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05:53:23 <gour> i'm wondering whether to use php invoicing app which is easy to customize or, more complete, gnucash which is feature rich, but lacks in customizing capabilities...in july there was a thread on dev list suggesting improvement to GC reporting system via python, JS, xslt...has anything happened in that regard?
05:53:54 <gour> otoh, is anyone familiar with gc-2.4 book whether it covers customizing reports/invoices?
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07:19:40 <warlord> gour: There's the e-guile invoice templating system
07:23:41 <gour> warlord: heh...that one requires knowing some guile
07:24:14 <warlord> So? Guile is so simple to learn!
07:24:27 <warlord> (I'm serious -- it's like into-to-CS material)
07:25:26 <gour> :-)
07:26:18 <gour> is it still only 1.8.x supported?
07:28:23 <warlord> ???
07:29:53 <gour> does GC supports guile-2.x?
07:30:01 <gour> *support
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07:34:35 <warlord> I believe that trunk supports it. I do not know if 2.4.x took that change.
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08:09:27 <gour> warlord: thanks
08:09:36 <warlord> you're welcome.
08:10:49 <gour> warlord: do you know if something is going on along the tim's suggestion for revamping report system or nothing on horizon?
08:11:52 <warlord> I do not know if anyone is actively working on it;.
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08:13:37 <gour> well, the only thing is to try wrap my head against e-guile and then embrace GC..if not, there is always PHP app available :-)
08:15:00 <warlord> It's really not as hard or as bad you think
08:15:39 <warlord> the eguile template does make it significantly easier.. You need to be able to recognize guile, but the code is already there -- so 99% of the work is the HTML template.
08:17:53 <gour> thank you for encouragement...good thing is that it's not required to do it too often...once when we tweak our invoices according to oru wishes, that's it :-)
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08:22:26 <gour> is wiki the only docs about customizing?
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08:34:00 <warlord> i dont know. I haven't read the book.
08:34:31 <gour> ok...i've asked on the list...let's see..
08:34:34 <warlord> I know.
08:34:39 <warlord> We'll see if anyone responds.
08:34:50 <warlord> But I suspect that the wiki might be the only docs currently.
08:34:59 <warlord> Although it probably doesn't talk too much about eguile.
08:35:05 <warlord> Have you even LOOKED at the eguile templates?
08:37:25 <gour> i did before 2.4 release...but then things were in flux...
08:37:44 <warlord> I dont think eguile changed all that much
08:39:21 * gour is trying to locate files..
08:41:06 <gour> found...
08:42:28 <gour> it's still version from 2009..
08:43:35 <gour> if we embrace GC, we see there is no Croatian translation available..possibility to contribute :-D
08:44:06 <warlord> Translations always welcome.
08:44:13 <gour> :-)
08:44:15 <warlord> "still from 2009"?
08:44:19 <warlord> what is?
08:50:23 <gour> eguile stuff
08:51:37 <gour> taxinvoice.eguile.scm 0.03
08:55:42 <warlord> And how are you getting the 2009 date?
08:56:25 <warlord> That file was last modified on November 27, 2010
08:56:44 <warlord> (The copyright notices don't always get updated)
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09:09:16 <gour> warlord: that's what the header along with copyrright says
09:09:39 <warlord> right, ignore that. it's not kept up to date
09:09:57 <gour> i see...ok
09:11:02 <warlord> If you want to see when a file was last modified take a look at the svn log for the file.
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09:52:23 <matled> hi, I'm new to gnucash. is there any way to change multiple transactions at the same time or set up a rule? e.g. change Imbalance to Income:Foobar if the memo matches some string?
09:53:31 <warlord> No
09:54:48 <matled> what is the indended workflow? I import my new account statement and manually go through all transactions?
09:57:04 <warlord> During the import process you assign the correct destination accounts
09:57:26 <warlord> The OFX importer has a Bayesian matcher to learn from your assignments
09:59:56 <matled> I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing. I'm quite new to financial software in general and additionally my native language is german, so it's quite a bit complicated to understand all vocabulary and make myself clear.
10:00:08 <matled> I have an account statement in mt940 format and chose the correct checking account
10:00:25 <matled> but I want to assign the transactions from Imbalance to Income:..., Expenses:...
10:11:37 <matled> oh, you can double click on the transactions during import. and the import tool is learning the account I assigned the transaction automatically?
10:18:03 <warlord> yes
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10:38:04 <ihf> How do I do I report for only the transactions in a search result?
10:43:36 <warlord> Reports -> Account Report
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10:57:04 <ihf> thanks and how do I then save that as a custom report? I've done this once and couldn;t reconstruct what I did.
11:00:43 <gour> i sqlite back-end stable enough for general use?
11:01:01 <ihf> nm, I got it...change name of Report and then you can Add Report.
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11:13:55 <warlord> gour: Good question. All I can say is that the XML backend has 10+ years of experience behind it, but the SQLite backend is new.
11:22:21 <gour> warlord: aha...good to know
11:23:24 <warlord> For what it's worth, I still use the XML backend. Save early, save often ;)
11:24:40 <gour> thanks for sharing
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14:07:42 <warlord> linas__: you around?
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15:44:52 <andy1978> it there an easy way to do this in gnucash: I and my girlfriend regularly buy foods. At the end of the month there is some sort of adjustment between us so that everyone pays 50% of the overall food
15:55:46 <Ernesto> can be done rather easily imho
15:56:44 <andy1978> Ernesto: Do I have to create 2 transactions? first from, for example, my giro account to the food account
15:57:24 <andy1978> and the second transaction with the half amount from my activa to my girlsfriends passiva?
15:58:18 <andy1978> sorry for my bad english, I don't know the correct financial terms
15:58:21 <warlord> andy1978: you need a few accounts for this. Anytime you pay for groceries you make a split transaction between Cash/Bank, Expenses:Groceries, and Assets:Girlfriend. Anytime she pays it's only between Assets:Girlfriend and Expenses:Groceries.
15:58:40 <warlord> At the end, what's left in Assets:Girlfriend is how much she owes you or you own her (if negative)
15:59:14 <warlord> So, let's say you spend 100. split 50/50. So you make a split transaction. 100 from Cash, 50 to Ex:Groceries, 50 to A:GF
15:59:46 <warlord> If she spends $100 on groceries, you only account for your 50%, so that would be 50 from A:GF to Ex:Groceries (she paid your part)
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16:01:56 <andy1978> warlord: Thank you very much. But I have to do the split manually? There is no way to automize this?
16:02:28 <warlord> Correct.
16:02:41 <warlord> However the auto-fill will help you
16:03:19 <warlord> You'll still need to fill int he amounts, but that's simple, especially once the transaction is created. Just expand it and reset the #a
16:03:21 <warlord> #s
16:08:19 <andy1978> warlord: thank you again. I have to try this on an empty file.
16:08:36 <warlord> Good Luck.
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17:07:01 <bcc> hi. is there any way to post a journal affecting multiple accounts at once with gnucash?
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17:07:55 <bcc> for example, if I received a cheque for £500, but £100 was repayment of a loan, and £400 was income (from the same person, but one cheque) then I'd want to Dr Bank/Cr Loan Asset/Cr Income by 500/100/400 respectively
17:20:25 <warlord> bcc: Of course! Just a standard split transaction!
17:21:45 <bcc> brilliant - how do i make a split transaction?
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17:22:57 <warlord> bcc: it's all in the docs
17:23:41 <warlord> http://code.gnucash.org/docs/guide/txns-registers1.html#txns-registers-multiaccount2
17:25:22 <bcc> thanks :D
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