2011-09-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:10:24 <warlord> linas__: could you op gncbot, please?
08:10:44 <jmd> I want to copy an account from one set to another. Is that possible?
08:54:56 <warlord> jmd: Not easily..
08:55:06 <warlord> Especially not for a single account.
09:02:20 <jmd> damn.
09:02:47 <warlord> Why do you want to do it?
09:03:30 <jmd> Historical reasons.
09:03:44 <warlord> That's not a good answer ;)
09:03:55 <warlord> Why do you want to move only a single account and not a full book?
09:04:06 <jmd> I had been maintaining accounts in two seperate machines. Now I want to merge them.
09:04:28 <warlord> If you want to move the full set then use GnuCash2QIF and then QIF-import
09:04:47 <jmd> OK. I'll look into that.
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11:15:49 <gour> is there something new in gnucash in regard to customizing reports/invoices or it still involves fiddling with scheme?
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12:37:59 * gour is thinking about tim's thread on devel-list
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14:36:20 <pwnguin> im trying to decide which online savings bank to use, and im curious if gnucash supports any of the popular ones
14:36:32 <pwnguin> ING Direct, Ally Bank, HSBC, etc
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14:41:47 <pwnguin> anyone set up OFX with one of those?
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17:59:46 <smw_> pwnguin, Ally does not support direct connect. I have been trying to find a good one. Capital one supports it... but I would stay away from them.
18:05:14 <pwnguin> wound up setting up ing direct
18:05:25 <smw_> pwnguin, do they have it?
18:05:33 <pwnguin> no, but it's a savings account
18:05:37 <smw_> ofx direct connect?
18:05:37 <smw_> ok
18:05:43 <pwnguin> there won't be a lot of transactions
18:05:53 <smw_> Capital one is the only one I know that gives it for free
18:06:08 <pwnguin> discover might
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18:06:37 <smw> pwnguin, what I really want is a credit card with ofx :-)
18:06:42 <pwnguin> i have one
18:06:46 <pwnguin> discover supports ofx
18:06:49 <smw> pwnguin, I do all my day to day spending on it...
18:06:50 <smw> ok
18:06:58 <pwnguin> its pretty flipping sweet
18:07:01 <smw> I will look into that when my credit imporves ;-)
18:07:09 <smw> improves*
18:07:28 <pwnguin> sure. they do have secured cards, if you feel like getting screwed
18:07:41 <smw> lol
18:08:23 <smw> pwnguin, I need patience. The reason I have bad credit is no credit history ;-)
18:09:18 <pwnguin> yea, i got my discover card when i was in undergrad
18:09:31 <pwnguin> didnt touch it for like 8 years
18:09:44 <pwnguin> under a general 'credit cards are works of the devil'
18:09:56 <pwnguin> but eventually decided to try gaming the system
18:10:04 <pwnguin> been working well thus far
18:10:57 <smw> pwnguin, lol, I just graduated high school (taking a year break) and I needed to buy furniture for my apartment. Amazon gave me a card and said I don't have to pay off in 6 mo if I buy from them :-P
18:11:23 <pwnguin> got about $250 from cash back thus far
18:11:32 <smw> pwnguin, but I was going to buy furniture from them anyways... ;-)
18:11:36 <pwnguin> smw: watch out
18:11:37 <smw> cool
18:11:50 <smw> pwnguin, watch out for what?
18:12:14 <pwnguin> usually these contracts come with a 'but if youd ont pay in full, we charge you interest starting from six months ago'
18:12:33 <pwnguin> ie, best buy no interest for a year, then you get charged a years worth of interest
18:13:17 <smw> pwnguin, of course... but if worse comes to worse I just pay it all. It is not like I am spending money I don't have :-)
18:13:38 <pwnguin> yea, my brother didn't realize that part though
18:13:51 <smw> I just saw it and said "why not pay later and get a credit history while I am at it"
18:14:26 <pwnguin> heh, well it turns out just holding a card for years and not using it will build a long credit history
18:14:30 <pwnguin> plus the student loans i guess
18:14:41 <smw> then my credit score tanked because my CL was about equal to my debt
18:14:42 <smw> lol
18:15:01 <smw> pwnguin, I think it was the student loans
18:15:07 <smw> those provide payment history
18:15:19 <pwnguin> not when you defer interest
18:15:27 <pwnguin> and enroll in grad school
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18:15:36 <smw> ah nm ten
18:15:38 <smw> then*
18:16:00 <pwnguin> anyways, my credit score's fallen from 800 when i bought the car
18:16:10 <pwnguin> hopefully that'll recover when it's paid off next year
18:16:39 <smw> lol
18:17:16 <pwnguin> i should try hacking that amazon discount sometime
18:17:31 <smw> eh?
18:17:41 <pwnguin> abusing
18:18:22 <pwnguin> buy a big ticket item on amazon and use their promotional 'sign up for a CC today!' for the discount
18:19:53 <smw> lol
18:20:19 <pwnguin> of course, i also need to abuse the campus paycard system
18:21:01 <pwnguin> student union has occasional 20 percent bonus bucks offerings when you deposit money on the card
18:21:16 <smw> lol
18:21:32 <pwnguin> basically, buy a macbook to sell on craigslist and eat free for a year!
18:22:00 <smw> nice
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20:28:12 <Grackle> I read this in the manual: "If you want your budget to plan for changes in financial patterns over time, then you should include multiple budget periods in your budget." But I can't seem to find a way to create a budget with multiple periods. Help?
20:28:54 <Grackle> Or do I just work around that with multiple budgets?
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20:34:58 <pwnguin> Grackle: if you make a budget, there's options
20:35:33 <pwnguin> also note the scroll bar
20:35:35 <Grackle> I see that, but the options only allow for a single period.
20:35:53 <pwnguin> budget options
20:36:02 <pwnguin> budget name: personal budget estimate
20:36:04 <pwnguin> notes:
20:36:07 <pwnguin> Budget period:
20:36:32 <pwnguin> make sure you're not bringing up the estimator which has a similar icon
20:36:54 <pwnguin> or looking at a budget report
20:37:01 <pwnguin> actions->budget->open budget
20:37:10 <Grackle> Nope, I right clicked the budget area and clicked "Budget Options."
20:37:56 <pwnguin> what version are you using?
20:38:27 <pwnguin> 'this copy was built from r20253M on 2011-02-14'
20:38:48 <Grackle> 2.4.2. Looks like the version packaged with Ubuntu is stale.
20:39:17 <Grackle> I guess? I don't know. It seems odd that the documentation would mention features that don't exist.
20:39:41 <pwnguin> it totally works for me
20:39:45 <pwnguin> on the ubuntu packaged version
20:40:14 <pwnguin> you should have multiple columns
20:40:19 <pwnguin> one for each budget period
20:40:26 <Grackle> Yup, I have monthly columns.
20:40:40 <pwnguin> thats what the quote is talking about
20:41:01 <pwnguin> if you have a large lumpy expense, budget for it in the month you have the expense
20:42:10 <Grackle> Oh, I understand. I was thinking like... wave periods.
20:42:46 <pwnguin> if you can find a way to perform fourrier transforms on budgets, well, i think personal finance is the least productive use of your time
20:43:25 <pwnguin> personally, i dont use the budget sheets
20:43:32 <Grackle> Yeah I just misunderstood, I thought they meant there would be a way to use quarterly budgeting for some things, and monthly budgeting for other things
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20:44:20 <pwnguin> i have an annual expense spreadsheet , and about 15 scheduled transactions
20:44:21 <Grackle> "multiple periods"
20:44:21 <Grackle> Anyway, yeah...
20:44:54 <Grackle> Can you edit a scheduled transaction after it has occurred?
20:44:59 <pwnguin> yes
20:45:05 <pwnguin> how depends on what you mean
20:45:10 <pwnguin> you can edit created ones
20:45:16 <pwnguin> you can also edit the template
20:45:19 <Grackle> For instance, I could schedule a "groceries" transaction and make it happen weekly, then edit it after I have actually bought groceries for that week.
20:45:29 <Grackle> Is that a sane way to do things?
20:45:29 <pwnguin> but that only affects transactions not created
20:45:47 <pwnguin> no, you should only grocery shop every two weeks :P
20:45:53 <Grackle> haha
20:46:10 <Grackle> Two weeks worth of groceries doesn't fit on a motorcycle.
20:46:16 <pwnguin> but thats more or less what i do, but i make them show up 30 days in advance
20:46:25 <Grackle> cool
20:46:37 <pwnguin> enough time to transfer money out of savings if im projected to be short in checking
20:47:20 <Grackle> Yeah that's what I was thinking, with the scheduled transactions I would be able to make projections of some sort.
20:47:35 <Grackle> Anyway... Thanks for the clarification and help. I will go back to fiddling around.
20:47:37 <pwnguin> there's a 'minimum future balance' field thats handy for this
20:48:34 <pwnguin> ideally, i'd set this up on postgresql and write a nagios check or something to send me alerts
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